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Places You May Find Me

Dungeon Of The Damned

A Dark and gothic chat room. Run by NMB (None More Black) and his assistent Dumpster. It's a fun place to be, not so welcoming for newbies but. I escaped the newbie clause because Davie is like the funrniture in the DOD, he's always there.


Sometimes if I have no access to mIRC and the DOD is shit I go here. I jump about the rooms but if you see the handle BIA then you know you have found me. It has rooms for all ages and intrests. Sometimes (more ofent than not) the channel ops are arseholes.


OK. I'm either on Dalnet UK, London in Davie's channel #The-Crow or the chatzone or on Undernet CA Totonto in #Mp3Jukebox, chatzone, mp3, mp3mp3, mp3xdcc, mp3leech or mp3 chat. If you cannot see me one there try doing a /whois BIA.