title>My Dearest Companions
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You Can Choose Your Friends...

Dark Rose My dearest darling Kathy, we need more time together babes
Intrigue The one who had the balls to take Davie by the horns and tame him. Very friendly and caring person
Callcy Hot headed, hot blooded patriotic motherfucker. What else can I say?
Brandon Lee Arrogant and flamboyant, but gentle underneeth. Don't pre-judge him, you'll see why after you do
Raven Wiffie to Davie, best friend to me. She make me smile
Nikki My momz, your momz, everybodys momz!
Satans Angel She has met me once, tho I never knew who she was at the time
Kissa ~MMallows & BIAsnuggles~ Miaw ~Paws your nose~
BrandyC Sweet, sexy and some mover mmmmmm, Luach is a lucky man
Rev Lil m Wonderful Cara a caring person who took me in when new and treated me well
Luach He doesn't like me much, I know too much about him ~WEG~
Devils Daughter I believe was Callcy's first love, ~shakes head~ Look what she started
Lady Never chatted to Linda for more than 5 or 10 minutes. She is a good singer ~Glares at librarians~
Fake Bug ~Pelts her with plastic bugs~  Buggy likes her vodka
Moonspell Brandon, one of the first people I ever met in the DOD
None More Black Don't know him well, met him a few times. It seems he's two faced to me.
Rain She wants me as well :(. Sorry babes, my heart is DR's
Goddess Nexebella My first E-Buddy, I miss her now. She never mails me
Aecian I sprung her on ICQ. Found her searching when I was bored! She's cool!
LaraGrrl Uzi's blazing and arse chewing up her clothes, perky nipples & em? Wrong Lara! ~Croft thoughts~
Ophelia I'm never usually on her time now that I am not at college, I hope she remembers me.
RAVE Sweetest RAVE, her caring attitude brings a ray of light to everyones day
Panic Button Only met once or twice, but he's cool.
JoJo Now I don't exactly know Jojo, but she seemed like an utter bitch to Davie

...But You Can't Choose Your Family

"Friends are the key to survival, without them life is meaning less, look after them. They can be your heaven and hell or your rhyme or reason sometimes they are a pain in the ass and need kicked into line. But sometimes be happy to just say "They are a friend of mine"" :- Davie Maxwell after something Intrigue said that made him put down the razor blades that he was about to dance over his wrists.