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Welcome to Gig 3DFX Vol-6

DirectX V5.0  (English & USA) Latest 3DFX Drivers
3DFX Voodoo Glide v2.43 Drivers
3DFX & Other Titled Games
Air Warrior III                3DFX & Standard           160MB HD Space
Croc : Legend of the Gobos     3DFX & Standard           180MB HD Space
Formula 1                      3DFX & Standard            55MB HD Space
Independance Day               3DFX & Standard            50MB HD Space
Dark Forces II : Jedi Knight   3DFX & Standard (Fixed)   233MB HD Space
Pandemonium 2                  3DFX Version Only          96MB HD Space
Screamer 2                     3DFX Version Only         112MB HD Space
Sega World Wide Soccer         3DFX & Standard            70MB HD Space
Front Page Sports : Ski Racer  3DFX Version Only         100MB HD Space
Shadow Warrior                 3DFX Version Only         125MB HD Space
XCar Experimental Racing       3DFX & Standard           100MB HD Space