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Blobby 63

Premier Manager 98              (c) Gremlin Interactive
Death Trap Dungeon              (c) Edios                 
Wreckin Crew                    (c) Telstar
Heart of Darkness               (c) Amazing Studios
Swat 2                          (c) Sierra
Mech Commander                  (c) GT
Nam                             (c) GT Interactive
Street Fighter Alpha           (c) Virgin
Rockman X4                      (c) Capcom
Ancient Evil                    (c) Silver Ligthing Software
Pro Bass Fishing                (c) Wizard Works
Robo Rumble                     (c) Topware Interactive
House of the Dead               (c) Sega        
International Cricket Captain  (c) Empire
Mortal Kombat 4                 (c) Acclaim
Fields of Fire                  (c) Empire