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Customise It!

Music The Way You Want It

Ever get pissed off by hissy tapes? Ever get fucked up over scratched vinals? Now no more bullshit! Bin the tapes, smash thoes shitty fucking vinals into a million tiny bastarding bits. I'm offering an 11 track customised audio CD for just 10.

Ok, 10 sounds a bit steep, but, CD's never get chewed, better quality, amazing sounding because I use pure digital conversion and you can even select the way they appear in the playlist.

The CD will be burned, then have a label pressed on it, labeling it your CD (E.G. Tracy's Sexy Seduction Singles.

I have over 1200+ MP3's for you to choose tracks from and if I havn't got a track you want, lend me the tape and i'll Wav it, encode it and burn it!. I have over 1000 mp3's tracks ready to encode here

Note: If the tracks do not fit you will be notified and have to select a track to delete/swap for a smaller one. If the cd has space on it, I will ask you if you want more tracks, these will be charged at 0.50 per track.

# Of Tracks Cost ()
11 10
12 10.50
13 11
14 11.50
15 12
Special Offer!!!

For a limited time only, Buy 2 customised audio cd's and get 2 off.

Happy Listening!