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The Barenaked Ladies


This was the Ladies first album, which was relesed in July 1992. It contains their first ever release "Be My Yoko Ono". It topped the Canadian Chart for 8 straight weeks and sold over 900 000 copies. This eared the band Group of the Year title at the 1993 Juno Awards(Canadian Grammy). This is an excellent album so buy it!!

Track List

  1. Hello City
  2. Enid
  3. Brian Wilson
  4. Be My Yoko Ono
  5. Wrap Your Arms Around Me
  6. What a Good Boy
  7. The King Of Beside Manor
  8. Box Set
  9. I Love You
  10. New Kid (On The Block)
  11. Blame It On Me
  12. If I Had $1 000 000
  13. Crazy

Maybe You Should Drive

The Ladies second album, and again the Ladies bringing us another batch of excellent songs. This is simply Heaven for our ears. It was released in August 1994 and was also a successful album.

Track List

  1. Jane
  2. Intermittently
  3. These Apples
  4. You Will Be Waiting
  5. A
  6. Everything Old Is New Again
  7. Alternative Girlfriend
  8. Am I The Only One
  9. Little Tiny Song
  10. Life, In A Nutshell
  11. The Wrong Man Was Convinced
  12. Great Provider

Shoe Box E.P.

This was a special release of the ever popular song Shoe Box. It was released in February 1996. It Only has 4 tracks but if you have a P.C. you are in for a treat. Because You get alot of videos and sounds from the Ladies, which you can watch at your own pleasure over and over again....Kool.

Track List

  1. Shoe Box (Radio Edit)
  2. Trust Me (Previously Unreleased)
  3. If I had $1 000 000 (Yellow Tape Version)
  4. Shoe Box (Album Version)

Born On A Pirate Ship

This was released a month after the release of Shoe Box E.P. Another Masterpiece from the Barenaked Ladies, can they produce a Shit album......I Don't think so! This was the first album I brought from the Ladies It's awfully good you know.

Track List

  1. Stomach vs. Heart
  2. Straw Hat and Old Dirty Hank
  3. I Know
  4. This Is Where It Ends
  5. When I Fall
  6. I Live With It Every Day
  7. The Old Apartment
  8. Call Me Calmly
  9. Break Your Heart
  10. Spider In My Room
  11. Same Thing
  12. Just A Toy
  13. In The Drink
  14. Shoe Box
  15. If I Had $1 000 000 (UK Edit)

Rock Spectacle

The Bare one pulled it off once again. Creating an album by recording songs from their 1996 World Tour. These Men are genius' In my opinion this is the best of their albums (I'm even listening to it as I write this). They are great live and everywhere basically. The award for Sabu's Favorite album, once again goes to the Barenaked Ladies!!!

Track List

  1. Brian Wilson
  2. Straw Hat and Old Dirty Hank
  3. Break Your Heart
  4. Jane
  5. When I Fall
  6. Hello City
  7. What A Good Boy
  8. The Old Apartment
  9. Life, In A Nutshell
  10. These Apples
  11. If I Had $1 000 000


This is the Ladies latest creation, and a good one at that. I like this album, which wouldn't suprise me coz I like all BNL albums. I especially like 'One Week' and 'Who Needs Sleep' anyway I won't talk any longer, so here is the track list.

Track List

  1. One Week
  2. It's All Been Done
  3. Light Up My Room
  4. I'll Be That Girl
  5. Leave
  6. Alcohol
  7. Call And Answer
  8. In The Car
  9. Never Is Enough
  10. Who Needs Sleep?
  11. Told You So
  12. Some Fantastic
  13. When You Dream

One Week (single

BNL only just released this single over here in England, but I heard it when I brought Stunt, when it came ouyt. Anyway, it went to No. 5 in our charts, which is good, and I know all the words (they are hard to say..many BNL fans will know that!) This is the Track list for the US and UK released single!

Track List

  1. One Week
  2. When You Dream (Recored at Steven's house)
  3. Shoe Box (live)

Brian Wilson 2000 (single)

This is one of my favorite BNL songs, I think it's so cool and the lyrics are excellent, definitly buy this if you haven't already

Track List

  1. Brian Wilson (2000)
  2. Break your Heart (Edit)
  3. Back (Non-Album Track)

Other Independant Releases
These are a list of independant releases that you cannot buy any more, they are very old!! The Ladies albums go Right back to 1989!!!!

Buck Naked (1989)

Track List

  1. Road Runner
  2. Lilac Girl
  3. King Of Beside Manor
  4. Trouble With Tracy
  5. Great Provider
  6. Night Photographs
  7. Make My Heart Fly
  8. Really Don't Know
  9. Be My Yoko Ono
  10. Psycho Killer
  11. A Message To You Rudy
  12. If I Had $1 000 000
  13. Wishing Well
  14. Careless
  15. How's The Level

Barenaked Lunch (1990)

Track List

  1. Night Photographs
  2. Trouble With Tracy
  3. Blame It On Me
  4. Be My Yoko Ono
  5. If I Had $1 000 000

Barenaked Ladies (July 1991)

Track List

  1. Be My Yoko Ono
  2. Brian Wilson
  3. Blame It on Me
  4. If I had $1 000 000
  5. Fight The Power