Life: Simon was born in San Francisco at U.C. Moffitt Hospital on July 20, 1974. He lived in San Francisco until he finished the fifth grade, and attended Rooftop School, an alternative public elementary school. Moved to Alameda, where he finished school, attending Lincoln Middle School and Alameda High. Went to college at Diablo Valley College, a junior college in Pleasant Hill, near Walnut Creek, for a brief while.
He lived near Manhattan with Ethan Browne , the son of rocker Jackson Browne. But he prefers the west coast, and has moved back to L.A.
Was discovered by the photographer of a model girlfriend, who referred him to an agency in San Francisco. From there to LA, then NY, then Milan, back to NY, and to LA several years ago. He currently has an 12 year old step brother, a 18 year old stepsister, and two stepbrothers from when he was growing up. They are now 28 and 25.

Passion: Simon is a very good artist. I don't think anyone mentions that.
He likes to work in pen and ink. He also loves music, and makes music on a computer.
His favorite movie is "Christmas Story". Last year he liked "Matrix", "Sixth Sense", and "Life is Beautiful". He loves tropical things, such as Hawaii, exotic fruits and flowers. He is not only beautiful, but a kind and loving person.

He’s got: Green eyes, darkbrown hair and lot’s of muscels.
And no girlfriend!

Carrer: A model for such brands as Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s, and Boss. His girlfriend, who was a model brought him up to the studio, and thats the way he became a model! He has been an mtv-vj and a Disney-guy for the teen section. He was fired from Disney because of his past, then moved on into acting…He’s starred in a independant movie called ”Snapped”, where he plays a role as himself. He just finnished his role in the movie "I know what you screamed last summer". Unfortunately, this movie will not air in theatres, it was too similar to the more popular "Scary Movie". Now he's in the recording of movie "Forsaken" coming to a theatre near you in the beginning of next year. Simon has also made appearances in some tv-shows (like ya didunt know) - Felicity, Katie Joplin and Jack & Jill where he plays Mikey....there are some pictures of him in some scenes in the album.

Funny thing: Once he mooned to a girl when he was in middle school. He got suspended for it but later went out with her...!

Likes: Playing his Playstation, and says that he certanly is a ”videogame freak”. And loves going to nightclubs. But who doesn't?

Speaks: English and Spanish. Bebé, soy el tuyo! Current


Girlfriend: Don’t know!!! But I want to be (don’t we all??!!) If you look like tha model Laetita... you might have a chance because, in his own words 'she is the most beautiful girl in the world'.
...Isn't he hard to get.