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Duet Technology Pvt. Ltd. :

Our Business

Our primary business objective is to be a premier strategic partner to our customers in technology development and deployment by providing cost effective solutions for business needs in the areas of EDA, Telecommunications & Networking software, and VLSI Design. We offer on-site as well as off-shore services, the spectrum covers: We also provide additional on site services to our customers in the area of: Our Company

Duet is a leading EDA and Telecommunications technical services company and work on turnkey projects by partnering with our clients. Our clients include trendsetters as well as emerging leaders in EDA and Telecommunications area. Many of them are Fortune's top 100 EDA and silicon-solutions vendors, ASIC manufacturers, as well as Telecommunications and Networking product and solution vendors. Our services have been recognized by our clients as resulting in accelerated technology deployment. Besides providing complete solution, Duet also takes up job at the clients site by deploying experts / engineers for specific tasks.

We have significant resources and technical expertise to improve on execution-time and to expand one's existing capabilities, as well as re-engineering expertise utilizing our hundreds of person years knowledge of processes, systems and tools, and core technology towards development of high performance solutions.

How we work is a revelation to many of our clients. We deliver results in unprecedented time frame. Our methodology completely documents our customers' solutions, making them easier to maintain and upgrade. There are time frames, checkpoints and deliverables.

Our History and Geography

Founded in December 1991 as Software & Technologies, Inc., we have our Development Centers in India located in NEPZ, Noida close to New Delhi, and in STP, Hyderabad under corporate name Duet Technologies Private Limited. Both are 100% export-oriented units Duet Technologies is one of the fastest growing and profitable software and technology development companies in India.

Two major factors that have and will continue to contribute in our growth are: We have won prestigious ICICI grants (in collaboration with US-AID ) for innovative software products.

People Behind Us

Duet Technologies is known in the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) world for its core competency. Our founder & chairman is Dr. Prabhu Goel, who also founded Gateway Design System, which pioneered Verilog (Verilog-XL, Veritime-XL, Verifault-XL) product family and the associated mixed-mode simulator. This company was later merged with Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

We have wealth of expertise in software architecture, design and development in the area of EDA, Telecommunications & Networking, and VLSI Design. The management team understands the customer needs and closely interacts with them in planning, architectural development and system engineering, with speed, quality, and customer satisfaction.

The over 250 member strong engineering team with the experience profile ranging upto 20 years in core software development and VLSI design, has an excellent background coming from the premier technology institutes in India and the US. Their rich experiences in India and abroad coupled with the rigorous in-house training in various skills and technology area make them capable of delivering on the corporate mission

Our Environment

Our computing environment consists of a network of Sun-Sparc, HP, and IBM workstations with X-Motif and OpenWin, as well as 486 / Pentium based PCs with MS-Windows, Windows-NT, and Windows 95. The domain encompasses UNIX, Windows, C, C++, Motif, OOD methodology and third party tools. We ensure that each engineer has a workstation or an equivalent to the workstation at his / her desk. The Uninterrupted Power Supply and Backup Generators ensure their near 100 percent uptime

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