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The items contained on the website may be accessed by selecting them from the list below. Featured are:

  • News items related to wildlife.

  • A page exclusively dedicated to the legendary Billy Arjan Singh of Tiger Haven, Dudhwa tiger reserve.

  • Comments and discussions by experts on the latest wildlife issues in India.

  • Selected articles on wildlife.

  • Archived website contents for reference.

  • Links to other conservation websites like WPSI, WTI etc.

  • MYSORE AMATEUR NATURALISTS (MAN):  on the campaign to save the endangered Spotbilled Pelicans in Kokkare Belur Click 


  • Wildlife (Protection) Act: when will the amendments be accessible? Click

This website is designed and maintained by Aqeel Farooqi, as an attempt to  collect and disseminate available information about the management of forests and wildlife by the government and non-government sector agencies.

Readers' can contribute relevant wildlife information, articles or newsworthy pieces through email

The opinions of authors whose articles are posted on this site are their own, and may not be construed as being those of the site manager. Care will be taken to post articles of known authorities in the field. News reports will be picked up from material published on the internet, in leading newspapers, or from investigative journalists.