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News flash! We're retailing goods! Plan E is in action. Retail items sold: Orbitz @ 100% profit-(sale=$.50)

A BIG sucess!
12/23/98 - The ZanderTech Winter Holiday Meeting '98 at Ben's house was sucessful and productive. Members voted on which controversial issues ZanderTech supported and didn't support, worked on websites, and designed an InfoPoster. Al handed out presents to all. Among the favorite of these was the Plumrose Ham. Also, Elliot Morrow was evaluated and accepted into ZanderTech . . . congratulations, Ell!
PS: The audio is from a gift Conrad gave Alex; a coke magnet. It rocks!

To the future!
1/18/99 - The ZanderTech Winter New Year's Meeting '99 at Ryan's house was sucessful and productive. Members voted on which new members to hire, worked on the ZanderTest, and designed new brances of our great company. Al bought pizza for all. Some members, though, preferred to immerse themselves in the digital faux-world of videogaming. Nick "Rivera" and Jeff Whitteman were evaluated and accepted into ZanderTech; congratulations, You two!

A waste of lifespan
2/8/99 - The ZanderTech Febuary meeting '99 at Gregs's house was a total waste of lifespan. We made many phone solicitations, to no avail. A few awards were given to some. Members lit many combo-firecrackers at some school and ate a lot of pizza. Which new members were hired? None, because no pledjes came. We worked on the ZanderTech Project update, and designed new logos for our afilliates. Mrs. Blair bought pizza for everybody. Robert Conrad stole Ryan's Aqua Net, and Ben dropped a mouthpiece down Alex's rad pocket trumpet. There was a bunch of chips on the ground, so people ground them into the carpet. Yet again, some members, though, preferred to immerse themselves in the digital faux-world of videogaming.
Do you know how hard it is to find a clear plastic dome theese days?
2/26/99 -

As part of our dome city presentation to the board of manufacturers, we were required to find a clear plastic dome. Four members (Dennis, Al, Ben and Jesse) were sent on this mission. The first thing we did was get transportation. How? We used Al's beach cruiser; seats two (rack) and Jesse's BMX. But what about Dennis? Well, we jacked some little girl's pink daisy-chaser so Dennis could look manly. So we were all set to go and helmets? I think not! Beating the system is something everyone's gotta do. Our first stop was Thrifty's. We looked around a while, but to no avail. The only thing Thrifty's (RiteAid now) got is melted ice cream and cosmetic puffs. Where now? Smart & Final, of course! The ride was only about thirty minutes, but when we got there, Dennis had just about pulled his groin. We threw ice at him, then we went into Allen Part Co. instead because it was closer. We entered the climate-controlled and headed straight for one of the stock-boys. "Do you know where I might find a clear plastic dome?" Asked the amazing Al. "Yeah sure mon, aisle 12" We got to ailse 12 after a few day's hike and checked for something useful. "this sucks!" was the common phrase then. {this did not stop us} We searched long & hard but gave up after a few minutes. We decided to look in the next aisle over when something caught Ben's attention. "oh boy!" he exclaimed, "kazoos!!!" He ran straight over to the party favors section and started salivating over some of the cheapest made kazoos I ever did see. "Where are theese things made in? Scotland?" Dennis tends not to make much sense. We snagged the kazoos and proceeded to some plastic wine glasses. "Hey! This is perfect!" claimed Al We Picked two of the best ones and headed for the check out counter. As we were making our way through the ceramic hobos aisle, Jesse appeared at the end of the lane holding what appeared to be toy guns. "freeze!" Jesse threw the party poppers in the basket as we crawled through the line. Outside the store, we boarded our vehicles and tossed kazoos around. Like a pack of wolves, we began howling/kazooing as we biked home. We stopped at Taco Smell for hot sauce packets for our gun/poppers. We also threw a large quantity of them into the street for cars to run over. We loaded up our guns and fired "mild", "hot" and "fire" sauce at nearby pedestrians. At the close of our journey, we attempted to order a pizza from a variety of vendors, none of them willing to deliver to our out-of-the-way location. The Pizza Man pizza man finally arived, Skidding into our driveway in his boss Conquistador. "Hello sir, that'll be 13.09" "Here you go good sa" We ate it fast, then scattered to our respective hovels.
So ends our adventure.


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