Plan for the future!

The future is coming faster than ever! Are you ready? Prepare! With ZanderTech Industries.

ZanderTech dome cities, when constructed and opened for the public, will change society as we know it. They will provide a place for people to live in comfort all year round, without ever having to worry about stormy weather or natural disasters. Living quarters will be spacious, and dome cities will never be overcrowded. The layout of a dome city is seen below:

A dome city of the future:
Copyright ZanderTech Industries 1998

As you can see, ventilation in the top of the dome will keep the air inside the habitat fresh. The habitat itself is a towering eighteen stories in height. Lateral transport tubes connect the left and right wing rooms to the center of the habitat.

The dome city will provide a suitable climate and habitat, it will also bring you everything and anything that you will ever want or need.

We at ZanderTech are constantly striving to push the envelope of human exploration, whether it be scientific or physical. Dome City on Mars will comfortably accommodate upwards of 100,000 colonists, while maintaining a repair/refueling depot for robots of all kinds. After all, robots will someday serve throughout the galaxy. FYI, my departments on this mission are: Scale, Community supports and Construction/dome services.

My plan for Scale is as follows. Dome City will consist of 4 main structures. The main structure, an agri-dome, a power center, and the air/water factory. The main structure is Dome City where our citizens work and play; also it is where they live. Dome city is a UV tinted glass/fiber dome with mostly underground living structures. The structures that are above ground are minimized to the top five floors of the inner-cylinder. The outer cylinder wraps around the inner one with a space of about 300M. This is reserved as an open air atrium. At the bottom of the structure is a grassy park utilizing the most recent in genetic engineering. Below that, are the services that run the dome and the top secret conference room. The public areas of the dome are split into four basic zones: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Agricultural. The colony- owned zones consist of Government, Recreational, Laboratory and Utility zones. A break down of these zones is as follows:

1. Residential: Where the colonists live, built, designed and maintained by the colony
2. Commercial: Free spaces serviced by utilities (water, power) in which people can do business
3. Industrial: Heavily armored with lots of access to transportation: for industrial uses.
4. Agricultural: Areas at the surface in which to herd livestock.
5. Government: Areas of governmental use (offices, boardrooms)
6. Recreational: Parks, gyms etc.
7. Laboratory: Research facilities with heavy utility access
8. Utility: Areas containing computers, power stations, subroutines, etc.
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