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Vicki Featherwing's Domain

Welcome, ppl, to my Domain. Uh, don't touch anything, though. These things are priceless. They're hand crafted and I bought them at Puckworld. Oh, well. I guess I better start from the beginning:

Millenium ago, Puckworld, which is in another galaxy, was a peaceful planet full of Ducks. Real, live ones. The legendary Drake Ducain was the planet's hero. He defeated the Saurians which attacked Puckworld a long time ago with his legendary mask, which turns out to be real.
The evil Lord Dragaunas, a Saurian and his henchmen, Wraith, Seige and Chameleon escaped from the intergalactic prison and together, they created droids to help them destroy Puckworld. Hence, the whole planet was put into slavery.
But there was still hope, for a group of young, Saurian hating Ducks were gathered from across the planet, and, with the help of the legendary mask and their fearless leader, climbed aboard a ship, the last of it's kind, and chased after Dragaunas, who was out to conquer planet Earth.
In the Dimensional Gateway, the Ducks' fearless leader risked himself to the Dimensional Worm for the team's sake. He managed to pass it to his best friend, Wildwing. Wildwing vowed never to put it on, but he ended up never taking it off, and they continued their search for Dragaunas, and eventually ended up in Anaheim, California, back then 'The Home Of The Mighty Frogs'.
They couldn't find Dragaunas, and met up with a money - lover- hockey manager, Phil Palmfeather. Since they loved to play hockey, they signed a contract for letting Phil be their manager. The hockey games kept them occupied while searching for the Saurians. Since then, the town was renamed 'Anaheim: Home Of The Mighty Ducks'.
Meanwhile, back in the slave camps at Puckworld, many Ducks had joined forces and followed the Ducks to Earth. They were nicknamed the 'Second Line' of the Mighty Ducks, and have been growing bigger ever since.
Among them are: My sister, Neolofa Featherwing, my brother, Hunter Featherwing and myself, Vicki Featherwing. My older brother, Hunter, was working for Dragaunas and he had brought us here. While the Ducks tried to rescue us, Wraith killed Hunter using his magic staf. Since then, my younger sister, Neolofa, my cousin, Mallory McMallard, one of the original Ducks and I have been closer then ever.
Join us as we take you along in our adventures...

Vicki Featherwing

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