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Serena's Room

Hi and welcome to my room! This room is here to tell you a bit about myself and being a Sailor Scout. I also wanted you to know that Photo Ablum will no longer be up and running soon. Instead Rei and I decided to combine our pictures and make one huge Photo gallery, of course it's going to have a cool name that I pick out. Also I believe Amy is going to start a biography page, you know to give you some idea about each of our likes and dislikes. Things are really going to be changing around here.

Well back to my original subject. Being a Sailor Scout. It's fun and exciting! I love it! Okay so the action gets a bit too much for me, but luckily I have great friends to back me up when needed. Just like they did when we fought Queen Beryl. And to think I thought she was the worst enemy! I thought I would show you this little pic, it's of me becoming Sailor Moon!

Well that's all I have for now. I'll make sure the main page keeps you updated on Rei and I's progress with the new room. Don't be surprised if you visit the photo ablum and there's nothing there. Actually you probably won't be able to get to it once we get started. It'll be closed down for a few days, but the main page will let you know! Thanks for stopping by and visit the others' rooms too!

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