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Here are some of my other links. A few more anime links and some other links of friends.

Here are some Sailor Moon links I have come across (of course I put these links before any others...) Enjoy! Very cool Sailor Moon Page, a must visit site!

Here are some non anime Links.

My friend Nick's Blues Clues Page he made
Take a walk on the wylde side with Midnightwildfire
Dungeons and Dragons (the cartoon)

Some more Anime Links!

Voltron Page (not Voltron 3D)
Saber Rider Page
Dragon ball Z!
Must visit Sailor Moon site!
Planet Doom/Voltron page (good fanfic!)
Use to be a Shrine for Android 17 but now just an anime page.
My Sister Site (lots of good bad guy stuff)
Sailormoon Fanfic

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