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Amy's Room

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Hello and Welcome to my room!

Thanks for stopping by and taking intrest in my room. I have some time between my studies and fighting the Nega Verse to talk right now. I'll tell you a little bit about myself and my role as a Sailor Scout.

I was the first Sailor Scout to join Sailor Moon. At first Luna thought of me as one of the Nega Verse, but she realized later that I wasn't. She's and I get along very well now! I am the brains of the group I guess you could say. I try my best to out think the oppnent rather than rush in with brute force. I guess you could say I'm the quiet one sometimes, but don't get me wrong! I will voice my opinoin if I must. (sorry for the bad spelling it's late)

Thanks for stopping by and visiting me! I hope you enjoy the rest of the rooms as much as mine! Please visit Serena and Rei's Moonshine Photos, located in Serena's page (I will ahve a link up to it soon)

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