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Star's Page

Welcome to Stars homepage!

Hi Hi! I'm Star the webmistress of this page! This is a compelete Sailor Moon page for those who have not been here before.

Hey for those of you who have been here before...the fanfic Darkmoon Family has been completed!! That's right it's finished! Yey for me for finally getting around to finishing it! Well I hope ya'll enjoy it!!

Remember to check out my sister site! It's super cool and all about baddies! Well um...sort of mostly I guess. Anyway just check it out, it's a pretty cool site. You'll mee the Dark Mistress, Clashandra, Soulblade17 and myself!! Of course I'm sort of involved in it! hehe.

Enjoy the site and leave a comment in my guest book! I'd love to hear from you!!

Let me know how you like the page.

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