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Who, What, Where and When

Archery Practice
Robb Rider Productions Contact: Lord Dominic Durrant of Marlborough (Rob Gray) 447-4949
Dance Practice
Fox Island Visitor Center Contact: Lord Petrus de Corbain (Don Moelenkamp) 456-9734 & Mordechaia Maria del Sol (Melissa "M" Wakefield) & Riley Cashel (Ellen Murtland) e-mail please write her name in the subject box
Bardic Circle
Contact: Katia Ewing 1-800-609-4593
702 Union St.#1
7:30 1st & 3rd Mondays of the month
Middle Eastern Dancing Workshop
Contact: Greta Turney 424-5538
Pottery Guild/Peer Open Shop
Tim Whitcomb's House
412 Greenwood Ave.
Contact: Meistari Hroar Stormgengr (Tim Whitcomb) 422-2864
Armorer's Guild
Contact: Lord Ector Elefra (Kit Anderson) 482-7827
Music Guild
Contact: Dona Sanchia de Galicia (Val Wiegmann) 485-9331
Period Games
Contact: Thrain Ormsson (David Beets) 432-6553
1st & 3rd Tue. of the month
Minister of Arts & Sciences
Contact: Faremanne de Vere (Mark Turney) 424-5538
Research Night
Contact: Jutte von Hochheimer Stein & Angus Gordon
(Jon & Katrina Adams) 486-2927
Sun. 5pm till.....
Armor Assistance Night
Contact: Thrain Ormsson (David Beets) 432-6553
Thur. 7:00pm
Fighter Practice/Brewer's Guild
Contact: Lord Corwin Cromwell (Chuck Osenbaugh) 456-9734
Fighters on Fri.6:00pm/Sun.2:00pm - Brewing on Thur. night 7:00