Thee Indiana Punk Listing: Now 100% more lo-fi!!

What's up. Yeah. Nothing. This is Scottie from the Retreads, and your mang on tha intranet. Does anyone ever even look at this site? Just to prove me wrong, email me and I'll send you an all-Indiana, all punk rock, all star cd. No shitting. First 10 people get one. Oct 27th, 2003....

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On a need to know basis, you need to know this shit...
Straight offa Glen Danzig's christmas card list is the mighty HELLWINKLE!!!!!. From Muncie and/or Elwood, this band has absolutely no Klan affiliation and is the best punk-metal power trio in the fucking state. Coz Motorhead is from England.

Although they broke up and reformed and broke up and reformed, here's a shitty old site for those guys we all useta hate, SICKO AND THE ABNORMALS. Presently, they're all swell guys and in the Slurs, America Owns the Moon, Mighty John Waynes, et al, but this is the band that retrospect still makes me love to hate. Like a blowjob with teeth.

If you don't like the Pogues, fuck off. The SODS don't like the Pogues. They LOVE the Pogues. So they don't have to fuck off. Fort Wayne roots punk.

The LURKING CORPSES believe in all that is evil, scary, naughty, and loud. I just made that up, though, but they sure as fuck look like they'd subscribe to such a platform. They play horror punk metal. And are from the Fort. Aaaarrrgggh + Splat.

The FUGLEES are a power pop band that doesn't lose sight of the real reasons fer rocking. I believe those are "fucking" and "FUCKING." Elements of Cheap Trick, the Romantics, and Benny Hill. Not Benny Hinn.

Reverend Pepe and the Pews look like some real fucking sinners and perhaps were in Broken (RIP). Nice looking site and a potentially marketable gimmick. But do they rock? Would you ask a bird how it flies? A fish how it swims? A priest how he molests? It's because they were born to do it. Bend over and say "Hallelujah."

Even though the ska-punk craze of 95-98 is long gone, the Malcontents are here to stay. Lafayette has kicked out some decent bands over the years (Dow Jones and the Industrials, Squirtgun, Brass Knuckle Boys, Guns n Roses), and perhaps the Malcontents will one day join those hallowed ranks. Until then, oggle their bass player and wonder how many rude boys it takes to tie a skinny tie.

The last update had a lot of new links to bands from Munseetown. Check out on Muncie's own Wooden Man Records .

"ARCADE" - a Muncie girl band
"the ATARIS"- Indy punk now in Cali
"BACK ALLEY ABORTIONS" - Bloomington street punk
"the BEAUTYS" - Fort Wayne garage punk (
"the BIKINI SPIDERS" - Bloomington hillbilly monster punk
"BLUE OWL CIRCUS" - Mishawaka punk
"BRAZIL" - emo/indie/sex-style from Muncie, on Fearless
"the CADAVERS" - Indy horror punk
"CAPTAIN DINGUS" - Fort Wang punk rock
"CHRONIC CHAOS" - Upland punk
"DAYS AND NIGHTS IN THE SKELETON CREW" - corpsepaint metal/punk/dance from Muncie
"DESTINATION DETOX" - Fort Wayne Mohawk Rock
"EIGHTBIT" - Valpo punk
"the EVERYDAYS" - powerpop for puppies and robot puppies
"FATASS" - Fort Wayne garage punk
"FLOOD BAR" - Mishawaka punk
"FOUR*SIXTY*FIVE" - Indy punk
"THE GIGGIES" Indy punks
"HAM MY FU-BLEY" - Muncie Low-Fi cocain jocks (RIP)
"the H MEN fan page" - Muncie surfabilly (RIP)
"the Hooligans" - Indy punkers (not the coverboys)
"ILL ALLEGIANCE" - Peru hardcore
"JOHNNY SOCKO" - Indy skapolkapunk
"JOHN Q PUBLIC" - Lafayette punk
"JOHN WILKES BOOZE" - Bloomington garage/R&B
"the LECTERS" - Indy punk
"LEEKO" - FW punk
"the LIPSTICK VOGUE" - munsee powerpop
"the LOU REEDS" - anarcho-pop from Muncie
"the MIGRAINES" - FW ponk
"the MIXELPRICKS" - West Laff pop punk
"MULSE" - Indy Punk
"the NAKIDS" - Richmond pop punk (RIP)
"NEVER THE HERO" - Bloomington emo
"NO REASON GIVEN" - Indy ska punk
"ONE SECOND CHANCE" - Southern MI punk
"the PANICS" - 1980-81 Bloomington teen punks
"the PLASTIC CHEESES" - B'ton glam punk (sometimes)
"POLITICAL MONKEY" - Anderson simian punk
"The PSYCHONUBS" - Richmond punk
"the RESISTORS" - Columbus punk veterans
"RINSE N SPIT" - Indy punk (Now in Four*Sixty*Five, see above)
"the RETREADS" - Muncie's PR KINGS, yall
"RIPPED AWAY" - Marion punk (formerly Left Behind)
"ROBOT REVOLUTION" - robot punk from Avon
"SAABA BANKS" - Muncie noiserock
"SCRUM" - Muncie/Alexandria punk (RIP)
"SECOND TO LAST" - a band
"the SHANK-O's" - Anderson ska-punk
"SICKO AND THE ABNORMALS" - Indy teen punk reunionites
"the 60 SECOND QUICKIES" - South Bend ska-punk
"SLOPPY SECONDS" - Nitro Records Site
"THE SODS" - FW celto-punk
"SPICOLIE" - Indy punk
"SPLIT INTO" - Fort Wayne HC punk
"SPLIT SHIFT" - Gas City metal
"the STANDARD DEVIANTS" - Muncie fake punk
"the STILLBORNS" - ??? punk
"SUTEK CONSPIRACY" - is a band
"SWEET POLLY" - Elwood pop punk
"the SWING RAYS" - B'ton Rockabilly
"the 3 HOUR TURD" - Muncie toilet punk (RIP)
"TIANANMEN SQUARE" - Greensville skank
"UNDER*A*DOLLAR" - Valpo ska
"the URINAL MINTS" - South Bend feco-uro punk
"the VICEDOLLS" - Lafayette/Chicago punk
"WELLFED" Btown punk
"The WHATNOTS" - Peru christian punk
"WHIPLASH" - Portage skapunk

Indiana Record Labels

Burning Trash Records
COCK ROCK RECORDS, Muncie (kinda sorta)
GULCHER RECORDS, specializes in 70's - 80's Indiana punk
GULCHER RECORDS, via Slippytown (more graphics and info)
Higherstep Records, Evansville IN
LIMP Records, Lebannon IN
PLAN-IT X RECORDS, Bloomington anarcho punk label
ROCK IT SHIP RECORDS, label, venue, store?
SECRETLY CANADIAN, Bloomington Indie label
Veto Records
What Else Records, Columbus IN

More Scene Related Things

Thom's Indiana Skalender
RHINO's - Bloomington all ages club
Punk Rock Night @ the Melody Inn - punk rock bar in Indy
Sonic Iguana Studios - Lafayette
Northern Indiana Punk
the Michiana Underground
The KITCHEN, FW house venue
The FREEDOM HOUSE, FW house venue
The FIREHOUSE, all-ages venue in N. Manchester IN.
SOLIDARITY BOOKS, all-ages venue/bookstore in Indy
The ART FACTORY, FW all-ages venue
THE EMERSON THEATER, big all-ages venue in INDY

Write me if you know bands, labels, venues, zines, etc to get added, changed, or dropped.
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