What's New at Rajuna's Refuge in 2003?

Year of the Ram - June Kaminski, Feb. 2003

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November 2003

November 15th, 2003: Buy my Past Life e-workbook. Just $9.99, download immediately to begin exploring YOUR past lives: CLICK HERE to begin your selection.
November 15th, 2003: Buy Mystical Greeting Cards featuring selected artworks by Rajuna:
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July 2003

July 15th, 2003: New Art - "Garden of Alycone" on display in my Mystic gallery at:
CLICK HERE to view.

June 2003

June 7th, 2003: New Art - "Interdimesional Cavort" on display in my Energy gallery (bottom left corner) at:
CLICK HERE to view.

February 2003

February 14th, 2003: New Artwork in the Gallery, "Year of the Water Ram". View it HERE . As well, a whole new section in honor of the Ram Year is now available in the Asian Astrology section, HERE .

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