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Your Venus: Herald of Beauty and Grace

A well - aspected Venus causes person to be refined, graceful, charming and physically attractive. Accent on partnerships, friendships, harmony and agreeableness. Good humour, love, generosity and harmony, especially with opposite sex.

VENUS IN ARIES: You are an interesting mixture of harmoniousness and aggressiveness. You can be alternately as meek as a lamb or as mad as a hornet. You are impulsive and ardent in love, strongly attracted to the opposite sex and generous with your affections. You probably have a great attraction for the artistic forms of physical exercise such as ballet, ice and roller skating - possibly gymnastics or even trapeze artistry. You tend to be generous in giving gifts and in the way you spend money and tip. You are so open - hearted and charitable, your sympathies so easily touched, that you respond instantly to any appeal for help, financial or otherwise. Naturally these characteristics tend to make you very popular. Among your many friends there may be one of the opposite sex to whom you respond quickly and ardently. This could result in a too - early, too - hasty marriage - one that you may later regret because you didn't have time to study all the potential adversities and personality differences. Since you are so romantic (in love with love), you may be blinded by your idealism and victimized by an unworthy imitation of the real thing.

VENUS IN TAURUS: All things being equal, you will probably inherit money through some sort of legacy, a business partnership or by marriage, although your nuptials could be in for postponement. Like the majority of people, you have no objection to money, but you are fond of it because it means ease, comfort and pleasure for you and yours. You like to share these things with your friends. You tend to be more emotionally than mentally inclined. You'd rather feel than think, and therefore rely more on your hunches and intuitions. There is some danger here of giving too much to yourself; this may not be in your best interest. Your emotions and feelings are deep and enduring. You tend to be rather fixed and difficult to sway once your mind is made up about something or someone. You are a staunch conservative in your social life and pleasures. No one is likely to find you among the avant-garde, either creatively, socially, or sexually. The old, established, accepted and proven ways seem best. Custom, formality, and correct approach are very careful points with you. You are very precise about this. Your love nature is deep, affectionate, faithful, and lasting.

VENUS IN GEMINI: You are probably known as a gay, romantic traveler with many friends and acquaintances. Your intellect and emotions are refinded and clear, but apt to be dualistic. You tend to flirt, to have several love affairs going at once, thus causing jealousy and bringing you a good deal of grief. Yet you bounce right back and start all over again. You are an excellent conversationalist, and have a broad (but often superficial) knowledge of many different subjects. Chances are you make money from more than one job or occupation - or that you change jobs frequently. Music, art, writing, teaching and drama come easy to you if you have the educational background. Even without extensive formal education you are able to get ahead in the world because of your original, inventive and intuitive abilities. Are outgoing, friendly, sociable, good natured, refined, love games and light mental recreation. This brings you among many people who admire and probably share a deep affection for you. In turn, you flirt and reciprocate this love, and at the same time (paradoxically) insist on faithfulness and loyalty from each of your emotional attachments! Your inconstancy may lead you into marriage with a distant relative, but you're liable to be married two or more times. You derive great pleasure from teaching, writing, speaking and traveling to do these things. If well aspected, there is great affection for you among neighbours, coworkers, siblings and relatives.

VENUS IN CANCER: You have a strong protective desire to shield your loved ones, yet you need the security of being loved yourself. Unfortunately, this does not always develop for you. Unseen obstacles are put in the way of marriage, either because of a lack of money, the wrong job or profession, or the objections of parents. Still, you are strongly attracted and attached to domesticity and probably have a strong affection for your mother, your home, and the feeling of comfort and security it gives you. You are sincere and sentimental, imaginative, kindhearted, and responsive to the emotion of others. You have a basically loving nature, receptive and sympathetic. You will probably have several secret love affairs, and at least one marriage or alliance with someone considerable older or younger than yourself. This could very likely be with someone involved with mysticism or occultism of some kind. You are basically interested in psychic research, mystical religion and anything of a mysterious nature. You may have certain psi talents as well. You tend to develop alliances or friendships with those on the lower rung of the social ladder. You may also be involved in an unpopular, obscure, or lowly job. Yet, strangely enough, you can profit from any occupation connected with liquids or liquid refreshments. There is a good indication that you will gain through your parents or profit from dealings in land or houses.

VENUS IN LEO: You are somewhat ostentatious, a natural showman. Chances are good that you will benefit from any occupation connected with the theatre, pleasure or amusement - such as singing, music or acting. You tend to dramatize your emotional experiences and to respond impulsively, spontaneously, to whatever gives you positive stimulation. You enjoy basking in the Sun. You will benefit through people of good social connections and through your executive superiors, and achieve much happiness through children and young people. You are able to speculate successfully and to gain through inheritance, investments, and/or royalties. You enjoy friends, entertainment, pleasures and amusements of all kinds, especially where members of the opposite sex are concerned. You are generally kind, charitable, generous, and liberal. You are also sincere, sympathetic, and a warm lover. Fully appreciating the physical joys of life and often indulging in them, you run the risk of becoming effete through overindulgence. This could mean, if you're not careful, the complete discharge of your emotional batteries, resulting in jaded insensitivity and disinterest.

VENUS IN VIRGO: You need the security of being loved by someone with a high regard for your emotions; you want to feel respected and have your love treated as the delicate and rare thing it is. Unfortunately, however, you are apt to become involved with someone who runs roughshod over your feelings and treats you with either coldness or outright cruelty. You have a deceptively quiet exterior and a deeply sympathetic nature. There is some secret in your love life - possibly an affair with someone who is chronically ill, a doctor, a nurse or someone who works in a subordinate position. In any event, you are likely to experience disappointment in love, or delay in marriage caused by two affairs at once. You should be extremely cautious in financial speculation, but you might profit through joint investment with your marriage or business partner. Is a certain lack of discretion. You are liable to become romantically involved with someone of an unsavory reputation, therby leaving yourself open to scandal. It would be wise to form associations only with people you know to be honest, kind and reliable.

VENUS IN LIBRA: You are likely to live in a private world of peace, beauty, and harmony. You are susceptible to kindly overtures and will respond with refinded affection to those who inspire it. You are highly sympathetic and your love nature is rich, direct and idealistic. You tend to see the good in everything, yet you are sensitive, sometimes disillusioned, and easily hurt. Always, you search for the truth, justice, and more harmony; you love knowledge and are especially fond of art, music, and refined pleasures. All amusements and gay social gatherings are a source of attraction. You prefer associates and friends who have some reputation in the fields of arts, music, journalism, or who have achieved high aacademic standards and are socially recognized. Your personality attracts poeple because of your innate desire for a well-ordered existence, for harmony and peace. This is an excellent position. It promises many friends, popularity, a good marriage and children who are musically or artistically talented. Partnerships and marriage are fortunate for you, and there is an excellent chance you will gain materially through others, as well as through the application of your own talents.

VENUS IN SCORPIO: Yours is an intense, possessive and often jealous love nature. You are highly demonstrative and a volatile lover. Your passions may rule you rather than vice versa. You love luxury, and delight in pleasures of a sensual nature. Although you are powerfully attracted to the opposite sex, there is the strong likelihood of interminable delays in love, courtship and marriage. And there will be enormous difficulties to overcome with your marriage partner; disagreeable fights, jealousy, vindictiveness, and the possible death of your spouse. You like to travel, to speculate, even to scheme over ways you can capitalize on marriage or alliances with members of the opposite sex. You have a tendency to make friends with those of an antisocial nature or even with those who have criminal tendencies - or with those whose interests are occult or mystical. You are generally a free and lavish spender, generous with those whose company you enjoy. You are likely to earn your living through those things associated with the Water signs: Scorpio, Pisces or Cancer. Although there will be great delays from your profiting from a will, legacy, marriage or partnership, you will eventually reap some sort of financial reward from the deceased. Only through control of your intense emotions can you avoid many of the unpleasant experiences in life.

VENUS IN SAGITTARIUS: You love your personal freedom and independence, and want above all to travel and explore exotic places; you love the unobtainable and could cause yourself a lot of unhappiness thereby. You tend to be ambiguous in your affections - loving two or more members of the opposite sex at the same time. You are not, however, maliciously disloyal. It is simply that you love romance in faraway places. Generally your nature is refined, altruistic, generous, outgoing, imaginative, gay, and lighthearted. You may have an income from more than one source, possibly through writing, publishing, or travelling as well as from religious or philosophical interests. You are attracted to outdoor sports, long voyages, animals (especially horses), art and natural beauty. Because of your susceptibility to the opposite sex, you could be attracted to and involved in two or more marriages. One of these will be to someone from a foreign country or at a great distance from your home. This will, in these times, necessitate a great deal of long distance telephoning and voluminous correspondence. Your friends will be people of importance, power, and/or good social standing. Your involvements and adventures are usually the result of blindly following the dictates of your emotions. You are impressionable, farsighted, generous, prophetic, and loyal in your intentions if not in actual practice. You are inclined toward literary, philosophical, benevolent and spiritual development.

VENUS IN CAPRICORN: In affairs of the heart you are very careful of appearances or how things might affect your social status or honour. Although you are prudent, cautious, and diplomatic, you are also inclined to marry for social or business considerations rather than follow the dictates of your finer emotions. This is bound to cause coldness or a lack of interest in your spouse, who is likely to be either wealthy or from a different strata of social life. At any rate, this partner is or will be very discriminating, dour, and serious. There may be a wide difference in your ages. Yet you are adaptable to adversities and tend to look on them as challenges. You may have a tendency to seem calculating, cold and indifferent yourself, yet by sheer grit, enterprise, willpower, and hard work you wil manage to gain the respect of older people and your employer or supervisor. It is almost certain that you'll be elevated to a position of responsibility and entrusted with authority. You will profit from your popularity among business and social acquaintances, manke many new friends in important positions, and realize many advantages, including career advancement, through them. You are likely to travel in foreign countries and to inherit valuable real estate.

VENUS IN AQUARIUS: Most of your hopes, dreams, wishes, and aspirations will eventually be fulfilled. In love you are earnest, sincere, and faithful, yet you will, at one time or another, find yourself involved in secret affairs. You may either marry or remarry in middle or later life. You will experience some bizarre, sudden, strange and unexpected changes in love affairs. One of these will be with someone of an entirely different background, who is eccentric in the extreme. The person you marry will be of a different age. You are entirely capable of having purely platonic friendships with the opposite sex without romantic involvement, but this is not recommended. You enjoy refined amusements, cultural pursuits, and philosophical as well as intellectual stimulation. Although your outlook tends to be candid and sincere, you are likley to keep many of your opinions to yourself. You make friends easily - even with total strangers - and are able to enjoy a wide spectrum of friends, both from the top and the bottom of the social stratum. You have a vast capacity for the enjoyment of social life and other pleasures. You are so outgoing, broad and altruistic in your viewpoint that you attract many people who want something from you, but who refuse to give of themselves in return.

VENUS IN PISCES: You are one of those who, fortunately or not, have such a sympathetic nature that you can instantly feel and understand the suffering of others. You tend to be rather careless or even fickle in romance. As a result, you are likely to be married more than once, or to form some kind of secret alliance or affair with someone who isn't good enough for you. If afflicted, will have a difficult time acquiring money - or may lose money in a swindle, fraud, or deception which you might cause yourself.Yet you are basically kindhearted with a tendency to help the disadvantaged and downtrodden - even if it means assisting by volunteer work in some sort of institution or hospital. You are psychic, sensitive, idealistic and highly emotional. Anywhere there is suffering or injustice, you are likely to volunteer assistance. Although you may not be lucky in love, you accept your lot in life with resignation and gain what pleasure you can from secret affairs.