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Uranus through the Signs:
Herald of Change and Discovery

Uranus correlates with science, astrology, electricity, broad humanitarian movements, the production of earthquakes and events that occur with unexpected swiftness. It spends about seven years in each sign of the zodiac. People born with Uranus strongly placed, particularly to the Ascendant, the first house, the Midheaven, the tenth house, or powerfully aspected in any way, are usually inventive and attracted to what seems odd or peculiar to most people; they appear eccentric in some way, often curious and are actually far ahead of their time. These people are so intuitive, imaginative and farsighted that they perceive ways and means to improve on almost anything that crosses their path. They are gifted with an uncanny imagination and a strong, constructive social consciousness. They usually practice equality, liberty, and democracy. Uranus represents the unexpected, the unpremeditated, and all things futuristic, revolutionary and visionary.

URANUS IN ARIES: Although you may not be intentionally so, you are apt to be blunt, rude, brusque or radically untactful in your relations with others. You have a feeling that you know all that is necessary to know and are too impatient to consider the dull, plodding (and often erroneous) theories of others. You frequently find yourself involved with heated arguments which result in the loss of friends. You have certain rather cold, scientific ideas about stimulating the intellectual or mental abilities of young children before they are exposed to the myriad superstitions and myths of "disorganized" society. You have a well-developed, pioneering, inventive ability, originality and resourcefulness, coupled with a practical knowledge of business and finance: - you could be a one-person unbeatable team. You tend to be rash, impulsive and forceful, extremely positive that you are in the right. You are bubbling with enthusiasm, intellectual vigor and often repressed physical activity. Nothing can dampen your great love for freedom and independence. You like to move around, travel, change your residence and possibly to work out totally new electronic and fluidic technological ideas or the most advanced and novel methods of accomplishing anything new or original in the age of space. Regardless of your age, it is an excellent idea to pursue additional education, be it formal or liberal.

URANUS IN TAURUS: You are apt to gain financially through original real estate and land enterprises. You are probably quite fortunate in partnership transactions and associations with progressive practical organizations that encourage innovation, ingenuity, and invention, at which you are clever. If well aspected, is a good indicator of a happy and prosperous marriage, although this position usually brings about jealousy, strife and arguments with your spouse. You are inclined to be somewhat intuitive, psychic or far-sighted. Your natural ingenuity, originality, and resourcefulness are capable of meeting and overcoming almost all obstacles that fate or circumstances place in your path. You are headstrong, fully determined to achieve your goals despite any opposition, and likely to be tractable, broad-minded, and easygoing at one time, then switch unexpectedly to a rigid, stubborn and intractable attitude. It is best to use your innate originality during quiet times to find ways of working at an even pace with cool deliberation most of the time, rather than ploughing ahead in fits and starts. Gives your sense of what is practical an opportunity to influence your decisions.

URANUS IN GEMINI: You are naturally endowed with a good, logical, inventive mind, a love of study and a strong attraction for advanced thinking in all the sciences. You could become an excellent logician, an electronics expert with new, original and extremely advanced ideas, or a space age writer or communicator - or an engineer in any one of these new areas. All the sciences, anything original, novel or new in concept immediately gains your favorable attention. Your ingenuity, hair- trigger responses, and unusual methods of expression may cause you to be branded somewhat of an eccentric. You are versatile, have a faculty for languages, and attract unusual friends in the arts and sciences. You enjoy people and also making new friends and traveling among or within literary and advanced scientific thinkers. There may have been some difficulty with your education; you are not likely to have successfully completed orthodox examinations for your degree(s), despite your strong interest in the sciences - or perhaps because of it. This could result in unfair, unfavorable criticism of your work at a later date. You are probably talented with ESP, psi and clairvoyant abilities. There have been sudden separations from your siblings, and relatives - or difficulty with neighbors when you were younger. You will continue to be attracted to off-beat subjects, unusual phenomena, new ideas and scientific as well as literary reforms.

URANUS IN CANCER: Even though you may love your home and children and want to enjoy the security and comfort of a good life, you encounter many difficulties on the domestic scene that will eventually bring sorrow and estrangement. You have novel and original ideas as well as unique methods of expressing your views, particularly in regards to civic activities, congressional, legislative, or municipal affairs. You are intensely and actively patriotic and probably belong to one or more organizations fervently supporting the government. Yet you like to travel and probably have a strong preference for ocean voyages. The difficulty you are likely to encounter during emotionally charged litigations concerning your home, property, or land can result in financial loss and physical illness, notably of the stomach, i.e. ulcers. Yu are emotionally high-strung, and very sensitive; events that others might simply shrug off as unimportant cause you a great deal of sorrow. You are too easily moved by apparent injustices to yourself or others. You have some psi ability and are sensitive. Much of your sensitivity is so close to the surface that you may appear touchy, cranky, impatient with others, restless, and suddenly changeable - or liable to some form of radical behavior that seems peculiar and eccentric to your friends and associates. Make it a habit to get off by yourself occasionally to refresh and recharge these emotionally sensitive batteries.

URANUS IN LEO: You hanker for (and will probably achieve) a distinguished professional career, one that is unique or exceptional in some way. You are more than normally progressive, and have a strong desire to display your leadership and ingenuity in an executive position controlling advances in scientific programs. You experience sudden, strange eventualities in your love affairs and often suffer unexpected sorrow, loss, and estrangement in conditions involving your affections. There are abrupt endings to your relationships, many of which are caused by some of your rather odd attractions and prejudices. Although you may practice physical moderation, your mind is never still, always churning up new, original schemes. You plunge headlong into the most dangerous, exhilarating adventures and excitement you can find. There are times when you almost deliberately seem to court the wrath of friends and business associates with your complete disregard for conventional behavior, your arrogance and rebelliousness. It is virtually impossible to reason with you during these periods because you become fiery tempered, passionately fixed in your opinions and impossibly eccentric. Your force is soon abated, however, and like a straw fire, it is often subdued as abruptly as it began. Try to anticipate such outbursts and plan in advance to keep them under tight control. Working on another new invention or idea is one good way to accomplish this. Otherwise, you have great leadership abilities.

URANUS IN VIRGO: Your chief source of professional satisfaction and profit may be derived from a public career in government or in local civic groups. You also have a keen interest in the newer developments in world health, hygiene and antipollution measures. You have hidden talent in the manufacturing or production of devices to purify air, water, and soil. You will gain recognition by following these and allied occupations. You have a built-in talent for mechanistic problems and could easily become a teacher or be naturally successful as an employment guidance expert or actual employer of others - particularly in the fields of biochemistry, electronics, or the medical sciences. You are attracted to scientific curiosities, archeological "imponderables" and "erratic" artifacts from ancient history. You tend to be rather fixed in your outlook, but impress people with a quiet exterior. Inwardly, you are seething with intellectual curiosity; your mind is set on being original, unencumbered and subtle. Although you are independent and eccentric, Uranus in Virgo accentuates your adept intellectual abilities and your devotion to the cause of greater health and comfort for everyone.

URANUS IN LIBRA: Although you are drawn to artistic, musical, literary and scientific pursuits, you are liable to generate the animosity of open enemies who may formerly have been good friends. If well aspected, you will gravitate toward friendship with intellectually stimulating and scientifically inclined people. You are generally far-sighted, and intuitive. Yu have an excellent imagination and a vaulting ambition. Your mental chemistry is good; you reason well and think clearly, but may be somewhat eccentric or unusual in your choice of friends and associates. You are rather restless, have a brittle temper and dislike the intervention of associates or partners in your pet projects, which might very well be in aerospace or advanced electronics. You are inventive and ingenious, and possess a great deal of personal magnetism, all of which brings you into strange and often unexpected relationships with the opposite sex. Through at least one of these, you are likely to stun everyone with a completely unannounced or unusual kind of marriage. This may prove to be a most unfortunate decision in your life, inasmuch as it could lead to insurmountable marital difficulties, quarrels, separation, estrangement or divorce. In an extreme case, you are liable to lose your spouse through death. This is not a favorable position for harmonious marriages or partnerships unless you devote all your efforts to making it so.

URANUS IN SCORPIO: If badly aspected with Mars or Saturn in Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, you are susceptible to sudden accidents, danger on or in water, or the threat of physical damage by electrical devices. If well aspected by planets in Earth or Water signs, however, bestows great concentrative powers, strength of mind, determination and willpower. Your sheer perseverance and spirit are exceptionally resistant, unbreakable by most exterior forces. You have a deeply ingrained love of innovation, and of new and original methods of mechanical and electronic invention. You drive toward personal advancement in sudden, long bursts of sheer creative energy and will defy any and all who oppose your methods or suggest that you stick to standardized procedures and orthodox methods. You are nearly always at odds with people who live by "accepted" teachings. You are outspoken, sharp, stubborn, secretive, rebellious, blunt, aggressive, courageous, audacious and shrewd. Fortunately, some of our greatest inventions and long-range achievements have come from those with the courage, vision and ability of Uranus in Scorpio. Your relationship with the opposite sex is often volatile and uncontrollable. You tend to change suddenly from a platonic friendship to a passionate physical affair without quite knowing how or why. It also works the other way around. Your greatest asset is your depth and originality of your mind. Use it!

URANUS IN SAGITTARIUS: You may run into difficulty occasionally with those who are scientifically or religiously orthodox, and may even experience trouble through foreign travels and business abroad. But you have a deep love of true science and possess a broad, humanitarian philosophy that may make organized religion and its practitioners seem very plodding and dull. You are strongly inclined to keep abreast of scientific and technological developments, such as supersonic jets and space voyages - any new method of long-distance travel, for that matter. You avoid the orthodox, the conventional, and strike out in new directions to pioneer the unknown. You seek philosophical and rational understanding of the cosmos, and don't care whether or not you are personally or physically secure from danger in the process. Above all, you insist an absolute liberty - freedom of speech and movement. You are open-hearted, generous, adventurous, daring and progressive. Although you may have been uncomfortable in academic surroundings and the discipline required by rigid studies, you instinctively understand that is the road to broader knowledge, and affords the scope that only higher education can give - cultivation of the intellectual and spiritual side of your candid, spontaneous nature. You may be given to precognitive dreams; you have powerful intuition and could possess a strong visionary, far-sighted imagination. You often have sharp premonitions of coming events that work out in the most uncanny way. It would serve you well to develop this faculty.

URANUS IN CAPRICORN: Whenever Uranus is perturbed by adverse transits with Saturn, Mars, or Mercury, you tend to become uneasy, restless and impulsive. At these times, you tend to act without thinking; you become stubborn, erratic, radical and eccentric. Generally however, you delight in creating new methods and progressive innovations in business. You have a good balanced sense of independence, ambition, intensified perseverance and good executive abilities. You refuse to shrink from newer, bolder enterprises. You tend to treat all people alike, regardless of their station in life, the job they hold or what their intellectual or educational qualifications are. Your attitude is generally equitable and democratic, both to your employees and superiors. You can and probably will handle positions of responsibility, authority and/or power. Likely to have ultimate success in positions of public trust, particularly in the operation or management of huge power of electrical generating plants, on a television network or station, with an electronics firm or in manufacturing of new and unusual forms of transportation. You are able to anticipate and foresee the necessities of the coming years, the conditions of people generally and their needs long in advance. You are not afraid to make radical departures from established procedures in order to achieve a desired goal. You possess a well-balanced, penetrating and profound mind with excellent logic and vision.

URANUS IN AQUARIUS: This is the natural position of Uranus. Your many and varied friends are often regarded as engaged in unusual or offbeat occupations or somewhat extraordinary jobs. You have a naturally obliging, friendly, pleasing personality and usually attract refined, humanitarian, sociable, freedom-loving people such as you are yourself. Some of your most cherished beliefs, however, at least tend to be peculiar or eccentric. By some kind of strange mental chemistry you are actually able to equate your great love of freedom and independence with your work - and ultimate success - in electronics, space technology, anything of a mechanical, logistic computer or scientific nature. You enjoy the association of others in your field and are generally attracted to large organizations, humanitarian social movements, advanced kinds of communication networks, government offices and business or fraternal societies. You can achieve great satisfaction and success through association with other people. You just like to be "where the people are", particularly those who are prominent in public life. You are a born innovator, highly inventive, with a strong dash of the visionary. You quickly comprehend the most complex social problems, grasp ideas and convey them in terms that others can understand. You are resourceful, ingenious, original and powerfully intuitive - you have a good, active mentality.

URANUS IN PISCES: This is one of the most difficult yet strongly psychic positions of Uranus. You have a tendency to become involved in all sorts of occult activity, and to associate with unusual, psychic or eccentric people. You experience strange phenomena, and though you are not by any means unbalanced, you may often be subject to visions or other strange impressions or even experiences. This frequently results in dreams of a prophetic nature. You have a knack for sensing things before they happen - for seeing things that are about to happen. Unfortunately they usually manifest rather negatively - in the most dire, dismal and foreboding sort of expectations imaginable. Try to see things from the bright side rather than anticipating doom and disaster, or fearing the death of loved ones. You have an excellent ability to invent new methods of treatment for old and often "incurable" ills. Develop your latent power for healing, study and advance your knowledge of biochemistry in order to employ your talents in a positive and helpful way. Don't be discouraged at times of sudden, unexpected misfortunes or reversals. It always works to your advantage in the long run if you are willing to learn.