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Cosmic Trends to Watch

Neptune Retrograde

Neptune goes RETROGRADE on May 10, 2001 at 8 degree Aquarius. Those born between February 2nd and February 6th, Aquarians, are going to be the affected by this Retrograde. The Aquarians most affected, 15 Aquarius, were born on February 4th and they are 'ground zero' for this retrograde. By opposite sign, Sun in Leo's born between August 5th through 10th, will be most affected by this transit. Ground zero for Leo's are those born on August 7th at 15 degrees Leo. Those who have a planet at 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 degrees of ANY sign, may be affected by Neptune's retrograde motion, as well. Those with any planet at 15 degrees, is your particular "ground zero" for this period.

When Neptune is retrograde it is time to build up your strength and resistance both physically and spiritually. It is the perfect time to engage in healthy and healing past times such as meditation, fitness activities, healing sessions, chakra work, being out in nature especially water, gardening, walking, visiting a spa, going on vacation to a relaxing secluded place and so on. A perfect time too to learn and practice Eastern philosophies and exercises or First Nations rituals.

Neptune retrograde brings the danger of infections, allergy distress and being more susceptible to bacteria, viri and the like. Boost your immune system with vitamins, herbs, chakra work, homeopathy and such. Natural medicines work better now than traditional ones. Watch out for poisons and pesticides at this time. Remember you are responsible for your own health. Feed your body, your mind, your spirit with positive nutrients by eating well, thinking well and engaging in daily spiritual practices that bring you peace and harmony.

Pluto Retrograde

On March 17, 2001 Pluto goes retrograde at 15 degrees in Sagittarius until August 24th. Anyone born between Dec. 1 through 6th of ANY year will be affected. Those most directly affected are those born on Dec. 4th when their sun is at 15 degrees Sag, which is where Pluto is at now, and will turn direct on. The opposite sign, Gemini, especially those born between June 4 through 9th will be affected. Those Gemini most affected will be those born on June 7th, when the Sun was at 15 degree Gemini, directly opposite of where transiting Pluto is turning direct.

f you have ANY planet, or your ascendant or Midheaven at 15 degrees, you'll be affected. Positively, those who have signs in Leo, Aquarius,Libra and Aries will either have a sextile or trine to transiting Pluto turning direct and good things will most likely be occurring to you; or at least, shall we say, opportunities will open up to you. If you have any 15 degree in the following signs: Virgo,Pisces, Gemini,Taurus or Cancer you may be receiving either a square, inconjunct or opposition which means there may be friction, instead, creating a door opening and opportunity to you--and not without, most likely, a little pain involved in the situation.

Pluto is the planet of transformation, calling us to right our lives, to change what is unhealthy and unwholesome and begin to leave a clean and aesthetic life. One that involves charity and kindness and the ability to withstand the fires of purification and change. If you resist the change, you suffer. If you flow with the changes, you transform and rise like the phoenix, shining. It's as simple as that! Pluto will support and protect you when you accept the changes and move along with resistance. Or, if you resist, it will school you in the arena of hard knocks. You have no choice - you must change! You must transform!

But do so not out of fear or coercion but out of maturity and willingness. Follow your intuition, be kind to all around you and help others around you go through their own transformation.

Mercury Retrograde Cycles

February 4, 2001----February 26, 2001

June 4, 2001----June 28, 2001

October 2, 2001----October 23, 2001

Energy of Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde affects communications, travel plans, schedules, timelines, and structured events. Take it easy, give yourself lots of time to get places, and try not to get caught up in the frustration around you.

This is a good time to reorganize the cluttered areas of your life; to fine tune the things in your life that do work, and get rid of the dross that weighs you down.

Anticipated Eclipses


January 9, 2001 total eclipse of the moon in Cancer

June 21, 2001 total eclipse in of the Sun Cancer

July 5, 2001 partial eclispe of the moon in Capricorn

December 14, 2001 annular eclipse of the Sun in Sagittarius

December 30, 2001 penumbral eclipse of the moon in Cancer

Energy Influences of Eclipses

The energy apparent during an eclipse can catalyse new cycles of evolution and spiritual development. Pay attention to the events that occur in your life immediately following an eclipse. These are magical events that can have a phenomenonal effect on your life. If an eclipse happens to fall on the day you were born, you are in for an exciting and memorial year!

The eclipse energy can introduce profound change in your life, sometimes positive, other times negative. Births, marriages, promotions, successful business deals can occur just as readily as abandonment, losses, or disappointment. They help to highlight the truth in your life, and can help you discover hidden meaning that previously eluded you. You get a clearer picture of what is really going on in your life from a deep hidden side of yourself.

Eclipses stir up a feeling that life is moving speedily in fast forward with great acceleration. Eclipses always bring the end to something, and start the beginning of something else. Walk lightly with others during an eclipse period. React and respond but no rash actions! Listen, don't act. Wait till after the eclipse has worn off before making concrete plans. Lunar eclipses heighten emotional sensitivity. Just take it easy - no decision making, no big plans, till the period has passed. Try to keep your weekly calendar free and open, as well.

Eclipses are felt for four days on either side of the actual date of the eclipse. You can sometimes feel a full moon lunar eclipse two weeks before it is due. Solar eclipses emphasize beginnings. . If a solar eclipse falls on or within a few days of your birthday you will certainly feel the effects of it over the course of the year. Changes will be complete by time you reach your next birthday.