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Saturn through the Signs:
Herald of Challenge and Restriction

Saturn's principle is of contraction, seriousness, stability, discipline, and practicality. Points out your greatest obstacles which serve as your best challenges - when overcome, give you lasting strength and character.

SATURN IN ARIES: As you already know, the early part of your life is the most difficult. From this base of obstacles and adversity you can build the strength of character to surmount anything that may confront you for the remainder of your life. You are ambitious and determined to succeed; you desire responsibility, authority, dignity, and respect, but often lack the confidence necessary to grasp the opportunity firmly when it presents itself. Yet your perseverance and hard work will ultimately be crowned with success. It does not come easily, however. Sometimes it seems as though you fall back two steps with every forward stride. But Saturn will work for you over the years. Just as you may feel you were deliberately "jinxed" in your youth, each year now brings you greater wisdom, less struggle and the increased prestige you've always wanted. One of your chief difficulties may be marital trouble caused by a jealous or insecure mate. On the other hand, you're not exactly easy to live with; you have a tendency to flare into anger when you are opposed, and you can be highly argumentative and cantankerous. Left to your own devices, however, you tend to reason things out and see the light of logic through quiet contemplation. Although it is possible you may lack the depth of mind you assume, you're eventually going to win the admiration and respect of those in a position to do you the most good.

SATURN IN TAURUS: You tend to be rather too stolid, and to develop great fears about losing money, love, and the comfort and security they bring. With discipline, economy and wise investment, combined with a certain amount of frugality, you will manage, though, to acquire enough material goods in the form of houses, land, and securities to satisfy you. You tend to nurse grudges, have a quick and brittle temper and can be stubborn and resentful. Face the fact that you're going to have money trouble with relatives and could lose some of your hard earned gains. This is a touchy situation; you're liable to put your trust in people who are unscrupulous and blame those who hold your best interests forward. Before you're able to straighten out the resulting unhappy domestic scene, there will be losses and trouble caused by these relatives. You can gain a great deal of satisfaction and relaxation from working in or with the earthy things; raising or breeding livestock, studying botany, gardening or farming. You tend to keep your personal troubles bottled up and can be reserved, diplomatic and prudent in your relationships. Generally, you are of a kindly, quiet and considerate disposition, thoughtful, determined and able to function well under emotional pressure and other adverse conditions.

SATURN IN GEMINI: You have an ingenious, practical interest in all that goes on around you - in the present as well as with regards to prospects for the future. You have a built-in talent for deep intellectual achievements in writing, publishing, mathematics, or science. You have a tendency to skip from one thing to another - being equally serious about each subject, topic, or study - then just dropping and forgetting them. You are liable to experience difficulty and much sorrow in your dealings with relatives, and many obstacles, or misfortune, in short trips and traveling. You are clever and observant, resourceful, adaptable and serious-minded. Neighbors, relatives (and friends at one time or another) will succeed in placing the yoke of restraint or heavy responsibility on you, severely limiting your personal freedom and independence. You may tend to delude yourself by seeing things as you'd like them to be. This can cause you to become easily depressed because you are usually motivated by the finest ideals and may experience disillusionment through others. You can overcome many such setbacks by studying and applying positive philosophical attitudes.

SATURN IN CANCER: You are inclined to be ultra sensitive, fearful because you lack security (either now or in the past) of the love of your parents. There is some difficulty, sorrow or anxiety indicated in your home life, through children and parent-image attachments you form - either consciously or unconsciously. You are rather changeable and lack the confidence to stand independently and break away from the stultifying past. You revere experience, age, and authority because it represents the anchor and stability whose lack you feel so keenly. You want assurance, guidance, almost as a child who is overindulged and made to feel that his parents don't love him enough to care what he does. You have a powerful drive to appease those in authority or who are older, in the vain hope that these people will extend the love and security of which you felt deprived. You often tend to feel discontented, dissatisfied, jealous, anxiety ridden and changeable. You may change your residence, your job, your interests, and moods, but it always stems from the same problem - insecurity : the early denial of parental love and affection. You may marry someone older, a serious hard-working person who stimulates your active interest in helping to operate a good economical household. You will derive much satisfaction and happiness through psychic studies and occultism, but are liable to be emotionally affected by discordant conditions created by other people.

SATURN IN LEO: This position can affect the heart and cause you some sorrow in love affairs and through children. You seek to compensate by hard work for an apparent inability to derive pleasure from amusements. But this merely serves to create the dangers of overwork, overtaxing your heart and impairing general health. There is a powerful blockage here, and you may seek an outlet for your thwarted feelings in an illicit alliance with someone unworthy of you. This is almost certain to create trouble with those who are inferior in some way. You are ambitious, determined, have a hair-trigger temper, and strong spiritual inclinations. Yu are an odd combination of courageousness and prudence. You are generous, have a strong will, but may be a victim of too severe and limiting religious discipline as a child. Try to loosen up and reveal your true feelings; you're liable to be happily surprised at the response.

SATURN IN VIRGO: Good, careful investment in real estate will most assuredly pay off for you, but the first half of your life is liable to be plagued by obstacles, sorrow, ill health, and difficulties that could bring you to the brink of a nervous breakdown. Although you tend to exaggerate the slight ailments with which you are plagued, you probably experience severe headaches and possible constipation. You are generally reserved, rather humble and self-effacing, discreet, extra careful and so anxious and cautious that you cause a general rundown and tired feeling in yourself through your negative thinking. You are very serious, prudent, reserved and quiet. You also tend to be watchful, ready for quick flight, mistrustful of others, doubting, anxious, gloomy, worried and easily depressed. This is an unfortunate combination for a happy marriage, and unless you make a determined effort to see the bright side of every situation, you are certain to cause troubles, misfortunes, and general unhappiness in any partnership or marriage. You have a good mind, and could easily excel in scientific studies of health, hygiene or literature.

SATURN IN LIBRA: If you are female you are likely to be quite attractive but marriage will still be delayed. Somehow, there is disappointment here -a lack of warmth, love or enthusiasm in your marriage, and more than one is likely. Much as you desire and work for harmony, peace and public relations, you develop enemies, some of whom are likely to be women. You have refined tendencies, a liking for the better things in life - music, art, the theater and socializing - but you often become involved in controversial subjects and heated arguments. Your relations with other people are not at all what you want them to be. You seek order, harmony, and justice, but run into emotional turmoil instead. The deepest love affair in your life may have ended in loss and heartbreak. There is some trouble in your employment, and there are separations from the ones that you love. You have excellent mental ability, well equipped for a career in law or science. The image you project to that part of the world you want most to impress is entirely too serious. Be careful of broken contracts, and protect any documents pertaining to your home or land.

SATURN IN SCORPIO: When you apply your somewhat simmering volcanic nature toward achievement in the sciences, geology, archeology or researching new knowledge, you may overcome your willful, passionate, jealous nature. You are forever searching out better avenues for expressing your hidden talents. With proper training and self-discipline, you can easily develop great intellectual depth. Ordinarily you proceed with shrewdness and caution, yet you are resourceful, extremely independent, and passionate. You are inclined to make sudden decisions that surprise even yourself, but once embarked on a course of action you will doggedly pursue your plan to the bitter end - even when you can clearly see your own destruction looming at the end. It is as if you are unable to help yourself; but the obsessions can just as easily be checked and rechanneled, because you possess great willpower. You are acquisitive, cautious, resourceful and calculating. You are able to overcome great obstacles, and through sheer persistence, attention to detail, cleverness and patience, you can reach great pinnacles of success. One of your chief drawbacks is trouble with the opposite sex; you tend to take on secret love affairs and the burden of knowing the innermost secrets of people who confide in you. You often act in haste, drive yourself into troubled waters and live to regret your impulsiveness. Learn to accept what is done is done and that no amount of mental or emotional rehashing will change the past. The trick is to learn from your mistakes - not to repeat them. You are fascinated by mysteries, secrets and occult studies and may have a powerful intuitive faculty that borders on psi ability.

SATURN IN SAGITTARIUS: You are gifted with powerful hunches, strong intuition, and accurate prophetic insights. You are therefore far-sighted, visionary, and able to foresee the logical outcome of long-range scientific and social developments. You carry yourself with dignity, and gain the esteem of others through your talents and mental abilities. Although you enjoy approbation, self-respect comes even higher on your list of priorities. Yu are deeply philosophical and sincerely religious, perhaps in a rather paradoxical "liberal-orthodox" sense. You are very serious about how the game of life is played; the stress, however, is not so much on material success, and recognition, as on the moral issues involved - one might almost say the "sportsmanship" of adhering to certain rules of discipline. Those who stand in your way do not realize how sensitive you are or how deeply hurt you can become from the slings and arrows, the cutting antagonism and sever criticism of harsh opposition. By allowing yourself the luxury of resentment against these censures, you delay the promotion and ultimate recognition you deserve. It is almost certain that you will experience the tarnishing of your reputation at some time in life. Your honor and ethics will be unjustly questioned and aired in public. You will be unable to combat these setbacks with abstract philosophy or "tried and true" methods of communicating your real stands and objectives. They're bound to be misinterpreted. You are generally kind and considerate, broad and humanitarian in your views and absolutely fearless and outspoken when you are involved with the politics of economy or the promotion of sound governmental fiscal policy. You need the firm feeling of conviction that your undertakings are essentially ethical and morally right as well as practical. You want to inspire others, but may wind up simply insisting that everyone practice outdated "virtues" that have little relevance to modern society, unless you broaden your outlook.

SATURN IN CAPRICORN: Your chief characteristic is your ability to achieve in spite of great odds. You are constantly aware of your keen desire to lift yourself to great heights. Your ambition knows no bounds, and you will persist in hard work, the cultivation of those who can help, and diplomacy and tact until you achieve the success you have set out to win. You work so hard and play so seldom that you are liable to chronic illnesses and may even come close to a nervous breakdown through overwork, worry and anxiety. Try not to repress your emotions or stifle your occasional desire of fun and relaxation. Know that despite all adversity your failures are actually minor victories because you learn from every mistake and will succeed in the long run. You have a reserved, serious exterior, excellent reasoning abilities and a determinedly stubborn faith in yourself. This is an unbeatable combination, yet your acquisitiveness and rather materialistic outlook make you suspicious, fearful, melancholy, overly cautious and often deeply dissatisfied with your progress. You tend to form attachments with those who are your intellectual inferiors, and often members of the opposite sex. May have unfaithful or unreliable friends. Marriage could bring unexpected trouble and sorrow in your home life. You possess good managerial and executive skills, are well qualified to handle responsibility and could easily operate your own business (which you'd much rather do than take orders or work for someone else).

SATURN IN AQUARIUS: You have many friends and acquaintances that will last a lifetime. Among these people, there is someone with whom you will form a lasting romantic attachment. You enjoy being attractive to the opposite sex and are serious, friendly, sociable, and quite good natured. You tend to be courteously reserved, thoughtful, considerate and (outwardly) tractable. Whenever you become involved in anything that attracts your interest, you take straightforward action and are able to express yourself knowledgeably and impressively. You have far more fortunate circumstances in later life than in your early years. You learn rapidly and will further refine your thinking processes through experience, observation and study. The longer you practice broadly progressive policies, the more profound your mind will become and the more clearly your insight and intuition will be developed. You are especially adept in the arts and in science, but are likely to adopt the orthodox path in learning and development. However, this does not prevent your seeing things in their broadest context and often in an entirely original and inventive manner. With quiet, steady determination and faithful application of the wisdom you acquire, you will reap high financial rewards, either professionally or through employment in a large company or corporation. Your sincerity, reasonableness and intelligence will win you the recognition and lovable friends you value so highly.

SATURN IN PISCES: You are fortunate if Saturn is well aspected. You are able to help yourself by study, meditation, volunteer work in hospitals, prisons or mental institutions and welfare work for the poor. Do not simply accept what you consider to be your lot in life - many difficulties and obstacles if Saturn is afflicted. Events may occur that are completely beyond your ability to deal effectively with. You are often faced by and forced to deal with the totally unexpected and completely undesirable in life. Even when you manage to work yourself into a position of dignity, esteem or prestige, it takes all the will power and determination you can muster just to hold your own there. You are often the cause of your own unhappiness and bad luck, however. You are highly emotional, strongly sympathetic and likely to feel as though others are in worse condition. You have a strong, desiring nature, but need to encourage within yourself the ability to see things optimistically, with a continuously firm attitude. Of course you have suffered mishaps, sadness, loss of love, sorrow and tragedy that may deeply affect you emotionally. Only you can help yourself, however - by developing ambition: without a certain amount of hardness, a person cannot achieve what they set out to do.