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Pluto through the Signs:
Herald of Transformation

Pluto affects the collective unconscious, new energies begin to emerge from the invisible side of life. It stays from 12 to 30 years in each sign. In the signs it affects civilizations and generations. Pluto indicates the major struggles as well as the major initiation processes in one's life. It describes the area of life where transformation and transmutation take place on the physical plane.

PLUTO IN GEMINI: Pluto was in Gemini from 1884 to 1914. In that cycle, family ties were of great importance. There was insulation of the family group largely because of lack of transportation. Communication between peoples of different cultures or races had not yet been possible thus it was not developed. There was little group interaction except for those involved with family ties. The airplane was invented. That would bring changes that no one could even begin to perceive at that time.

PLUTO IN CANCER: Pluto was in Cancer from 1914 to 1939, bringing emotions and feelings to the forefront. Sentimentality was the keynote. Emotions and feelings were stirred up by the demagogues and the munition makers who wanted a war to sell their products. Blind patriotism was played up to an unbelievable degree. The songs of the period emphasized the emotional side of the era. After World War I the boys were home and disillusioned by the war. There were no jobs and the world was in a depression such as had never been known. Still there was growth. Everyone shared what they had, however little it might be.

PLUTO IN LEO: Pluto was in Leo from 1939 to 1957, when the dictators came into operation. World War II started in 1939, devoid of the glamour of WWI. The four Lords of Karma were in incarnation - Hitler, Mussolini, Hirohito, and Roosevelt. Pluto in Leo shows the need for the individual to balance his ego drives with respect to the needs of others. May tend to dominate and use others for their own needs. May have struggles with children. The strong will of the parents mean they would bring in offspring with wills just as strong. 1951 to 1957 saw the rebuilding of all that had been torn down. The egos born in this decanate have a burden to carry. May have a tendency towards violence and rebelliousness that can be ruthless and cruel. Many of the Storm troopers of Germany incarnated very quickly, bringing over the ruthlessness and violence they have been trained to execute. This explains why some of the young people of today have no conscience about mugging, killing, and raping. To counterbalance these types, many, many, souls born in the same generation represent the Minerva aspect of Pluto. They are spiritually oriented and tuned to a wisdom and understanding that is truly beautiful. They are developed souls who have chosen to incarnate at this time to bring the Ark of the Covenant into the New Age. They are the hope and the glory of this incoming age.

PLUTO IN VIRGO: From 1957 to 1972, Pluto was in Virgo. These 15 years saw tremendous strides where the rights of the worker and the "little man" have been concerned. Interest in health brought in the use of vitamins and interest in organic foods. The young people became health conscious. Health stores and macrobiotic restaurants sprang up all over the cities. New methods of healing in natural ways came into existence. Tremendous research in medicine began. Important breakthroughs occurred and the relationship between the mind and the body was recognized. Gestalt therapy came into being to break up the repressions, insecurity and inferiority that Virgo all too often represents. Computers ( a truly Virgoan product) mushroomed and have increased in every area of the business, scientific, educational and health world. The higher aspect of Pluto is involved here. With time saved and work cut down, the individual has time to tap into his inner resources, and to develop his spiritual potentials so the light and wisdom within him can be released. If those with Pluto in Virgo will use its highest aspect they will be truly great servers of the planet. They will make excellent nurses, doctors, naturopaths, physical therapists, and healers.

PLUTO IN LIBRA: In the sign of Libra (1972 to 1984), Pluto's energy affects relationships, marriages, unions, and partnerships. Here the lessons of cooperation and compromise have to be learned. Global responsibility must be faced. Events are now soul size and planetary size. Every aspect of legislation and law and those who administer those laws will be challenged. We have to be involved before we can evolve. We are now touching the depths of all of us. The challenge of Pluto is what group or what ideology are we going to serve. In Libra, Pluto teaches us to understand the other fellow and think in terms of that "other" out there. It brings up to the surface the evils that have been hidden and kept out of sight. These evils have to be recognized and redeemed. There has been a loss of faith in dogma and creed. Pluto brings destruction of all outmoded legalities and hypocrisies. Many advanced souls have come in since 1945, and they will be the new leaders and statesmen. The highest aspect of Pluto in Libra will be the ability to recognize Love as a principle, not just as an emotion.

PLUTO IN SCORPIO: Pluto will be in Scorpio from 1984 to 1996. Pluto's work here is to cleanse and redeem the murky swamp waters in the depth of the subconscious and instinctive self. Our egos are crumpled, our illusions are finished, and we are forced to face reality. The shell of our understanding is cracked and we are set free. Pluto in Scorpio will revolutionize medicine and bring in new methods of healing. New birth control measures will be taken that will not harm the body. Cures for cancer will be found. Because the veil between the planes is already getting thinner many children will be born with highly developed extrasensory powers. There will be great changes in educational methodology. The emphasis will be on helping young people develop their own potentiality rather than pouring a great many facts into their heads that they will not use in life. This planet will undergo a purging such as the world has never known. Those born with Pluto in Scorpio will be the souls who, when grown, will have the power to usher in a new heaven and a new earth. The ancient evils that have been under cover for so long, will be exposed, cleansed, and redeemed. The lost continent of Atlantis will rise, and part of it will come up as intact as it went down. From 1975 to 2000, earth changes, personality changes, spiritual awareness and illumination will be the order of the times. The decision of mankind will determine what happens.



PLUTO IN THE FIRST HOUSE: Here is the necessity for understanding the instinctive side of the nature. If in Virgo or Cancer, there will be a deep-seated inferiority complex. The individual does not have control or mastery over his instinctive forces. He is never sure of his own identity. May be timid and unsure of themself. Are usually gentle and very sensitive on the surface. If they panic or get upset they can erupt like a volcano, and everyone is surprised at the amount of anger that comes to the surface. If Pluto is in Leo and afflicted, especially to the Sun, the individual hides his insecurity by appearing bombastic and arrogant. It is a cover-up for his lack of confidence in himself. The personality needs regeneration. If too withdrawn, the person has to learn to come out into the world and participate, instead of retreating. If too aggressive, and the urge for power is overemphasized, then the self must come to the realization it can be used by the power, but not be the power. The desire to use power must be overcome. Reactions to the upheavals Pluto brings will be very important. The negative Plutonian tendencies of brooding, holding onto hurts whether imaginary or real, the need to retaliate (vindictiveness) will react on the physical body as well as on the emotional vehicle. Moderation is a good keyword for this position of Pluto. To retire into one's self refusing to share ideas, motives, dreams, and ambitions can be just as damaging to the personality as the giving of one's self totally to whatever idea or cause one is moved by. The Minerva influence provides a perfect willingness to be a channel for healing and to be used by the forces of light. The personality is dissolved, and the light streams through the vehicle blessing all with whom it comes in contact. This aspect of the self comes through. The personality is dissolved in the solvent we call understanding. "The disciple can stand in the presence of the Master when his feet have been washed in the blood of the heart". Also "The disciple can stand in the presence of the Master when he can hear every bitter word as a cry for help and answer from the heart of love unstintingly".

PLUTO IN THE SECOND HOUSE: Here is the house of values and resources. Here one confronts one's appetites and learns to control them. Money and things it can buy will be important. If the negative side of Pluto is working, the method of attaining money could be less than honest. May be connected to the underworld of crime. This position can bring great wealth, usually from metals, mining or oil - things that lie beneath the surface of the earth. Worldly possessions are important and often obtained legitimately if there are good aspects to Venus or Jupiter. With heavy afflictions, money could be acquired, but it could vanish very suddenly and unexpectantly. Gambling and speculation could cause loss when a heavy transit conjuncts or opposes Pluto in this house. With constructive aspects, money could come through inheritance. If the Minerva aspect was functioning, the individual would consider himself a steward of his wealth, and use it to lift the burdens of those that need help. There would be a spontaneous outgoing expression of the desire to share. The house in which Pluto is placed shows the karmic hangover from the past as far as instinctive reactions are concerned. Here, Pluto has to do with values, appetites, sensuality, and over-possessiveness. It can swing from one pole to the other. There may be an austerity that passes severe judgements on anyone indulging in weaknesses. Our latest learned lessons usually involve the qualities of which we are most intolerant in other people. The right attitude in these situations proves whether we have learned the lesson or not. Pluto is the underworld in ourselves. Keen judgement, endless energy, and great patience are all necessary ingredients for financial success in life. The tendency to view persons, especially those with whom one is romantically involved, as possessions must be avoided. Efforts to remake those in one's personal world, or to force one's set of values upon others will meet with unhappy results. As natural ruler of the eighth house, Pluto in the house of values demands a sane attitude toward sexual appetites if peace of mind is to be acquired. Man's chance to use the Minerva aspect can give him god-like powers to create and reproduce. His abuse of this gift called forth the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

PLUTO IN THE THIRD HOUSE: Planets in this house affect the individual through the mind and the nervous system. Here, Pluto works in a hidden and subtle way. There will be caution, seriousness, and depth to the mind. At times a tendency towards depression and negative thinking has to be overcome. The aspects between Pluto, Saturn, and Mercury will be very important for they will indicate whether this energy will be used positively or negatively. This position can be used to probe the secrets of the universe or be used to uncover secrets of a more personal nature. The individual could be a good researcher in medicine, or a geologist dealing with the earth. Metallurgy would be a vocation with appeal. If Mars is highlighted in the chart there will be ability in police work or as a private investigator. There can be great turmoil in the mind and if it is suppressed the results will not be good. If difficulties cannot be talked out with a confidant, then they must be expressed either through writing or painting. Often painting or writing out one's feelings can act as safety valves and save the nervous system from too much pressure. After the thoughts and feelings have been expressed, they should be destroyed. Elimination of what has been expressed provides a mental catharsis, and the health will not suffer. In the early home life there may be unusual conditions where relationships with siblings are concerned. How this will operate has to be judged by the other aspects to this house. The Minerva aspect of this position would illuminate the mind, and the individual could be a teacher of spiritual law and bring light to others. Little escapes the awareness here. They are able to evaluate situations and people with great accuracy. For that reason they make great counselors and psychologists.

PLUTO IN THE FOURTH HOUSE: This house represents the foundation of the character inherited from other lives as well as the genetic patterns inherited from the parents. The energies of this house come to the surface in the latter half of life. Success can come in the outer life through real estate or property, especially if many Earth signs in chart. Imagination is very active and intuitive faculties are good. Interest in the inner side of life will manifest as the individual matures. There is a very strong desire to have a home life where there is love and security. However, this has not be earned if Pluto afflicted, especially to the Moon. Pluto denies us what we want until we are willing to relinquish it. A purging has to be undergone before the Minerva aspect of this energy works. Home and mother play a very big role, either for good or ill. Caring is the way to bring Minerva in. In order to do so we must be purged of selfishness. This is what Pluto in this house means.

PLUTO IN THE FIFTH HOUSE: Here the ego has to be purged of any self-conceit or tendency to arrogance. If the heart center is open, the creativity and wisdom of Minerva is at it's disposal. The serpent force, the kundalini fire at the base of the spine, is active and can be used creatively. If sex is overemphasized, the Plutonian energy can raise havoc, emotionally, mentally, and physically. This does not mean to suppress the sensual energies but to use them wisely and always lovingly. Pluto here makes two demands: Is it loving? Does it hurt anyone? When Pluto's powers are used constructively, the individual can express his creativity through any channel he chooses. If well aspected, can bring fortune through speculation. If afflicted, the individual can attract wealth, then lose it. If there are children, they will be unusual and not run-of -the-mill types. Selfishness will be overcome through the responsibility that has to be accepted a s a parent. There are children of the mind and emotions as well as the body. In this house, power cannot be appropriated by the self. Illumination (light) comes by a willingness to be a channel not the power. Pluto's keynote in this house is "Be willing to be nobody - then you will be truly somebody". When that consciousness is reached (usually through sacrifice), Minerva will use the individual to bring light into the world, sadly in need of it.

PLUTO IN THE SIXTH HOUSE: Pluto in the house of adjustments means a purging of the motives and of the mind. A healer or a hypochondriac? The choice is there. If one loses oneself in service one hasn't time to be sick. Being critical and sitting in judgment are signs of deep feelings of insecurity and inferiority. May feel submerged as an individual in the impersonal materialistic environments of large groups and corporations. There is an adjustment necessary where employment and fellow workers are concerned. If afflicted, especially to Mercury, nerves are a problem that could cause difficulties which are not easily diagnosed. There can be trouble stemming from wrong reactions where others are concerned. There could be instability and criticalness which are unexpressed, but which are still felt by others. The individual thinks that because nothing was said that the other fellow is not aware of his criticalness. Because the veils between the planes are thinner than they have ever been before, what is thought radiates, and the antenna on the unconscious side of others is picking up the thoughts and reacting accordingly. If the individual forgets himself in service to others, the Minerva aspect of Pluto brings on tremendous healing power. The ability to be a channel of healing comes naturally. Nursing, the medical field, psychology or counseling as well as the ability to work with the earth and treasures hidden in it are the fields in which there could be great success. Take note of the relationship of Pluto and Mercury in this house - it is important. There is a high tension in the nervous system, and it must be understood and used rightly. The lack of ease created by unused energies can play havoc with the psychological well-being of the individual.

PLUTO IN THE SEVENTH HOUSE: This house represents relationships in the outer world and how others react to the individual. Pluto has a purging effect with a particularly strong effect in this house. It is a very impersonal energy in an area where personal attachments are very strong. It is difficult for the person to have a close and strongly emotional relationship. An uninvolvement where personalities are concerned and a deep dedication to Love as a principle is the lesson Pluto brings to this house. A wise choice of partner in a union or marriage is very important as Pluto will hold the individual to his choice even though he would wish to be free. The stubbornness or stability will hold the individual to the promises he made regardless of the cost to the personality. The individual's ability to see both sides of a situation makes his judgements unprejudiced and objective. His role as a mediator is unquestioned. Law and legal matters can be of interest and talent does lie in this direction. As Pluto rules large corporations, corporation law can be a natural outlet for the energy. Your regeneration depends on your willingness to cross out any personal desires and be willing to serve "others" for the sake of service, with no ends of your own to serve. The Minerva aspect of Pluto comes to the fore when Love is more important than self. "He who loses himself will find himself".

PLUTO IN THE EIGHTH HOUSE: This is the true house of education for it is concerned with progress of every kind - moral, mental and spiritual. This is an important house for those strongly interested in movements of progress and reform. If afflicted, it is easy to choose the path of degeneration, if that is the way an individual can learn the most. It need not be. With Pluto in this house there will be no standing still. One has to die to the old self and undergo rebirth while still in the body. There are no misty flats or drifting to and fro. It can mean a long life if the life force is not wasted. Heavy affliction could mean the degeneration of the energies through dissipation and sensuality. This house represents the entrance to the next dimension. It rules the psychic senses and out-of-body experiences. If well aspected to Neptune and Mars, the individual may be clairvoyant. No one but the person themself can help them come to victory over their appetites and desires. There must be no desire to control others but a sincere desire to help others find and use their own resources. Financial independence can come through a legacy. The aspect between Pluto and Mars is very important here. If one uses others for one's own ends there are drastic and violent repercussions. With rebirth through regeneration comes the wisdom of Minerva. The death of the personality and the birth of the soul power is the promise of the higher side of Pluto. One goes into the darkness to find the light. Insight, self mastery, and the ability to stand alone, if need be, are the gifts of Minerva here.

PLUTO IN THE NINTH HOUSE: With Pluto in the house of the superconscious mind there is emotional intensity in the desire to know and understand the purpose of life. The breaking down of all orthodox beliefs and fixed opinions is sometimes necessary before the individual can begin to feel satisfied that there is a meaning and a plan behind all manifestation. There is a strong desire to be a pioneer in the spiritual realms as part of the individual's traits. To show others the reasons and methods of regeneration is a compelling urge to this individual. This position can bring a higher sense perception (clairvoyance) that stems from a much higher level of consciousness. If used negatively, can make one a fanatic where beliefs and religion are concerned. There can be a tendency to force beliefs on others. If Saturn is very strong in the chart, there is rigidity of viewpoint that indicates the need for the individual to be more flexible in their thinking. If the individual reaches up to his highest ideals and principles, illumination and wisdom will be his birthright. There is a strong desire to explore far horizons, whether on earth or beyond it. If that urge is followed, the person can bring back to others the knowledge that has been gained. Pluto (Water) in a Fire house can cause steam, or the Water can put the Fire out. It's how this Pluto energy is used that makes it steam or sizzle.

PLUTO IN THE TENTH HOUSE: Here a power struggle occurs, the person wants total control. This just cannot be. Pluto here breaks up crystallized conditions. The individual's place in the limelight is very important to him. If the Pluto energy is used negatively, there will be a climb to the top regardless of how many people are trampled on to get there. The person will find that the position of prominence attained cannot be maintained, many difficulties ensue. Pluto acts as a purge in this house to cleanse the materialistic selfishness inherent in the drive for power. Diplomacy and patience have to be developed if you wish to be successful. The need here is to learn the meaning of "Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all else will be added unto you". "All else" includes peace of mind, abundance, and the right position in life. These are gifts of Minerva to those who know Pluto's mission in one's life. The Tenth house is the highest house in the chart. You must be perfectly willing to bear burdens in order to relieve others and free them from their misconceptions.

PLUTO IN THE ELEVENTH HOUSE: This is the house of friendships, goals and objectives. Therefore the choice of friends and the goals chosen are going to be of utmost importance. If the wrong choice of friend is made, there can be sudden and unexpected disruptions. Great care must be taken in choosing the right groups with which to associate. Great discrimination must be used. There is a great need to choose your associates with care. Friends will come and friends will go. While they are in your life serve them well and you will purge yourself of all negatives inherent with this position. A well aspected Pluto here, especially to Jupiter, Venus, or Uranus gives great devotion to principles and to ideals to further the development of mankind. These people are the leaders who fight for causes that will benefit others. They have charisma and people are willing to follow them. They have many friends, and without friends, goals and objectives are not achieved.

PLUTO IN TWELFTH HOUSE: This house is the most psychically permeable. Those who are willing to go through the purging will see light on the other side of darkness. Anyone with Twelfth house planets feels cribbed, cabined and confined by life on earth. It is difficult for them to submit to the rules of the road and to live by these rules. The enemy lies within. The highest side of Pluto in this house means the willingness to be a channel to help those who are limited and afflicted. The willingness to be nothing in order to serve humanity can bring the wisdom aspect of Minerva into operation. As long as the individual tries to live a personal life (in the sense that he chooses to enhance his own personality and his own power) he is confused and lose his sense of identity. He bogs down in a swamp of self-pity and self-recrimination. Again the choice that is so intimately tied with the Twelfth house is to serve or suffer. The choice is there. Only through service and the dissolving of the personal will, will freedom from the negative use of any energies in the Twelfth house come.