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Neptune through the Houses:
Herald of Your Inspiration and Cosmic Connection

Neptune's influence is ephemeral, nebulous, inspirational, of higher emotions, and almost entirely dependent on the aspects of other planets to Neptune and its position by sign and house. Neptunian-type people are usually found to be deeply interested in mystical religion, psychism, dream interpretation, spiritualism, mediumship and telepathy. represents inner perception, extrasensory ability, ethereal feeling and almost spiritlike sensitivity. Related to liquids, gases, alcohol, drugs, anesthetics and chemicals.

NEPTUNE IN ARIES: You are impelled in the direction of reforming the existing establishment, through a politically active career or public life on a national level. You have some novel ideas concerning the medical profession or spiritual or religious matters, and often receive flashes of inspiration on ways and means of alleviating human suffering and the conditions of the poor and disadvantaged. You possess intuition, understanding, sympathy, and a generally affectionate and benevolent nature. You have highly original ideas, probably prompted by your psychic or spiritual experiences. Your sensory apparatus is acute and your emotions and feelings intense. You are attracted to psychic research and secret or mystical societies. You are bound to achieve a great deal of acclaim or popularity in at least one of the various fields of occultism, and will eventually accept a leading role in some popular form of mystical religion - one that takes you traveling. You may have to be wary of a tendency for habituation simply to gratify your physical senses or sensational desires. This includes such plebeian pleasures as excessive smoking or the more dangerous indiscriminate use of various forms of stimulants.

NEPTUNE IN TAURUS: You have a strong leaning toward luxury, ease and mysticism. Although you can be quite sensual, you are usually easy-going, good-hearted and patient. You are generally friendly, but fiery and enthusiastic about the things you believe. Likely to be short -tempered when others disagree about your rigid belief in psychic and similar phenomena. You have a good chance of achieving business success and profiting through private or secret organizations and speculation. You are fortunate in your friendships and affections in marriage. Although you gain through investments, you have a keen insight into the emptiness of sheer material wealth, and are likely to preach a doctrine of mental and spiritual advancement. You have a certain knack for simplifying complex scientific data, and for making basic truths interesting to the majority. Yet you tend to lack confidence in conventional ways, and often disregard or flaunt orthodox methods of carrying on a successful business. You are something of a visionary, able to foresee the outcome of human progress and achievement many years in advance. You are attracted to the artistic, beautiful and spiritual aspects of life, and have a highly developed aesthetic sense, a tendency, again, toward mysticism and the occult, and a love for what is unusual, curious, odd, or antique.

NEPTUNE IN GEMINI: You have a natural flair for science, mechanics, writing or anything requiring manual dexterity. You are able to express yourself with ingenuity and resourcefulness, particularly through mechanical or electrical devices and in language or mathematics. You are highly imaginative and possess a sensitive, creative mentality. You have a keen interest in mystical studies, unusual forms of liberal education, poetry, and dramatic theater. You often have precognitive dreams and deja vu experiences. you are impressionable, and an excellent conversationalist with a profound understanding of symbolism and good facility with languages. You are congenial, sociable, generally friendly and sympathetic. During periods when Neptune is under adverse effects, you are liable to be confused and in a generally muddled state of mind. You're liable then to believe wild rumors and to misunderstand honest reports. If afflicted, may have mental diffusion and misunderstand promises, may encounter deceit with contracts and agreements. These are periods when you are mentally restless, hypersensitive and impressionable; you become involved with strange friends, and caught up in unconventional romances. This leads to difficulty with your family, friends and neighbors, and often your siblings. Otherwise, you have a good prophetic mind and varied mental talents.

NEPTUNE IN CANCER: You have a great love of travel, particularly of ocean cruises. In a rather dual sense, you also crave the comforts of domesticity and love your home and family. At one time or another some very unusual and weird circumstances and experiences will develop mysteriously in your home - events so strange that they will force an important change in your residence. You possess highly developed spiritual faculties combined with an idealistic, refined and delicate personality. Your emotions are intense; you are impressionable and have a strong imagination. You either have (or have had) great understanding and sympathy for your mother, she may have taught you to love and respect Nature and science, and helped you develop along the lines of spiritual communication. Under adverse aspects by planets in Fire and Air signs, you are often discontented, restless, changeable, excessively sensitive and impressionable. You may become involved in deception in the home. Strange or peculiar conditions in your domestic life could cause excessive anxiety, pessimism and a highly agitated physical condition - usually resulting in stomach troubles or related illness. One way or another, you'll experience a powerful drive for radical change.

NEPTUNE IN LEO: If afflicted by many planets in Water or Earth signs, you tend to express yourself rashly and impulsively; you're likely to squander your money and physical energies and to allow your feelings and emotions to override your sense of reason. This gives you an inordinate love of pleasure, which results in difficulty controlling your physical desires. If well aspected, your mind and emotions are keen, intense and convey impressions of human emotions that are sharp and clear. You are considerate, conscientious and spiritually inclined; also generous, visionary and intuitive, with a charitable sympathetic nature. You tend to be dignified, ambitious, benevolent, warm-hearted and reserved. This position of Neptune is likely to cause disappointment or deception in love, or heartache through the loss of someone you love deeply and the crushing of your affections. You experience exceptional, highly unconventional conditions in your love life. You are often exposed to mysterious, almost indescribably peculiar sensations and feelings. You are deeply attached to your children and enjoy the theater, refined outdoor sports, swimming, socializing and the fine arts.

NEPTUNE IN VIRGO: Your disposition is generally kind, patient, gentle, and reliable. You tend to be shy and reserved in dealing with strangers, but when it comes to the rather paradoxical mixture of practicality and subjectivity, you shine like a beacon. You are probably good at math and have a strongly spiritual or mystical streak, with a deep understanding of occult phenomena and a strong intellectual bent toward mystical or spiritual matters. You have an unusual approach to medical problems, diet and hygiene. You often express an odd or peculiar set of theories concerning employment, labor, and/or medicine. You have a deep and abiding love for all small, living creatures, whether they are fish, fowl, plant or animal. You may often be found nursing sick shrubs or flowers, feeding birds or fish or taking care of cats and dogs. You excel in positions where trust, reliability and attention to detail are important requirements.

NEPTUNE IN LIBRA: When Neptune in Libra is under adverse transiting influences by other malefic planets, you develop an enormous, invariably unwarranted attraction for the opposite sex. During these times you are apt to cry too easily - for little or no discernable reason. You develop too powerful emotions of sympathy and intensity of feeling. Any association or affair you may have will trigger some mysterious or peculiar reactions. When under favorable aspects by other planets in Fire or Air signs (either natal or transiting), however, Neptune brings you admiration, a good social life, love, partnership, popularity and a good marriage. You are keenly poetic, artistic and musically inclined, with an excellent imagination and a deeply compassionate and tender nature. You love peace, harmony, economic and social equality and justice. You like the theater, are fascinated by magic and mystical traditions, and have a general admiration for science and the arts or motion pictures and television. You are strongly attached to a partner, and hardly ever consider doing anything unless it is with some one you are attracted to, or with a sociable group.

NEPTUNE IN SCORPIO: You have a deep and abiding love of the occult sciences. You have a quick, flairing temper and a strong attraction for what you consider to be secret or recondite arts. You are reticent, extremely secretive at times; reserved, and possess a persistent, determined nature. Your feelings and judgements are broad, deep and intense. You have an excellent capacity for invention and innovation and for devising quicker and better methods of accomplishing things. Your scope of interests is broad, and you probably have a keen attraction for biochemistry, practical psychometry, and the meaning of the many strange dreams you've experienced most of your life, particularly during your youth. This is an excellent placement of Neptune in regard to financial gain through legacy, but you should be aware that some kind of treachery or deceit will accompany your windfall. Be careful of a tendency you may have for overindulgence in food and drink, and try to exercise some control over your rather excessive love of luxury and sensationalism.

NEPTUNE IN SAGITTARIUS: You have an almost insatiable desire to travel - everywhere - and as often as possible. Have long-range prophetic ability, and a highly developed talent for insight into the motivations of other people. You are liable to have sudden inspirations, or vivid dreams in which you actually perceive visions that eventually prove to be true. You possess superb creative ability along the lines of editorial work and journalism; you like literature, foreign travel and the improvement of conditions in other countries which are either Latin or Spanish speaking. You have advanced, peculiar notions about religion, the human soul, recondite philosophy - and the "new" world of psi talents as well as a liking for research into ephemeral, spiritual realms of knowledge. This may be true even though you are actively engage in making your living in science, art or the business world. You may at times experience trouble during your travels in or through other countries as a result of your sometimes offbeat ideas or different religious views. There are times when you become restless and get an urge to travel - for no discernable reason whatsoever. Try to curb a slight tendency you develop at times to be exceptionally oversensitive, as a result of strange, indefinite feelings brought on by bad dreams. Concentrate on your positive mental and emotional talents.

NEPTUNE IN CAPRICORN: You are generally cautious and careful; you possess the kind of mind that considers all the possible repercussions before taking final action. This results in business acumen. You have insight that could well bring you success from stock and bond investments in liquids such as oil, chemicals, beverages, etc. Your reasoning is sound and your faith is strong; once you arrive at a decision and become convinced that your projected path to a certain goal is the right one, you follow it with remarkable courage, and a lack of fear that seems to those who know you well to indicate that you've completely changed character and tossed all caution to the winds. Big business and large financial transactions appeal to you. You are also able to manage or direct private and public institutions. You have a keen interest in psychic and clairvoyant phenomena, and if well aspected, tend to profit from music and art rather than to appreciate aesthetically. You are often quite serious, and can become morose and depressed, or go through severe bouts of melancholy. This could have a basis in your younger years, and might be connected with early difficulty and sorrow in your home - especially through some peculiar events related to your father. By confiding in a friend who proves to be unreliable and deceptive, some of your secret business activities might easily blossom into trouble and scandal. If afflicted, is liable to make you lazy, indefinite, indecisive and unable to cope with the strange conditions that arise in your family life. It is entirely possible to overcome this by consciously practicing clear, objective thinking in all your affairs until it becomes natural to be decisive and factual.

NEPTUNE IN AQUARIUS: You are both spiritually and emotionally impressionable - and yet scientifically oriented - with a generally humanitarian, deeply sympathetic and understanding disposition. You area apt to hold some rather eccentric, different or odd views in regard to religion, and to be a completely original and independent scientific thinker, frequently with visionary concepts that are decades (or even centuries)ahead of your time! You probably belong to some kind of civic club or a public welfare organization. You tend to be active in community affairs on a broad scale. You enjoy a good social life, are open hearted, congenial and have good friends, many of whom share your love of Nature, the outdoors and conservation. In love affairs, however, you are liable to become involved in an unusual kind of extramarital relationship that threatens an open scandal and the loss of some of your more conventional friends. Result: disappointment and denial of love; but you are not likely to become bitter or resentful about it. Instead, this may strengthen your extreme desire for independence and may cause you to become even more eccentric or unusual than is ordinarily the case here. If you have many planets if Fire and Air signs may have a very superior intelligence.

NEPTUNE IN PISCES: This is the most fortunate placement for Neptune. You are a good member of the family and home, with understanding and sympathy for others. You are kindhearted, charitable and broadminded - and just as likely to receive the same kind of charity and sympathy from others as you dispense so freely yourself. However, when under transitory adverse influences, Neptune weakens your psychic powers and intuitive ability, and creates a generally depressing condition. During temporarily adverse transits of other planers, especially Mercury, Mars, or Saturn, you experience losses and bad luck through many odd or extraordinary coincidences that set your plans back and deny the success of your most cherished projects - through no fault of your own. You tend to be quiet, dignified, thoughtful, philosophical, and inspirational. Neptune intensifies your psi talents and clairvoyant abilities; it gives you a keen curiosity about mysticism, spiritualism, astrology, and all occult studies. You are deeply contemplative too and have a profound mind, are deeply concerned with the mysteries of creation, which you probe through any avenue of knowledge available to you. You love traveling and exploring, either on, in, or under the water.