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Your Moon: Herald of Your Emotions


The Moon reflects the receptive or passive side. The Moon rules the personality. If the Moon is closer to the Midheaven than the Sun, it makes the personality stronger than the character. If the Sun is higher, then the individuality dominates the personality.

MOON IN ARIES: Liable to be impulsive and enthusiastic. Your personality is often militantly aggressive, and you may be given to periods of irritation and anger. Your self-reliance and independence are pronounced. You want to have your own way in almost everything and will not be ordered around by anyone. The only discipline that you will allow is self-imposed. You tend to be impulsive and unconventional, yet these are the traits that will bring you great popularity or notoriety. You most like being in a position of authority, and will in all likelihood eventually wind up in an executive capacity or some form of leadership. You set your own pace and choose your life's work, regardless of the advice of friends or relatives. There is some kind of estrangement or lack of sympathy between you and your parents. Whatever you do is usually viewed as sudden or totally unexpected by conservative observers. Good for original schemes, ventures, independent operations and military life. Probably have an attraction to occultism or mysticism. May be secretive about your dealings.

MOON IN TAURUS: You are basically rather conservative, a person who tends to resist anything threatening to the status quo. You love all that is beautiful and harmonious, are not impulsive. You have a deep desire to become successful, and to this end you will conservatively, positively and ambitiously work. You attract good friends, and usually acquire money, honors and/or land. Anything that is old, established, weighty and conservative is appealing to you. Regardless of what kind of work you do or what business you are engaged in, you will ultimately earn your share of financial renumeration. It may be the kind of work you do is not considered worthy of your abilities or standing in the community. There may even be something mysterious or secretive about it. You can also make money through wholesale associations, trading societies, cooperative companies, etc. You have a generally kindly and sociable personality, and a good disposition, but you tend to be a little too materialistic and are probably quite sensual. You like a pleasant social life, and probably have a good speaking or singing voice, as well as a love of theatre, for making friends and joining groups or societies.

MOON IN GEMINI: You are very active, both physically and mentally. If you are not reading, studying or communicating, you are visiting other people, walking, riding, and making short trips. You may have more than one house and are likely to change your residence frequently. Good for the intellect; you like books, scientific and literary subjects. You are liable to live by your wits in one way or another, and could learn your living as an intellectual - a writer, teacher, journalist, salesman, designer, or speaker. You probably change occupations frequently, or you might have more than one profession. You are probably quite skillful with your hands, or may even be ambidextrous, able to do two things at once. Are inclined to be involved in an occupation involving mental ability. You may lack perserverance or be somewhat less than honest in your dealings with others. Worst of all, you do this with great charm and wit.

MOON IN CANCER: You are a lover of comfort and ease. You are changeable, versatile, and keenly emotional. Yet when you are surrounded by home comforts, good food and drink, you are friendly, sociable, imaginative, and generous. Your environment plays a large part in your attitude and outlook. In fact, you are acutely sensitive to exogenous influences, and tend to adopt a kind of protective colouring from the people and places with which you associate. You are conservative and domestic by nature, and love your home, family and ancestry. You may have a strong attachment to your mother and may bear a strong resemblance to her. You are often luckiest when you listen to or take advice from other people to carry out someone else's plans. You may have an inherent talent for expressing how other people think and feel, and might be a good actor and mimic. There is a strong attraction to water in your psychology, you enjoy living on or vacationing by large bodies of water or traveling by ship. You are sensitive, intuitive; perhaps able to display psychic abilities.

MOON IN LEO: You are proud, ambitious, and have no hesitiation about assuming heavy responsiblity or appearing prominently in the public eye. You have a natural affinity for roles of authority. Your innate pride makes you rather prone to love affairs; in fact you probably enjoy great popularity with the opposite sex because of your susceptibility and sincerity in love. You attract the admiration of superiors, and will eventually enjoy the favour of people in high brackets. Where money is concerned, you are generous to a fault. You are equally generous with your affections, as well as being generally honest, straightforward and idealistic. Likely have high intelligence, a love of the arts and theatre, music, painting and literature. On the other hand, you may display an inordinate love of luxuries for their own sake - jewelry and extravagant clothing, etc. You have a lively, persevering spirit, a good mind and good organizational ability.

MOON IN VIRGO: You have an excellent mind and a good memory, and are best suited for work of an intellectual nature. You could easily become highly successful in the position of an agent, manager, dealer in health foods, doctor, dietician or druggist. Your ambitions are generally minimal, but you are a good, trustworthy employee as well as a reasonable and considerate employer. You probably lead a simple, unpretentious life, quiet and easygoing. You do your best while in the employ of some sort of association, company or corporation. Likely to take numerous trips and to have a lot of friends, particularly if you are a woman. Could be some sort of secret problem concerning your marriage. You like to investigate things and, in one way or another, you'll probably earn your living through your mental abilities. You are discriminating, highly selective and judicious. Are attracted to scientific and occult subjects, and could possess great intuitive abilities or clairvoyance.

MOON IN LIBRA: You make friends easily, and are attracted to refined and harmonious people and circumstances. Inclined towards partnerships in love, business or marriage. You are generally popular and well-likd for your kindness, good will and affectionate nature. A great deal of your destiny in life stems from from your association with other people, usually one person of powerful persuasion. You are generally easily influenced and your judgement can be swayed by others; this is because of your love of company, friends and society in general. Your attraction for music, painting and the fine arts generally may stem from your own untapped artistic or musical talent. You like nice clothes and probably have a great wardrobe. Your approach to life is harmonious, with a well-balanced outlook; these are key words for you. Partnerships indeed play a large part in your life. Although you are not necessarily inconstant, almost everything you do in life depends to a large extent on someone else. In fact, you accomplish much more when you are working in association with another person.

MOON IN SCORPIO: You are a battler by nature and temperament. Every problem you face in life is usually faced alone, with assurance, confidence in your abilities and self-reliance. You often bring about the thing you are trying to avoid. You are outspoken, blunt, energetic, positive and hard working. You are something of a puzzle, even to yourself. While on the surface you might seem to be agreeable and amenable to change, the fact is your motivations run a lot deeper than they appear. You are basically conservative and adverse to any changes, particularly if they are forced on you by other people or circumstances. When you do switch alligence to an idea, you are fully capacle of supporting or engineering great revolutionary changes. You probably know why others don't understand you. You are inclined to irritation, anger and revenge; there are some people who think you lack a strong moral code or that you drink too much. Yet you have great willpower, energy, determination, a love of pleasure and the desire to satisfy your tastes. Likely to have work connected to death in some way; an insurance claim adjustor, policeman, fireman or soldier. You have a powerful attraction toward the opposite sex, and vice versa - a condition that can cause considerable difficulty in your life, and may indicate more than one marriage.

MOON IN SAGITTARIUS: You love the great outdoors, your freedom and independence. You are jovial, active, fond of travel and sports. You appear to be restless and unsettled, either physically or mentally. Even though your religious beliefs may be unorthodox, you are sincere, candid and cordial towards others. There is a tendency to be blunt, to state whatever occurs to you at the moment and to think about it afterward, if at all. You say whatever you think, an admirable quality but not always a diplomatic one. You can easily have two vocations, or frequently change your job. You are generally good-natured, kind and honest, with a high-minded regard for the welfare of others; in fact, an injusctice to someone else amounts almost to a personal injury to you. You are quick to anger, but have a forgiving nature and do not usually hold a grudge. You are a natural teacher, something of a minor prophet, able to foresee the outcome of events from a long distance. You have an active intuition, with accurate dreams that often come true. You dislike being tied to one place and will often change your residence.

MOON IN CAPRICORN: You are a born administrator or executive, with enough generalship to achieve a certain degree of celebrity. Might mean fame or notority, depending on rest of chart. Chances are, your ambition, dedication, practicality and hard work will eventually bring you to public attention as a prominent and respected individual. May be rather cold and calculating; too often you are careless of the feelings of others. If Sun or Ascendent in a Cardinal sign: your future success is almost assured. but whatever fame or influence you gain, it is almost certain that some kind of enemy will appear, either secretly or openly to try and ruin your reputation, whether you deserve it or not. Forunately, this enemy will probably fail. You know how to influence others, and can put on a good show when the situation seems to call for it. You have a great deal of creative energy. May have trouble through or with the opposite sex and if afflicted, a lack of control in certain important areas in your life. Despite all else, you are one of the prime movers who knows how to get things done and will work tirelessly toward any goal you have set.

MOON IN AQUARIUS: You have great intuitive powers and imagination, and enjoy the opinion of friends and colleagues. You are sympathetic, sociable, outgoing and yet can often display a highly unorthodox, independent and unconventional attitude. Unimaginative people might consider you to be slightly eccentric because of your off-beat hobbies and interests. Whatever is intellectually or socially stimulating, original or unusual will attract you. You have a strong inclination for educational, political, scientific or social work. At heart, you are something of a humanitarian, highly idealistic (though not always practical). Large movements supporting great causes get your support, or you belong to a mystical or secret society, brotherhood or association. You are inventive, original and scientifically inclined. Gifted with an inclination toward occult subjects, astrology, clairvoyance, etc. You are extremely humane and broadly sympathetic, a true liberal in the best sense of the word. You get along famously with people who are congenial and think as you do. In all probability you may belong to a society, club, association or group who think and believe as you do.

MOON IN PISCES: You are attracted to whatever appeals to your emotions and feelings - in music, literature or poetry. Emotion is a major factor in all your activities. You are generally changeble, sometimes undependable, too easily discouraged when you are confronted with trouble, opposition or obstacles. You love variety are are apt to change your mind about things frequently. You are rather easygoing, somewhat shy and retiring in many contacts. Is an unfavorable position, causing glandular disorders and overweight. Although you are probably outwardly gay and hopeful, with a seemingly good sense of humour, you are prone to become easily depressed and could even lack a common sense of humour. May have periods of intemperance, dissipation and even dishonesty. At some time or other, hospitals, prisons or institutions of some kind will play an important role in your life. You may have a flair for music, composing or writing. Whatever you do, it is emotional and romantic; your creative output is fluid, prodigious and imaginative. Can be one of the most appealing and entertaining Moon positions.