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Mercury through the Signs:
Herald of Communication and Intellect

MERCURY IN ARIES: You love literature and literary people; you like to read and write, and will often change your mind about the same situation when seen from a different vantage point, either in time or space. You are generally restless, fiery, impulsive, argumentative and a good debater. Your expressions, either in writing, thought, or speech, are fast - mercurial. You are eager, earnest and expressive. You are quick to demonstrate your ideas in an interesting, unique, liberal, clever and inventive manner. But you probably realize your lack of the sober, plodding, scientific way of method and order. You are too restless, and liable to skip from one thing to another, unless Mercury is close to being either in Taurus or Pisces.

MERCURY IN TAURUS: Although you tend to be somewhat obstinate, you are generally pleasant and easygoing. You possess a highly practical and determined mind, particularly in educational situations or where your interests coincide with the necessity for mental development and training. Generally you have good judgment, a sociable, friendly and affectionate disposition and respect for religion, music, poetry, and art. You probably have an excellent memory and can keep plugging determinedly in any kind of mental activity. There are times when you display almost uncontrollable flashes of anger or irritation. You are fond of the opposite sex and of all recreations and pleasures. Although your likes and dislikes are strong and you may be ruled by your own views of things (which tend to be fixed) you acquire money through an established income and will probably end up with your own good share of material possessions.

MERCURY IN GEMINI: This is a natural sign for Mercury. You probably travel around a lot and find yourself doing a fair amount of studying and reading. You can quickly change from one profession or occupation to another, or else find yourself doing two things at once. You'd probably make a good executive, lawyer or politician. You like to acquire knowledge of any kind. You have an inventive, ingenious, fast, "on the trigger", clever, and resourceful mentality. Generally you tend to be generous and magnanimous, full of good humour and sympathy; and you are unbiased in your attitude toward other people and places. You need to accept things as they are.

MERCURY IN CANCER: You have a fine sense of rhythm which expresses itself either physically or mentally. You may excel in dance or athletics, or poetry or music. You are socially disposed and graceful, quiet, and good natured. Your world outlook is broad and comprehensive; you understand many things that go on in the world, and this faculty by itself probably makes you rather changeable. You love to travel, especially by water, and could easily gain by this medium. You are inclined to be lucky through members of the maternal side of the family, or inherit from your mother. At any rate, you will gain financially through affairs and occupations associated with property or land. You are discreet, tactful, have a good memory and tend to be diplomatic. Because you are sensitive and impressionable, you are most easily influenced by kindness and consideration.

MERCURY IN LEO: You have a flair for managing, directing, or controlling others in communications, health or labour. Chances are you will achieve a responsible, prominent position in one of these areas. You love children, the theatre, art and music. In any mental activity you are able to concentrate and persevere - very often to the detriment of your other duties or endeavours. You tend to be self - independent and casual, with a love of pleasure. At the same time, you are basically kind and easy going - as well as positive and strong willed. You have an intuitive mind and high ideals, and cannot bring yourself to compromise them. You can be quick tempered and fiery, confident, determined and ambitious. Generally, your mind and willpower are sympathetic, expansive and progressive.

MERCURY IN VIRGO: You tend to be sceptical and critical, with a fine discriminating mind and outlook. Before you are convinced of anything, you must see, know and understand the subject thoroughly. This makes you a good student, writer, and detailer. You like math, literature or mental activities that challenge your ingenuity, planning and dexterity. You may have innate oratorical skill or ability as a linguist. Diet, hygiene, and healing are high on your list of interests. You tend to be serious and quiet and have a great love of studying and memorizing. Basically, you tend to be rather intellectual, but are never showy about it, in fact, you may be known for your reticence. Whatever you learn from your studies you can put to practical use, but you tend to take on too much, to have too many projects going at one. Your achievements, although solid and enduring, probably will not bring widespread publicity and fame. For example, you can master the art of successfully writing about topics that are neglected, overlooked, or unpopular - and do this in a practical utilitarian way - but for one reason or another the sensational type of success someone else might achieve by doing the same job somehow eludes you.

MERCURY IN LIBRA: In marriage or any other kind of partnerships, you tend to have a kind of mental or intellectual comradeship rather than one of an emotional nature. Even so, you may marry someone who is related to you in some way - or is your social and financial inferior. Excellent for music, art, poetry, education and intellectual stimulations. You have fine intuition, and love a good social life, friends, refined pleasures, the theatre, and children. Whatever sort of educational pursuit you may be engaged in, you work best - even in reading, studying and writing - with someone else. In partnership. Association and partnership, either through your own choice or by necessity, is an integral part of your life. You are capable of excellent reasoning and judgement, and love making delicately balanced comparisons. You have a gentle, loving nature, with a refined outlook and a liberal mind.

MERCURY IN SCORPIO: You are resourceful, inventive, secretive and could have a volatile temper. You can follow any pursuit with such intensity and concentration that nothing can elude you. You tend to be both sarcastic and witty, with an excellent command of the language and a highly active mind. You like to solve problems, dig beneath the surface of natural or unnatural mysteries to find the root cause of things. Yet you are obstinate, difficult to convince and exceptionally fond of your own opinions. You can be moved to intense indignation or rage by an injustice, whether it is real or imagined. You will plunge into each undertaking or cause that you love with tremendous zeal and enthusiasm. You think and act in reckless, forceful and sarcastic ways. You could also be too much a lover of the opposite sex. Your neighbours, relatives and often your friends are a source of friction and trouble. You enjoy pleasure and social activities, love various mystical and occult subjects. You are curious, suspicious and highly critical, yet resourceful and fond of gathering knowledge. You are proud of your shrewd mentality.

MERCURY IN SAGITTARIUS: You are just as active mentally as you are physically (if not more so); are extremely changeable, and will jump from one thing to another or undertake the study of two different subjects at once. You like science, philosophy and religion, and probably have found yourself with two jobs or occupations at once. Failing that, you tend to change jobs frequently. Even if you have received a good, solid education, the effects will not become evident during your early years; often success comes your way later in life. You will probably travel a lot and take many short trips. These travels will have something to do with your siblings, writing or education. You tend to be a little too candid, to say exactly what is on your mind. You are often rebellious, independent and impulsive, yet by nature you are sincere, ambitious and far sighted. You love freedom of thought and freedom of speech and cannot tolerate censorship of any kind. You love nature and appreciate all that is beautiful, as well as being fond of animals and sports, generally. Although you are changeable, you want justice all around, and are philosophical, generous and like to exercise authority.

MERCURY IN CAPRICORN: You are cautious, prudent, and painstaking where the development of your mind is involved. You seem to be constantly on the move, industriously pursuing your interests in philosophy, business, science or chemistry. You give the impression of recklessness or discontent with the way things are going, and are likely to be suspicious about the motivations of others. You have an innate curiosity and a natural diplomacy that hides some of your worst faults - mainly a sharp critical attitude -which you are especially careful to conceal. Your penetrating intellect, however critical and changeable, is often tactfully curious about those things that involve your career and ambitions. You are basically conservative, practical and observant. Your general outlook is quite serious and often keenly discriminating toward those who oppose you. Whether you realize it or not, you have the organizational ability of a born executive.

MERCURY IN AQUARIUS: You express your interest in the affairs of others and therefore probably have a long list of friends - not all of whom are as broad or humanitarianly inclined as you are. Your high idealism doesn't always influence the less developed social consciousness of others. In you, there is a general attraction for study, specifically science, invention, sociology or some kind of organizational work. You have excellent powers of reason and concentration for any task at hand. You have broad humanitarian interests and are undoubtedly familiar with the great books and writers of the present and past. You enjoy profound philosophical discussions with intellectuals and people of broad experience. You are truly original as well as discriminating, and you exercise a keen judgement of human nature - particularly its' frailties. Although your refined consciousness is broad and you are a deep thinker with humanitarian ideals, the chances are you may be somewhat ahead of your contemporaries and they could consider you eccentric in some way. Your weakness is that you must have friends and life conditions on your own terms. You become so involved with the activities of others that you may neglect your own ambitions, hopes and dreams for the future. Go ahead, be original, but beware of seeming too unorthodox.

MERCURY IN PISCES: You are sympathetic to and understanding of the needs of others, yet you are liable to use this sympathy as an excuse or justification for your own lack of confidence. You tend to feel unworthy, to fear challenge, and to shrink responsibility. These are grave mistakes. Learn to recognize the fact that your knowledge doesn't necessarily come from books. You are exceptionally intuitive and psychic. You understand without knowing why you do and are therefore inclined to denigrate your own capabilities and knowledge. You are interested in hospitals or similar institutions, and have a good judgment of human nature. You absorb data quickly and have a retentive memory. You are imaginative, absorbing and impressionable. You love travel by water, and take great pleasure in studying mystical and occult subjects. Either directly or indirectly, through these, you can be of far greater help to others than to yourself.