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Your Mars:
Herald of Your Warrior Spirit

Mars symbolizes energy, action, heat, aggression, and power. Animal strength, ambition and desire. Boldness, enterprise, positiveness and love of leadership. Good with mechanical devices and highly inventive if strong. Despises being ordered about; fierce ambitions drive them ahead.

MARS IN ARIES: Are enterprising, independent, and likely to look after your own interests first, and foremost. You are Number One (to you)! You are also original, courageous, and dynamic as well as egotistical. You tend to act on the impulse of the moment, and hate any kind of limitation, bond or restriction that ties you down or prevents your free - wheeling, enterprising, pioneering nature from fully expressing itself - either in action or thought. You have a hot temper, and could often explode into violent wrath. Although you usually simmer down as quickly as you flare up, you may be accident - prone, with a high chance of injury to your head and face. You are positive, blunt, confident, and sometimes combative. Yet you are also industrious, enthusiastic, idealistic, and liberal. It is difficult for you to conceal your real feelings from others. Your candor can often be a source of embarrassment or trouble. You are a born adventurer with a youthful vitality that lasts into later years. You love active sports and sharply enjoy all kinds of pleasures. Your confidence is so great and your ego so pronounced that you'll carry out your plans not only without help or encouragement, but often against great obstacles and discouragement.

MARS IN TAURUS: You're going to acquire a substantial amount of money and worldly goods, but not without effort. You drive faithfully and steadily towards your goals: usually the acquisition of money, love and the physical comforts of life. If well aspected with planets in the Earth or Water signs you'll handle great sums of money, and probably inherit a large amount of your own as well. You are persistent, tactful, diplomatic, confident and determined to achieve your personal ambitions. You have a good mind, organizational abilities, and are far - sighted enough to anticipate the outcome of the forces you manage to set on a certain course. You will probably gain substantially through your job or profession, and enjoy excellent earning power; but you're just as likely to be a free spender in pursuit of the things you enjoy. You have an almost magical ability to carry out your ideas and plans into actual materialization; you can create almost anything you can visualize. If afflicted, (planets in Fire or Air signs), are inclined to have fits of temper and depression caused by sudden losses of money and business reversals. During adverse periods you are almost literally as mad as a bull - irritable, rash, and violent. No doubt you'll marry, but it may not be the bed of roses you anticipated.

MARS IN GEMINI: You are very active, mentally restless and inclined to try changing situations to suit yourself. You probably have a high degree of mechanical aptitude and inventiveness. You are both practical and ingenious, but probably like action for its own sake. If well aspected, you may become an excellent lawyer, writer, lecturer, and/or teacher. You have agility of mind and body. You have a strong desire to excel in education, and could become a good debater because of your blunt, forceful and aggressive mental attitudes. Your keen perception and insight are a result of your sharp mind, but you need to learn the value of concentration. If afflicted, can be extremely indecisive and often accident prone, especially breaks or injuries to shoulders, arms or hands. Nervousness causing excessive smoking may result in pains in your lungs. May have trouble and ill will with your siblings, relatives, neighbors, and difficulty in writing, education, and travel. Otherwise you are extremely practical, incisive and quick to make a proper assessment of conditions and to arrive at correct conclusions.

MARS IN CANCER: May have difficulty with your eyesight, glasses are likely. You feel it is necessary to fight for security; you are torn between your loyalty to home and hearth; your respect for authority, on one hand, and your rebellious urge for complete freedom and independence on the other. You are too changeable and need to develop more solid foundation for your enterprising spirit. This probably manifested itself in early life through trouble or open clashes with your mother. You may have been separated from her, either through estrangement or her early death. You can profit greatly from your independent, original ventures which may involve physical prowess, long trips, and voyages. If afflicted, (Fire and Air signs), you may have an unhappy home and marriage relationship, with many changes of residence. You are likely to develop stomach ulcers or other gastric disorders unless you learn to cultivate a calmer, more harmonious outlook. Developing a sense of humor can be enormously helpful for your future happiness. Be especially careful when buying a home because it may be in danger of natural catastrophe, especially by water. Generally, you are hardworking, ambitious, courageous, sometimes rash, and likely to hold grudges for a long time after someone offends you. Try not to be so irritable and touchy; above all, avoid those sudden temperamental outbursts. You have a lot going for you.

MARS IN LEO: Enhances your love for power, sense of grandeur and ego. You are strongly attracted to dangerous or strenuous sports, and adventures in tropical climates. You are forceful, dynamic, and have enormous creative energy, if directed in the right channels. No doubt you have above average muscular strength, and a strong heart. Although your vitality is high, you may often run the dangers of accidents, cuts, burns, and fevers. This is generally a result of your love of hazardous work or play. You are fully able to gain the trust and confidence of superiors and will probably reach a position of authority, responsibility, trust or management. You rush into romantic situations with no thought of the outcome. You let your emotions run wild in love affairs, and are usually ardent, warmhearted and passionate. Although you can be generous, reasonable, liberal and enthusiastic, with a keen sense of justice, you also like to present overwhelming arguments, and could be regarded as defiant, too aggressive, and forceful for your own good. Generally speaking, you are outgoing and friendly, affectionate and sociable. Your chief gains in life will be through the good offices of high placed executives and businessmen. Yet you are also gifted with a good sense of timing and a keen judge of proper investment and speculation. You are a born and lucky gambler. Government appointments and public affairs are excellent areas for your forceful, enterprising talents. You tend to interpret all events solely in terms of yourself, or as they affect you. Although you are magnetic and attractive to some, remember that others may be put off by your inordinate force and passion.

MARS IN VIRGO: Your path to basic security lies in your ability to relegate your activities to a systematized formula. You desire your fair amount of prestige, fame and power, but may have serious obstacles in the way. You may face many reversals, setbacks and failures of an unusual or peculiar nature before ultimate success crowns your efforts. No doubt you have realized or will realize moderately successful results from your bold and original scientific innovations or inventions. This success could be amplified if your efforts were directed toward orthodox business, foreign trade, or ordinary commerce. You possess excellent reserve strength and energy, and although you quietly pursue your own methods and means of accomplishment, you are strong-willed, shrewd, acquisitive, mentally active and diplomatic. If in someone else's employ, you rarely display your innate ingenuity, but always make of yourself a valuable, almost indispensable employee. You are a fast thinker, discriminating and tactful, but liable to bring about your own illnesses through overwork. You tend to be very careful in matters of diet and hygiene, but could, nevertheless, suffer occasionally from digestive troubles. You are likely to become deeply involved with workers, service employees, and/or labor in general. There is some danger from quarreling with friends, and a resulting estrangement from them. This may result from violently opposing viewpoints in labor disputes. Whenever transmitting Mars is badly aspected in your chart, you tend to become grouchy, irritable, stubborn, rash, grudge-holding and secretive. During theses times, play it cool and avoid overworking yourself in order to avoid illness, the loss of friends, coworkers and/or subordinates.

MARS IN LIBRA: You possess powerful social urges, and want to make a favorable impression on the public. Usually you do, and it could easily be one of youthful vitality and creative power. You enjoy and need people and bask in popularity and a gay social life. Members of the opposite sex are usually a source of great attraction to you and you become involved in one romance after another, often to your detriment. You are enterprising, like to speculate, and enjoy refined pleasures and amusements. Your ability to study and observe life is highly developed. Your inner vision is clear, your intuition is keen and your nature is generally gentle. Yet you often display a surprisingly brittle temper. You have a strong tendency for passionate and impulsive love affairs. You are not only powerfully attracted to, but influenced by, the opposite sex. You will be disappointed more than once in love, and one of these emotional adversities may delay your marriage. Even so, there is good testimony here of an early marriage, although perhaps strife, argument and unhappiness may surround this partnership. You are likely to have many friends in professional fields: lawyers, clergy, scientists, businessmen, artists, and musicians. You can expect strong resistance in business from jealous competitors but happily, will survive intact from each of these clashes. Both openly and secretly, you will encounter envy, bitter criticism and keen competition from others to try to surpass your successes. Either liberally or formally, you will eventually acquire a good education - usually later in life. This increased knowledge and experience will enhance your judgement and foresight. You are almost certain to produce children with highly advanced intellectual abilities. You have a great need for social approbation- and will probably earn it.

MARS IN SCORPIO: The motto you live by may well be "Get results - or else!" You are hard - driving, self - starting, vigorous, determined, positive and tough. You'll drive yourself longer and harder than anyone who works for you, yet you are not an easy boss. You are magnetic, rough, and you wear well once your confidence is gained, but you devote little time to relaxation or pleasure. Whatever you do, it is done with your own peculiar brand of intensity. You possess a great deal of creative power, but have strong passions and need to exercise self-control and to discipline your volcanic emotions. Your attraction for dangerous jobs may result in your entrance to hazardous conditions that cause accidents - or you may meet an unexpectedly violent death. You love a mystery and like to dig beneath the surface of things until you find satisfactory answers. Moreover, this intense curiosity does not always follow orthodox lines: you are likely to become involved in mystical religions, psychical research and kindred subjects. You'll profit from long trips and through marriage as well as association with the opposite sex. Whatever project you undertake, it is done with purposeful action and intensity. Your immediate and direct objective is always to obtain concrete results. No shillyshallying. You are hardworking, practical, and know exactly how to accomplish your aims. To others you may seem to be somewhat of a cold fish, caring little or nothing for the feelings of people in general - secretive, sarcastic, selfish and vengeful. You are good with tools and could profit in any profession where cold courage is a requisite. You'd make an excellent surgeon, oil driller, deep sea diver, fighter or body - contact sportsman. You possess great magnetism.

MARS IN SAGITTARIUS: You have a carefree, courageous, independent and original outlook, with a daring "don't give a damn" attitude for the opinions of those in powerful positions. You love all kinds of activity for its own sake - both physical and mental. You are gifted with tremendous foresight amounting almost to prophetic insight. You are fiercely independent and idealistic, and would rather fly than crawl, yet you are always being faced with the fearful attitude of the conservative - minded; that everything must be learned through ritual and rote - starting at the very bottom. You don't quite see it that way and are not afraid to say so. You love travel and high adventure, yet you want to influence the major trends of your generation ( and may very well succeed)! Generally, you are impulsive, you tend to act rashly or say whatever pops into your mind. Because you're able to see through the pomp and phoniness, and are usually correct in your judgements, this makes your quarry uneasy and angry. You are, however, candid, liberal, ambitious, and generous. You are also inventive, ingenious and fond of outdoor sports, all forms of athletics and strenuous exercise. You probably have a keen admiration for military and naval tactics as well as for the spartan life of the professional warrior. Your active, inventive mentality keenly enjoys good - natured debates and arguments amongst friends. You'll profit through inheritance, friends, and/or marriage. Will likely have more than one marriage. If afflicted, brings trouble from orthodox religious leaders and groups, siblings, neighbors, and relatives and danger in your job. Learn to curb your tendency for candid, skeptical, unorthodox or iconoclastic appraisals of established values.

MARS IN CAPRICORN: You work long and hard, often shoulder responsibilities which do not rightfully belong to you, yet you assume these burdens with patience, ambition and good will. You are a slow and intuitive learner and retain whatever knowledge you gain. You are destined to achieve recognition and honors for your faithful devotion and hard work. Early in your life you probably had some kind of affair with someone considerably older or of an inferior position or station in life - or both. Basically, you are very courageous, and highly stimulated by bold adventure. You are confident and self-reliant, perhaps too much so. Scorning proper precautions may result in accident or injury, particularly to the knees or lower legs. You are best suited to success in public life due to your organizing, executive ability; you want plenty of space for the breadth of the plans you have in mind. You are hard working, acquisitive, enterprising, and so ambitious you are bound to succeed in whatever you undertake. Naturally, these characteristics will attract influential and powerful people who can give you a boost. You'll probably travel alot, deal in foreign trade and profit through science and commerce. In order to acquire the wealth that you desire, you do not hesitate to risk your capital in speculation. Whether you engineer it or not, one of the most important turning points in your life will be your marriage. It will have a profound effect on your social standing and future stability. Likely to have a poor relationship with a parent - probably your father. This could mean disagreement and separation - or the divorce of your parents, or the early death of one of them. If afflicted, you may experience pretty much the opposite of most of the foregoing promises. In any event, your courage, persistence, and ambition are capable of overcoming great obstacles.

MARS IN AQUARIUS: Although unorthodox, you seek justice for all and will battle courageously for the rights of minorities. You are a fearless debater and an excellent reasoner. Invariably, you are able to find one rather obscure, unique peg from which to hang your arguments. Although you are altruistic and seek only the betterment of others in the public domain, you have an abrupt, often rash and impulsive way of presenting your ideas. This is because you are sensitive, idealistic, and highly impatient with the inability of people to see things as clearly as you do. You are a scientific, fast - thinking intellectual, often too far ahead of his contemporaries. You are a truly independent and original thinker and planner - enterprising and ambitious. Rarely do you change your attitude or position, but once this does happen it is a radical, complete and irreversible switch. You are a good lecturer and debater, convincing and powerful. You are able to marshal your facts, present crystal - clear arguments and quickly arrive at your conclusions. Privately you are refined and sincere, a person who attracts friends through your interest in them and your solid abilities. Projects for the public good and welfare constitute areas where you can achieve recognition and financial success. You are interested in electronics or electrical machinery ( including computers) and are probably very original, inventive and intrigued by space programs. You are attracted to literature, philosophy, science, and borderline sciences. Your able, responsible character makes you a natural executive for a city, state, or federal office. Are also suited for philanthropies, welfare work, medicine or surgery.

MARS IN PISCES: Although you are strongly influenced by others, and often indecisive, easily depressed and indolent, you are fully capable of much achievement when working quietly and alone. You've probably experienced an extra share of misfortune and trouble, which you strive courageously to overcome. While you will fight valiantly for the rights of others, you tend to neglect your own right to be free and strong. The tendency here is to allow yourself to be ruled by your sympathies and emotions. You are often frustrated in your need for approval and desire for popularity. In ordinary jobs, particularly those connected with private or public institutions, you can achieve a great deal of success. Indicates delays in marriage, disappointments in love affairs and duality in your affections. You tend to display excessive emotion or passion while at the same time striving to achieve harmony and avoid open conflicts. Some dissipation is indicated here, possibly through excessive use of alcohol or super stimulated emotions. You are bound to develop friendships with powerful or influential people at some time in your life, and will (temporarily at least) receive their help and gain financially from them. You need to exercise great caution in dealing with liquids of any kind; also with opiates, gas and anesthetics. Water is a potential danger, either through scalding or drowning. You tend to waste your time with fruitless dreams and should cultivate the ability to act on your keen intuition in order to bring these dreams into reality. You are also determined to avoid concentrating on one thing at a time. This alone prevents the solid achievement of which you are capable. You are probably plagued by your constantly shifting views, emotions, plans for the future and occupation.