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Jupiter through the Signs: Herald of Success and Expansion

Jupiter is called the "Greater Fortune", seems to generate good luck in whatever sign or house it is in. People with a strong Jupiter influence ( e.g. Sagittarius ascending) tend to be jovial, compassionate, sociable, optimistic, honest, and straightforward. They are dignified, liberal, logical, confident, and determined.

JUPITER IN ARIES: One way or another, you are something of a pioneer, and love to travel and broaden your mind. You tend to be overly confident, brave, and a lover of sports, but not usually as a spectator. You are ambitious, but once success is within your grasp you are liable to switch your goal to some other pursuit. You are likely to hold down two jobs or engage in two occupations at once. Encourages expansiveness and extravagance, which attributes are likely to make you very attractive to others. You are easy to reason with, are generous, honest, idealistic, and a philosophical person with many influential friends and sincere admirers. You are generally respected and usually fortunate in all your dealings. Anything that heightens your mental powers, or takes you travelling, has a strong appeal to you. You have a natural inclination for philosophy ( unorthodox religion), literature and science. You are ambitious, optimistic, progressive, and reasonable, fully capable of holding down most responsible positions, particularly in relation to the military or those wherein you are able to exercise authority and gain prestige. Insurance, investment, and speculation are generally fortunate unless afflicted by planets in Water or Earth signs. You are also lucky through children, young people, religious associates, law, your own efforts and qualifications - also through your marriage, domestic conditions and social standing.

JUPITER IN TAURUS: Your financial condition could be easy for you - too easy. You enjoy the pleasures of life so much you are apt to spend freely and engage in extravagances beyond your means. Your general tendency is to go overboard in whatever you do ; spending money, eating, drinking, partying, etc. The opposite sex is good for you and you meet many friends therein at church or religious social gatherings. You tend to be philosophical and generous, but your views on religion are fixed and dogmatic. You are generally reserved, peaceful, firm, affectionate, and faithful. Although you are something of a bibliophile, and may have a good collection of books on religion, philosophy and travel, you prefer to stay close to home except when you are forced to travel for education, business or health reasons. You love your home environment for its comfort and the ease it affords and do not see any advantage in changing things or moving around a great deal. You tend to overemphasize your ability to provide for others, and may promise a lot more than you actually are able to deliver. You make some good starts, but tend to be rather lackadaisical, easy-going, without the drive or ability to tie things up as you originally planned. Still, you are a great believer in justice and equality, with a harmonious, affectionate disposition.

JUPITER IN GEMINI: Although somewhat impractical, you are blessed with a good sense of humour, a generally gay outlook and a ready flow of conversation, correspondence, and exchange of ideas. You are compelled to keep in touch with other people, but are likely to be disorganized and to scatter your mental and nervous energies. You need to develop the power of concentration and learn to stick to one thing at a time. You are idealistic and inspirational, but often too changeable, restless, and uncertain. Two marriages are indicated here; one of them may be a close associate, a neighbour or someone related to you. However it turns out, you're bound to run into trouble through your travels (which may be extensive) ,writing and relatives - all of which will affect your marriage. You are a born philosopher - communicator; you may graduate from writing to publishing, especially of far - sighted religious subjects, science, and invention. If badly afflicted, i.e. if Mars or Saturn are in Earth or Water signs, difficulties with your publisher, or publishing, may result from unpopular or unprofitable ventures. Nevertheless, you are one of the most interesting, sincere, and valuable friends anyone could want.

JUPITER IN CANCER: You have an interesting, seemingly paradoxical view of life - one that combines the admixture of intellectual and emotional goodwill toward all. You are fiercely patriotic and have a strong attachment to your own home (and home town) and the love of your mother. Even so, you thoroughly enjoy long travels, for education and jut plain pleasure - especially near large bodies of water. Yet you always return to your home base. You like to eat and drink and may have a tendency to put on extra weight. You enjoy making money - as well as spending it on those you love. Your generosity, expansiveness and good will are well known. You are creative, imaginative, and curious about the psychic, the occult and mysterious fields. You enjoy fine culture, art, music and the standard forms of excellence established by the old masters rather than the avant-garde. You enjoy a good social life, and are known to be kindly, sympathetic, humane and charitable - whether or not your friends happen to be on the same social or economic scale. Indicates a peaceful, happy and honourable demise, either in a distant country or far from where you were born. You are benevolent, good humored, and likely to acquire a large share of the world's material blessings, which you generously share with your family, whether they deserve it or not. You are proud of your ancestry and loyal to your loved ones.

JUPITER IN LEO: You admire power, prestige, and grandeur. You are a sincere and ardent lover, high- minded, loyal, courageous, and generous. You have little trouble in gaining popularity, and are likely to fall in love with and marry someone who is highly influential - perhaps a celebrity, or someone who leads you into extravagance. You are lucky in love, speculation, and through children. You enjoy a healthy vitality, a strong constitution and the willpower and determination to hold positions of trust and responsibility. You are generally compassionate, good natured, courteous, broad-minded and noble. You can profit greatly from long travels in association with diplomatic, educational, or religious affairs. All forms of finer culture appeal to you: art, music, religion, philosophy, and science. You thoroughly enjoy reaping the rewards ( and honours) for your efforts. You like being the centre of attention and achieving positions of social and professional prominence. You will profit financially from wise investments as well as speculation. Fortunately, you are blessed with willpower, excellent judgement, foresight and wisdom. With your keen intuition and sense of diplomacy, you could rise in public esteem and hold a prominent government position. Your biggest drawback may be a tendency to "hold court" or expect people to treat you like "royalty". But in love matters your affections are sincere and deep. You will probably be blessed with children, and those who know you will realize that you are not at all pompous in reality.

JUPITER IN VIRGO: You have an almost uncanny knack for turning small interests into profitable hobbies. This ability may be a substitute for a normal emotional give and take, which your discriminating natures tends to throttle. You want to let yourself go - to enjoy the pleasure of children, amusement and speculation, but you 'prudently" tend to look for nonexistent troubles. You tend, too, toward the study of natural laws, particularly where they apply to diet and hygiene. You are probably pro - labour, but employees find it difficult to impose on you. You exercise great caution in your choice of friends and acquaintances. Have good powers of discrimination, practicality, prudence and discretion. You tend to be intellectually materialistic, with an innate talent for philosophical studies and scientific investigations. You are generally honest, smart, analytical, and strongly critical. You need to let your hair down a little, loosen up and become less stiff and formal. Speculation, however, is not your forte. You may be able to dope out the market and invest wisely and moderately, but should avoid any sudden plunge or you're bound to come up a cropper. You are lucky with coworkers and employees, fortunate in long term investments, literature and commercial ventures - and in business generally. You will undoubtedly be promoted into higher economic and social strata than you ever anticipated earlier in life. Your business activities will take you to foreign countries where you may meet your spouse to be. This person is somewhat eccentric, possibly not as successful as you, or not your intellectual equal.

JUPITER IN LIBRA: When well aspected by planets in Fire and Air signs, this is excellent for extremely happy and profitable partnerships; an exceptionally good marriage blessed with fine, talented children who will bring great credit and joy. You possess an extraordinary ability for making friends and for creating peace and harmony from anger and chaos. You have a generous, pleasing personality, one that is obviously sincere, mild, moderate, obliging and so sociable as to please everyone at once. You probably have musical or artistic talent and like all sorts of cultural and intellectual stimulation. You love travel, are highly liberal and understanding, compassionate and charitable. You will enjoy and profit from the theatre, places of amusement, and speculation in various forms of art and entertainment. You have a hidden "hunger" for public approbation and praise. Your biggest gains will accrue through marriage, partnership, associations, and undertakings that hinge on broad popular appeal.. Above all else, you are dedicated to the proposition that justice, mercy, peace, and harmony should prevail everywhere ( would that there were millions more like you!)

JUPITER IN SCORPIO: You like all sorts of secrets , and close association with those you believe to be in a position of power or strong influence. You are a defender of the underdog and liable to cultivate the friendship of highly eccentric occultists - even those who have criminal connections. You are not always aware of this at the outset, but you eventually manage to ferret out their professional and personal secrets and are not always above using your information to the detriment of someone else's good name. You can justify or rationalize any of your actions and have enormous pride in facing down the challenges and overcoming minor disasters - many of which you create yourself. You are exceptionally fortunate (or intuitive) in choosing the right investments, and you demonstrate your faith by backing small stocks or enterprises that eventually bloom into gigantic corporations which pay grand dividends. You manage to take many trips, some of them under the auspices of higher executives, with some of whom you may be involved with in secret dealings. You manage to acquire considerable prestige in your field, among your colleagues, which could lead to a position of power. This serves to strengthen your ambition, perseverance, generosity, and ability to undergo considerable hardship and deprivation - if you feel the aim is worthwhile. You have a paradoxical compulsion to range between constructive and destructive acts and thoughts. Generally, you have an active, confident, discriminating and shrewd mind, a love of mystery, mysticism, occultism, and weird experiences during your travels. If afflicted by planets in Air and Fire signs, beware of false friends, unwise speculation, and the envy of those in powerful positions. You possess inordinate pride and should be careful of confiding the secrets of others or spending too lavishly the money received from legacies or dividends.

JUPITER IN SAGITTARIUS: Jupiter is in its natural sign here: bestows good fortune and success in most of your undertakings. You have a sharp, intuitive mind, a generally happy and expansive spirit and a love of higher education, although your own may be somewhat less formal owing to a dislike of hidebound, formalized procedures. Somehow you feel sitting in a classroom interferes drastically with your education. You will benefit most from broad travels, particularly voyages overseas. You are philosophical, far-sighted, candid in your opinions, generous, kindly and high-minded. You tend to be the leader in your circle of friends and associates, and will often come into great honours and praise. Is an excellent position for harmonious association with educational institutions, travel agencies, religious organizations, philosophical bodies and publishing houses. You are tolerant, sympathetic, broadminded, somewhat prophetic, eminently fair and sportsmanlike, with an excellent sense of humour. You have a general liking for outdoor sports and entertainment. Your overall expansiveness gives you a love of speculation, and unbounding faith in your ultimate good luck, which usually works the way you had expected. Regardless of the difficulties you encounter, you always manage to land on your feet. You are idealistic and well-nigh incorruptible; once you've decided on the morally right thing to do, you will fight to the bitter end to defend your ideal.

JUPITER IN CAPRICORN: You are something of a paradox in that you are pulled by your desire for absolute independence on one hand and for security on the other. You are apt to plunge courageously into a situation, fully intending to fight to the bitter end, but when obstacles arise and you realize the dangers involved, your initial response will dissolve as though it had never been. You tend to be serious, deliberate, inventive and capable of solid, practical achievements. Your education is likely to be liberal and practical, not necessarily orthodox. You have your own way of gaining knowledge, and might easily participate in the practical advancement of political, scientific, religious, or philosophical knowledge. Although quietly intelligent, you are often too cautious to come out and give your views, which probably tend to range between conservative and liberal ( you seem to have one foot in each camp). This is a good position for an executive appointment at some time or other. You are almost certain to achieve success in a position of authority or command. You possess a fine capacity for leadership, but need to overcome a too-cautious attitude and a tendency to care too much about what others are liable to think of you. You have the ambition ( if not the complete confidence) and organizational ability to reach the top in almost any governmental or other public career. Anything connected with foreign affairs or international commerce is a fertile field for your constructive, practical abilities. You'd like to pioneer in new fields and be different, but your respect for tradition and the status quo, by contrast, generates a deep sense of insecurity. This same principle applies to your many impulses to be generous or to shake off your fears and to travel. Loosen up and disregard the opinions of those in authority. They have problems of their own. Be careful!

JUPITER IN AQUARIUS: You possess a great deal of charm, combined with a broadly liberal viewpoint. In the best, most mature and creative sense of the word, you are a true, jovial humanitarian. You sincerely want everyone in the world to be happy and to enjoy the best their is in life. Yet you are often cold or indifferent to the normal, everyday matters that are a necessary part of living. This is because you are so supremely idealistic, with an unusual progressive and independent outlook. Your personality has an enormous influence on family and friends. You are open, friendly, easy to meet and truly interested in other people -the more you know the better. Your friends are faithful and sincerely affectionate. You are probably the living example of the adage: "If you want to have a friend, BE one". You are keenly interested in and gain great pleasure from all kinds of public work, whether it involves institutions, political movements, labour or charitable activity. You are generally refined, far-sighted, at times even visionary. Your congenial attitude and your sympathetic and compassionate nature is jarred by strife, discord or lowly antagonism. You probably have a reputation for being helpful, optimistic, genteel and urbane. Whatever good you desire for the majority of the people, you will work hard to bring it about. You will lend or donate your time and money, join organizations that share your broad, liberal philosophical and humanitarian aims and views. You are inclined to follow unusual, sometimes eccentric, lines of thought and study. You like to study the classic and ancient arts, mysticism, science, music, and literature from all ages. You often undergo strange experiences through certain off-beat friends and associates. You will profit well in your profession, particularly if it is connected with congressional or government activity or some form of work for the public good.

JUPITER IN PISCES: You are strongly idealistic and tend to suffer personally at the injustices you see experienced by others. Although you are charitable, kind and sympathetic, you often overlook your own misfortunes. You are generally sociable, and possess many outstanding talents which you are apt to play down or overlook. You are unassuming, hospitable, fond of (and kind to) animals. You are most likely to profit from friends and associates who recognize your willingness to extend sympathy and help to the poor, the ill and those who otherwise suffer misfortune. You are likely to achieve a great deal of recognition, praise, and honour for your work with sanitariums, laboratories, hospitals or similar institutions. You can also achieve success with the earthy and watery elements - in land, house, mining or shipping. You are strongly spiritual, highly idealistic, emotional, sensitive and imaginative in a positive way. You have probably experienced many precognitive dreams and similar evidence of your psi talents. This may have stimulated your curiosity and interest in psychic and occult phenomena. It is a good bet that you belong to one or more organizations for research into the investigation of psychic, occult, mystical, or arcane phenomena. There is some danger that you will attract a member of the opposite sex whose sole aim is to take advantage of your kind and sympathetic nature. You may do considerable travelling by water in the course of your life's work. Learn to confide your secret ambitions, dreams, visions, and feelings to someone you can trust and respect. You have a tendency to suffer inwardly while wearing a smile and allowing the world to believe you are supremely happy and contented.