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How the Twelve Animal Archetypes Will Fare in the Year of the Golden Snake

OX - |1901 |1913 |1925 |1937 |1949 |1961 |1973 |1985 | 1997 | 2009 |

The hard work and diligence you have put in last year will pay off in the Year of the Snake. Do not let up with the diligence though - it could all slip away again, if you don't tend to the fires, so to speak. Your lesson this year is to believe in yourself and not judge yourself by society's standards. You will feel much more settled this Year. Avoid power struggles with others, especially family. Let up on the "iron hand" approach and let your kindly nature shine through. You have alot of inner beauty and dignity - - regard yourself kindly!
TIGER - |1902 |1914 |1926 |1938 |1950 |1962 |1974 |1986 | 1998 | 2010 |

Life will seem easier this year - pay close attention to your health in the Year of the Snake to reap the most benefits. Pay close attention to your finances as well. Be patient and diligent in all money matters. This is a quieter than usual year for you - learn to relax and enjoy this foreign (for you!) energy. Work on keeping your status quo balanced, but don't expect great strides forward. Conserve your strength. Avoid romantic scandal at all costs! This is a year to look inwardly, to examine and express the inner You.
RABBIT/CAT - |1903 |1915 |1927 |1939 |1951 |1963 |1975 |1987 | 1999 | 2011 |

This year brings excitement and new opportunities to You. Tend to your family, but expect your greatest adventures and improvements to occur outside of the home. You may have to decide between the two at times. Make sure your decisions ring true for your heart. This is an excellent Year for self-improvement, education, fitness and spirituality for You. Work on developing contemplation, your knowledge base and your intellectual/spiritual talents. An excellent time for stimulating gatherings with close intelligent friends. Business travel is favored. A Year for passion and romance as well, if single. Also a good time for judicious financial investments.
DRAGON - |1904 |1916 |1928 |1940 |1952 |1964 |1976 |1988 | 2000 | 2012 |

Last Year was your special Year, where you reaped many benefits, even if they do seem hidden. The Snake Year is excellent for building on what you accomplished in the Dragon Year. Remember to give respect where respect is due. You may miss the "spotlight" you enjoyed last year, but enjoy the quiet movement you experience as you work towards your goals. This year you can shine in a different way - time to let that inner ideal and visionary side of you shine through. You tend to keep this part of you hidden except from close associates - time to share it with the rest of the world! Romance is likely.
SNAKE - |1905 |1917 |1929 |1941 |1953 |1965 |1977 |1989 | 2001 | 2013 |

This is your Year! You will enjoy success in all areas of your life, but you must be careful to keep balanced. Make sure that all areas of your life are attended to - keep your eye on the whole! You can reach a peak in your physical strength and fitness, in your career and your love life. Attend to each area diligently and lovingly. Life may seem too easy this Year - enjoy it! Yet you will still experience lows - try to consider them in a philosophical vein and you will soon feel high again. Love is strongly aspected this Year - you will find it easy to win someone's heart (even more than one - hearts!) Trust will be an issue in romantic circles. Beware of being seduced though - it will be hard to resist!
HORSE - |1906 |1918 |1930 |1942 |1954 |1966 |1978 |1990 | 2002 | 2014 |

You've had lots of challenges lately, especially in relation to money and the heart. Things are looking up this Year, but be careful with money. No get-rich-quick schemes for You! Keep that wandering eye in check when it comes to romance. Learn to trust yourself explicitly, and make sure your trust is justified. Spend time with your spouse, and set their mind at ease. It will be hard to keep your heart focused without discipline and a wide-lens perspective. Focus on what is "true" for you in your heart - avoid entanglements for sensual pleasure only. You will rise nicely in the public eye this year, preparing for your own Year coming in 2002.
GOAT - |1907 |1919 |1931 |1943 |1955 |1967 |1979 |1991 | 2003 | 2015 |

You've been working diligently for long hours, and wonder when you will ever see the benefits from doing so. Well, get ready - the Year of the Snake is going to be the beginning of the "cashing-in" years. You will begin to get what you deserve. Seize opportunities as they present themselves, don't be afraid to jump in and enjoy the waters. Business travel is indicated and favored. Be careful with your luggage! Continue to work hard (that's second nature for You!) and you will definitely enjoy the fruits of your labors. People are beginning to appreciate your hard work and dedication - not to mention your beauty and affection. Your artistic and creative nature is right at home in the Year of the Snake. You will feel safer this year, an important feeling for the sensitive Goat. Tend to your body - fitness is a must! And watch out for seducers - guard your heart - wait for the Gold!
MONKEY - |1908 |1920 |1932 |1944 |1956 |1968 |1980 |1992 | 2004 | 2016 |

Your superiors look upon you with favor but watch out for the green-eyed monster among your peers. Business will glow. Show modesty and self regulation with your co-workers to avoid resentment and possible attempts of sabotage. Be tactful and kind to kill the envy monster glistening in their eyes! Keep your countenance fair, smile and dig in and enjoy. But avoid over-indulgence! You will be drawn to the intellectual and mystical aspects of life this year - indulge! Watch out for seducers - infidelity could be a problem this year.
ROOSTER - |1909 |1921 |1933 |1945 |1957 |1969 |1981 |1993 | 2005 | 2017 |

Life will be a smorgasbord of mixed blessings for you in the Year of the Snake. All that glistens will also have a tarnished side. You need to graciously accept the good as well as the bad in every situation. Build on the positive and acknowledge and learn from the negative. You may resent the challenges presented to You - learn to go with the flow and not worry too much about them. Try to avoid resentment if others seem to get their fair share of success. Your inner sensuality and glamor will shine this year - wonderful time to have photos taken, and work in the public eye. Use tact and diplomacy with family - avoid bitter arguments. Travel and possibly a change of residence is favored.
DOG - |1910 |1922 |1934 |1946 |1958 |1970 |1982 |1994 | 2006 | 2018 |

A wonderful Year to get ahead, but make sure everything you do is done in a balanced and humane way. Avoid getting greedy or burning yourself out to make a buck,...or have a good time. An excellent time to pursue intellectual stimulation - education and self improvement.
PIG - |1911 |1923 |1935 |1947 |1959 |1971 |1983 |1995 | 2007 | 2019 |

You will see your finances grow, especially in the first half of the Snake Year. Marketing that unique product is favored. Remember though, to put away funds for a rainy day. Keep balanced in all things. A good year for self reflection. You get more in tune with your sensual side, in a relaxed, recuperative way. Spirituality, philosophy and intellectual pursuits are favored. May experience love at first sight. Be careful in affairs of the heart - make sure this is "the one" before allowing yourself to be swept off your feet. Deception is a danger for You.
RAT - |1900 |1912 |1924 |1936 |1948 |1960 |1972 |1984 | 1996 | 2008 |

You are naturally spontaneous, which is fine,..but make sure you make your decisions wisely. Try to prepare for each day and approach your life in a balanced well-thought out way. Not easy for you to do! Be practical and careful with your money. Keep tabs on your accounts, and don't flaunt your resources in front of others. But do treat yourself to relaxation time as well - travel if you can, but do so carefully, budget wise. An excellent time to apply your wonderful mind and talents in writing and education. You will enjoy romance but this is not the Year for starting a lasting relationship.

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