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MacGvyer Trivia

Test you knowledge of MacGyver with questions ranging from "WELL DUH!" all the way to "MY GOSH, DO YOU HAVE THE SCRIPTS MEMORIZED?"

HERE WE GO! and be careful not to scroll down too far, the answers are located at the bottom of the page :)

    Level 1 - Warm Up

  1. What is MacGyver's first name?
  2. Who is MacGyver employed with?
  3. MacGyver has a fear of what?
  4. Who is Murdoc, MacGyver's arch nemesis, employed with?
  5. What special forces unit was MacGyver formerly employed with?
  6. Who is Pete Thornton?
  7. MacGyver is a long time player and fanatic of what sport?
  8. Jack Dalton dreams of owning his own what?
  9. How many seasons did the show run for
  10. Name the actors who play the parts of Jack Dalton, Penny Parker Pete Thornton, Murdoc, and MacGyver

    Level 2 - A Ture MacGyver Fan

  1. What american name does Uri take after being freed from a Siberian political prisoner camp in Soft Touch?
  2. How does Murdoc die(well not really) in Halloween Knights?
  3. In what episode is the Director of H.I.T. killed by one of his own men?
  4. In the Pilot episode, what game is being played right before the bomb explodes?
  5. How many bombs are there to diffuse in Countdown?
  6. How is Pete Thornton electricuted in Deathlock?
  7. In Honest Abe, the wrong doing dictator thinks he is a master of what?
  8. What does MacGyver use to "create" fire in Good Knight MacGyver?
  9. In the Odd Triple, Mac and Jack are sneaking through the outside of a winery when an alarm is set off by what?
  10. What is the name of the college physics competition in Hell Week?

    Level 3 - Obsessed

  1. In Gold Rush, a bottle of alcohol is found in the downed airplane. What is the proof of the alcohol? (proof = % alcohol times 2)
  2. What type of gem/stone is the Eye of Osiris?
  3. In Halloween Knights, what vegetable does Mac use to distract motion detecting machine guns?
  4. What is the name of MacGyver's look alike sidekick in Jenny's Chance?
  5. In Everytime She Smiles, MacGyver receives a microfilm from an underground member during a chess game. What chess piece(color and type) is the film hidden under?
  6. What is the number of Pete's parking spot in Lesson in Evil?
  7. What kind of poisonous berries are put in the coffee in Invisible Killer?
  8. In what country does MacGyver meet Penny Parker?
  9. What does MacGyver use to power an alarm clock in his house in Out in the Cold?
  10. What is cooked with rubber above a fire to produce a water resistant seal for Jack's sea plane in On a Wing and a Prayer?
  11. What to compounds are used to create a smoke screen in Hell Week?
  12. In Mask of the Wolf, a mixture of what two elements are in the cave?
  13. What was the airdate of Halloween Knights?

    Fan Submitted Questions - Let's See How You Match Up!

  1. By what name does Mac call himself while playing craps in The Heist?
  2. How much does Mac bet Dr. Ludlum in The Human Factor?
  3. The "bad guy" in Twice Stung also plays the "bad guy" in what first season episode?
  4. What military competition is Mac defeated in? (hint - also name of the episode)
  5. In Cleo Rocks a letter is left behind, stabbed into a manican. What does the letter say and what is it's hidden message?
  6. In Eye of Osiris, what comes out of the trap door after the stone is removed?


    Level 1

  1. Angus
  2. The Phoenix Foundation
  3. heights
  4. H.I.T (Homicide of International Trust)
  5. DXS - Department of External Services
  6. Head of Phoenix Foundation and MacGyver's good friend
  7. hockey
  8. airline
  9. seven
  10. Bruce McGill, Terri Hatcher, Dana Elcar, Michael Des Barres, and Richard Dean Anderson

    Level 2 answers

  1. Biff
  2. gernade explodes in his face
  3. Halloween Knights
  4. Chess
  5. three
  6. A telephone he picks up is charged with an electric current
  7. black magic
  8. a match
  9. a rabbit
  10. Fizzics Follies (notice the spelling too)

    Level 3 answers

  1. 150
  2. saffhire
  3. cabbage
  4. Steve
  5. black knight
  6. 20
  7. Holly berries
  8. Bulgaria
  9. potatoes
  10. life jackets
  11. acetic acid and ammonia
  12. zinc and copper
  13. October 30, 1989

    Fan Question Answers

  1. James Bond
  2. 25 cents
  3. The Prodigal
  4. Bushmaster
  5. Murder is in the air/Under the temple of/Ra/Death awaits/On the final/Curtain The first letters of each line combine to spell Murdoc
  6. A skeleton