Parker City
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Starting Already?

And a Pole Fire Repair

Same area as leak.Folks had no water and no electric for a while.

Leaf Pickup was Easy This Year

City Hall

Main and 32

One by One

First Appearance for MC Football Nov. 17

2.82 inches Rain in 3 Hours

And This

but no damage from nearby tornados.

Park Trees Always Nice

Even After First Light Snow

Only Town Saturday Trick or Treating Again

Population doubled again.

Hayrides For All

Sunrise in the Jet Stream

First Frost (Probably More of a Freeze).

Highway Lining

That Time Again.

Only 54 more to go.

Highway Paving Finishing up.

Selma to Winchester done, streets and driveway approaches ongoing.
Our street getting an approach.

Parker Health Care Fire Call

But wasn't a bad day for the evacuation.
Just a single room AC unit smoking up the area.

A New House Being Built

And they wanted water of course.

Always Fun To See Andromeda's Dust Lane/s on the Screen

Finally Got My Antenna Up.

There was a time but, nope that's not me.

Hello, my name is Michael (Mick) Deckman and I live in Parker City, Indiana. I was born on the northeast corner of N.Fulton St. and E. Oak St. one block south of the ole Parker School Building. I spent my school days living 2 houses farther south at 227 N. Fulton St. I graduated from Parker High in 1958. As I was not a member of any of the great basketball teams of the time, some of you may not remember me. I earned my letters playing baseball. I have operated the town's water plant since 1966 and have seen many changes in the town, some good, some not so good. Although the downtown has lost several buildings and businesses, there are many new ones on the highway now. After several years of decline, Parker City is back. The Street Fair Homecoming has returned, with fireworks on opening night, and new homes are being built on the southeast edge of town. My roots are here, my life's work has been here and I'll probably die here. I have tried my best to make this town a good place for all to live and now through these pages, I'm bringing Parker City to you and the world.

As you can see, there are images of present day Parker City, some news, highlights and history.
It all began on the evening of May 10,1998.