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Parker City, Indiana
May 2020
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May Rain 5.47_______Year Total So Far 23.85 _____June Rain 4.01_
Last Year 2.57_____This Time Last Year 24.54_______June 5.59__

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June Going Out With a "wet" Bang.

1.64 inches is 15 minutes or so. Everything else "dry" cept Main St and its still going down after an hour.

15 Minutes Later

Hour and a Half Earlier 1.64 in Rain

North Diamond Still Questionable

I Never tire of the Warm Moist Aroma of a Summer Shower on a Warm Street

Funnel Cakes, Elephant Ears at Jerry's

Ball Diamond Sprinklers Finally Needed

And Games Are Now Allowed

3 Inches of Rain 2 Days.

New Sidewalks Compliment the New Streets

Town Highway Lot Made Ready for Rental Customer

Double Duty Flush Pipes, Clean Street

Straight and True and New

Just Need The New Crossing Project to Begin and Finish