Parker City
March - April 2016
Events and Happenings

2016 Street Fair Homecoming June 8 to 11th.
Wednesday Dollar Rides Night
Thursday Fireworks at the Park
Friday Evening on stage downtown ...Cooke & Belle
Saturday Evening downtown ..."WANTED" band.
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Previous Months Happenings

Are You Concerned With All The News Media Reporting of
"Bad" Drinking Water All Over The Country?
Parker City 2015 Testing Results Can Be Found On The "Water Dept Data/Activity Page.
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Terry's Page...updated May 19, 2016

Park Made Ready For The Holiday

and fair week.

Fred's Leftover Mulch Came in Handy

And His Downtown Corner Landscaping Looking Good Too

Why Do I Always Think of Jimmy VanPelt When I'm Doing This?

Maybe I can't imagine him having to do this without electric trimmers.

Finally the Rains Have Stopped

and what do I do?

Figure This Out

The state hiway dept installed extra stop signs at 32 and Market St.
And the little extra signs say cross traffic does not stop.
Go figure, Market is a dead end 2 blocks north of the hiway.
They didn't put any at Main and 32 though.

I Hope We Didn't Have a Short Summer

Because first frost really came early this year.

This Little Guy Shut The Lights Off to 100 Houses

and he got his own lights shut off too.
Lesson to be learned...don't touch the top wires on the pole.

Its Great to be Back in the Saddle Again.

Snow on the 9th

playing ball on the 10th. What a diamond.

Rain 50% of April so Far

We wanted a change.

And We Got It

Much of the Rain Came With High Wind

and once with large hail included, leaving many homes and cars with damage.

And the Wind Found a Weak Area of the long Ran-Del Storage Building Roof.

But Shafer's Lost a Large Hog Barn

on a warm and calm Sunday Morning.

Several Miles North of Town

and Albany needed some help from Parker and Farmland fire.

April Starting in 30s and Windy

but sunny.

But Still Looks Like Spring

Tournament Scheduled For Today

Don't think its going to happen tho. Cold, windy, very wet grass parking.

Park is Still Being Decorated However.

I Don't Usually Mow In March

but some areas were getting too shaggy already.

Another Perfect Day at the Easter Egg Hunt

Do you think its luck or something else?

Townsend Building Donated

to the town now for sale. An interested company could probably get a real deal.

One of Several Storm Water Projects Completed.

Hello, my name is Michael (Mick) Deckman and I live in Parker City, Indiana. I was born on the northeast corner of N.Fulton St. and E. Oak St. one block south of the ole Parker School Building. I spent my school days living 2 houses farther south at 227 N. Fulton St. I graduated from Parker High in 1958. As I was not a member of any of the great basketball teams of the time, some of you may not remember me. I earned my letters playing baseball. I have operated the town's water plant since 1966 and have seen many changes in the town, some good, some not so good. Although the downtown has lost several buildings and businesses, there are many new ones on the highway now. After several years of decline, Parker City is back. The Street Fair Homecoming has returned, with fireworks on opening night, and new homes are being built on the southeast edge of town. My roots are here, my life's work has been here and I'll probably die here. I have tried my best to make this town a good place for all to live and now through these pages, I'm bringing Parker City to you and the world.

As you can see, there are images of present day Parker City, some news, highlights and history.
It all began on the evening of May 10,1998.