Parker City
Current Events and Happenings
for April 2014
Homecoming Street Fair June 4 - 7
Fireworks Opening Night.
Cook and Belle on Stage Saturday Evening.
Cook & Belle online.

Kick Back Restaurant Opening April 14 Downtown at the Light.

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Saturday Mid 70s and Work to be Done.

New shingles and grounds work at the ball park.

As the Annual Easter Egg was Taking Place.

Evening Ended Windy on a Happy but Sad Note.

Franklin and Washington. Residents unhurt but lost their home.

Flames 30 feet high at times.

Family Pet was Unaccounted For

But was found after fire was contained, under a bed and collapsed ceiling.
A cheer and applause went up when he was brought out wet, dirty but unhurt.

Matt Has the Answer to a Time Consuming Chore.

Let the games begin.

And Sure Beats Raking and Mulching Springtime Catalpa Debris Too.

I think the slide is going to get a paint job real soon.

And The Games are About to Begin on the West Side of the Park Also.

"Houston we have a Problem"

Could be one of the reasons cities and towns have livestock ordinances.
Biking, jogging, walking your toddlers, pushing them in buggies, pulling in wagons etc.
near this "left behind" on wet pavement as this object begins to dissolve and blend with street moisture
is sure to leave E-Coli all over your shoes, wheels etc. to take home to your carpet and hands as you remove
shoes or put away equipment.
Warm dry days, not a problem with shoes or equipment (unless you werent watching where you were going.)
Would probably be noticable however, if it was in front of your house or stuck on your tires
when you pulled into your garage.
Why did this have to be the clearest picture I've taken lately?)


Hello, my name is Michael (Mick) Deckman and I live in Parker City, Indiana. I was born on the northeast corner of N.Fulton St. and E. Oak St. one block south of the ole Parker School Building. I spent my school days living 2 houses farther south at 227 N. Fulton St. I graduated from Parker High in 1958. As I was not a member of any of the great basketball teams of the time, some of you may not remember me. I earned my letters playing baseball. I have operated the town's water plant since 1966 and have seen many changes in the town, some good, some not so good. Although the downtown has lost several buildings and businesses, there are many new ones on the highway now. After several years of decline, Parker City is back. The Street Fair Homecoming has returned, with fireworks on opening night, and new homes are being built on the southeast edge of town. My roots are here, my life's work has been here and I'll probably die here. I have tried my best to make this town a good place for all to live and now through these pages, I'm bringing Parker City to you and the world.

As you can see, there are images of present day Parker City, some news, highlights and history.
It all began on the evening of May 10,1998.