Parker City
March and April 2017
Events and Happenings
2017 Street Fair Homecoming (3 Nights) June 8 - 10
Opening Night Thursday Dollar Rides and WANTED BAND.
Friday night FIREWORKS at the Park 10:30 PM.
Saturday afternoon Parade, evening Talent Show- pending.

More Bricks Added to Park Memorial Page

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Another Bench and Plaque

Hopefully the Last

Soft but Gone 48 Hours After Another .72 Was Dumped From Rain Gauge.

But Lots of Corn Debris to Clean up

Bees at the Park

New Downtown Benches Program

With Plaques

Opening Day Flooded Out

But still have to suit up for picture day.

May off to a wet start.

Ball diamond drain working great.
Just wasn't intended to handle 5.83 inches of rain in 8 days, average .73 every day. No games or parking today or Opening Day tomorrow.

The outlet is only a small pipe with round openings to control flow and keep corncob/field debris from entering town drains.
A larger pipe would also increase Main St flooding during rains such as we have been having.

Old Tree Removal Program Being Put in Place.

And this "marked" one is getting a head start on its own.

Another Rainbow Picture.

But in the southwest. Can't say I ever saw one at 8:30 in the morning with my back, of course, to the east.

Nasty Looking Radar, Very Black in the West.

and all we got was a light shower and this beautiful rainbow. Thank you sis.

Easter Egg Hunt Under Perfect Sky Again

Last Frosty Morning We Hope.

Trees Are White Now That Winter is Over

All Stars Starting Off the Season.

And the diamonds are perfect.

City Hall Addition

on the highway.

April 3, 1974 43rd Anniversary

The Story of the Pictures

Windy Days aren't good for

country fires.

Small Buildings are Usually Down

even with only a 2 mile run.

When They Are Half Full of

fire wood, 2 miles isn't bad especially when a backhoe is needed to spread the wood for a good soaking.

Extra Help was Dispatched

when the call reported fire was blowing toward the house.

Tree Trimming Campaign

Half a dozen trucks and crews working the town for a week.

Clearing the Trees That are into the Wires.

A Night of High Winds

loosened some Wi-Fi antenna on the tower.
Requiring someone to climb up and tighten them back in place.

Meanwhile a 10 minute mini white-out blizzard came through

Then it was over and the hardy fellow could come down.

Another Nursing Home Award

Hello, my name is Michael (Mick) Deckman and I live in Parker City, Indiana. I was born on the northeast corner of N.Fulton St. and E. Oak St. one block south of the ole Parker School Building. I spent my school days living 2 houses farther south at 227 N. Fulton St. I graduated from Parker High in 1958. As I was not a member of any of the great basketball teams of the time, some of you may not remember me. I earned my letters playing baseball. I have operated the town's water plant since 1966 and have seen many changes in the town, some good, some not so good. Although the downtown has lost several buildings and businesses, there are many new ones on the highway now. After several years of decline, Parker City is back. The Street Fair Homecoming has returned, with fireworks on opening night, and new homes are being built on the southeast edge of town. My roots are here, my life's work has been here and I'll probably die here. I have tried my best to make this town a good place for all to live and now through these pages, I'm bringing Parker City to you and the world.

As you can see, there are images of present day Parker City, some news, highlights and history.
It all began on the evening of May 10,1998.