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This is me, Smed, & Tido doing a little Karaoke. No we can't sing but we sure did get some laughs!!! We did our version of MMM MMM MMM MMM By the "Crash Test Dummies." If ya know the song then you will understand our outfits, if not you might just think we are strange.

This is the NASCAR CAFE in Myrtle Beach SC. In side you will find full size cars hanging above you and many other NASCAR® things to look at. If you ever end up here try the Thunder Burger, it was great.

Above are a couple pictures of a round of Put-Put.

Another fun thing to do is visit a NASCAR Speed Park. You get up close to the real cars or test your skills on the many tracks. They have an oval track, road, and a slick track.

Here are a couple good places to grab a bite to eat!6