This site is under reconstruction. I want to thank everyone that has visited in the past. I am still after over a year trying to decide what I want to make this page into. I want to rearrange it to look more I have been so busy with my job and family that I feel like what little free time I have slips right past me. I will definately keep all info and the likes up for the bands I have. I also have had interest in many other bands as well. I love Madeth Gray'll,Syndrome,D'espairsRay,D,Gazette and many others. So hopefully I get a chance to do something with them eventually. I suppose that there are hardly any visitors to the site anymore. I really can't blame anyone since it is I who don't keep this page current.


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This Joker, Michlle ,
"has a site that is part of the Unfinished Celebration
of the Dahlias

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