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Chat Room aquired(RPGish isn't it?)
Available JLA bios up
Gallery up
Main page updated
JLA Bios worked on. Superman, and wonderwoman bios up.

Help Me Section

Anyway, I need people to contribute to the Fan Section page, so e-mail me your pictures and/or stories for it! I'm mostly looking for GL related material but I'll make a section for DC Universe and/or misc. if such a story/picture becomes available to me. Any pictures will do, no matter how bad, how sucky they are. To me, no artist is bad or sucky if his heart is in the right place. So, make public your art, so you can share your talent with others! I'm throwing in my two cents. Why don't you?! If you send more than 5, I'll even make a section for you! Also e-mail if you have ideas for the site, wanna help make this site, and if you're someone who knows me in real life!

Quote of The Month

-Kyle Rayner, Green Lantern #100

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