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My Jasmin

You were just words upon a screen
Your face and thoughts all unknown to me
Your actions and movements all unknown to me
As time passes by, you've become my love, my heart, my soul, my all
Words upon a screen, all sight unseen

Your words warming, reaching and capturing my soul
Filling my heart and making me whole
Before you came into my life, I existed but did not live
I wore a facade of happiness outside, kept all the sadness,
pain and love longed for, trapped behind walls inside

You've taught me so much about myself,
things I could never learn nor touch by myself
You're no longer just words upon a screen
but a part of me and all that is and can be
wherever this path may lead us, to be together as one can be

One thing will always remain and be a constant
You're in my heart, You're in my soul
You're in my mind, You're my life
a part of me could never let go,
a part of me I never want to let go

Of the wonders that you've given me
the fantasies and joy of what my life can be
the ecstacies and joy of what my life will be
With you as my lover and you as my friend
The feelings we now share could never, ever end

You are no longer just words on the screen
I see you within me, no longer sight unseen
You are my love, my heart, my soul, my sun
You are my life, my sweetheart, my all, my lion
You are my Jasmin

Your heart, soul and mind
You've let me touch, see and share
I'm a part of you and you a part of me
Forever this bond we now have and share
always and eternally be

A year has pass, how fast time flew
filled with joy and sorrow
filled with laughter and tears
filled with our grin and smiles
A year has pass, how our love grew

O what bliss!! Won't want it any differently
Nor would I exchange it for anything in the world
As it's with you, I want to share my life in this world
O what bliss!! Forever and for eternity
Tis' only you, My Jasmin