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Yasmene's Oasis

spinning star
Selam and Welcome to My Oasis, a place of mystery and enchantment.
Do not be fooled by its outside appearance like so many things,
it is not what is outside but what is inside that counts!!

starTwinklestar Twinkle starlittle starsstar!
Do You wonder what they are?
Check them out and you will know what's behind each one of them.
Let's explore together and fly to another starstarry stararabian night

starcyan starstargreen starstarpurple starstarred starstar blue starstarpink starstaryellow starstarblue starstarorange starstar

hot My Holiday photos to Tahiti (Nov 98)

hot My Holiday photos to France (Jan 99)

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(I would like to express my deepest appreciation to my wonderful and dearest friend ADELINE, for her kind help and assistance, without whom this homepage would not have been possible! *hugs*)

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