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On the morning of November 28, 2001, representatives from Teleglobe and Juniper Networks met with NSF's Steve Goldstein, Russian Institute of Public Networks engineers Alexander Ilyin and Anton Korotkin and FASTnet PI Greg Cole about the new US-Russian FASTnet network. While the purpose of the meeting was primarily to introduce the various project participants, the meeting ended with a team effort to resolve remaining technical issues on completing the 45 Mbps circuit between Chicago and Moscow. The efforts were successful and by the end of the meeting, the Phase I FASTnet circuit was operating end-to-end (Phase II (155 Mbps between Moscow and Chicago) is to be operating in early January, 2002).

The US-Russian FASTnet team wishes to express gratitude to all involved - and especially our partners at Teleglobe (Greg Adgate and Yuanfei Hao - and, assisting by phone: Eric Diamond, Andre Turcotte and Philippe Jasmin)) and Juniper (Cindy Bayol and John "JJ" Jamison) for the time and expertise contributed to completion of the circuit.

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