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Yćsmene's Love

What is A Friend

Especially for My Lion

It's nice to know that there is someone like you
who took me right out of the blue
simply by showing that you love me too
Only by giving me your everything with a love so true
you took me right out of the blue

You bring such joy to me that my face is all aglow
Eversince I met you, I've carried not only a smile on my face
but one in my heart
Eversince I met you, you made my world a brighter place to be in

Angel of my night, Spirit of my day
~ Balthazar ~

Love of my day, Love of my night
Love of my every waking moments
Love of my every dreaming hours
My Heart, My Life, My Soul
~Philippe Jasmin~

Angel of my dream
Dream of my waking moments
She is a raven
She is you

Kind hearts are the Gardens
Kind thoughts are the Roots
Kind words are the Flowers
Kind deeds are the Fruits
~ John Ruskin ~

Pearls of Love

Pearls of Love

I love thee...I love thee!
'Tis all that I can say
It is my vision in the night
My dreaming in the day
~Thomas Hood~I Love Thee

Tho' near the gates of Paradise
Gladly I'd turn away
Just to hear you say, "I love you!"
Sometime, somewhere, some day
~Rida J.Young~ Sometime

I have heard of reasons manifold
Why love must needs be blind
But this the best of all I hold
His eyes are in his mind

What outward form and feature are
He guesseth but in part
But that within is good and fair
He seeth with the heart
~Samuel T. Coleridge~ -"Reasons for Love's Blindness"

Yes, Loving is a painful thrill
And not to love more painful still
But oh, it is the worst of pain
To love and not be loved again
~Anacreon~ - "Odes No 29"

Two Human loves make one Divine
~Elizabeth B. Browning~

Love is bliss
And a tender kiss

Love is sharing
And always caring

Love is giving
And healthy living

Love is laughter
Forever after

What is A Friend

What is a Friend

A Friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future
and accepts you today just the way you are

Wherever you are, it's your own friends who made your world

Even when a friend sees through you, a friend sees you through

Friends are not only together when they are side-by-side,
even one who is far away.....is still in our thoughts
~ Ludwig van Beethoven ~


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