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Bonjour!! Another great evening to celebrate the wonder and joy of Christmas! All smiles and laughter all through the night. Did we mention about the food?? Gifts?? We had it all!! Wheeeeeeee!!!

Come join in our fun!! Please click on the pictures to see them in grand formats!!

Souper Noel

Une Belle Arbe

Mes Amis

Cadeaux pour tout le monde

Yippee!!  Cadeaux

C'est moi

Philippe et Ivan

Nos Ensemble

What better ways to celebrate Christmas
amongst friends with a great
feast laid in front of us

Merry Christmas!!!
A beautiful tree indeed!!

Huge smiles from Vicky
and Mays!

Let the game begin!!
Hand out the cards and let's
exchange the gifts

Huges smiles from everyone!
Ivan certainly love his present! We know!
He certainly wasn't interested
in exchanging it! Hehehehe!!

Won't mind saying it again!!
A very nice tree!!!

Philippe got a fantastic gift!
Ivan has his too...on his head??

After a merry exchange
of gifts...see what we both got!

Nos ensemble

Philippe et Gabriel

Notre Cadeaux

Très heureuse Jian

Betty et son cadeau

Jian et Moi

Cadeaux, Cadeaux, Cadeaux!!!

Belles Amies

Philippe and myself

A game of hand gestures
from both Philippe and Gabriel??
Aahh..rules on how the gift exchange
is to take place

Zhen, Vicky, Tom and Elena
all showing off their gifts! Nice ones!!

It's Jian's turn to show off
her gift with a beaming Will
looking on

Taking off my rings to
try out the 'ring holder' gift I've got!
One...two...more rings needed!!!

Happy smiles from us!
Having a great evening together

Serious discussions taking place!
What did you get??
*my gift is better than yours??*

Joyful smiles from Vicky and Mays
Gabriel and Tom in their own cheery
Discussion. Hmmmm..everyone's feeling great!

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