His Word ... a prophetic perspective


September 30, 1998

Storm Clouds

     The Father spoke to me today and said:

     There are storm clouds brewing over the horizon that are not visible in the natural. There are storm clouds brewing in the hearts of men that are not visible in the natural. Dark, violent storm clouds, winds, massive rain, tremendous destruction.

     And then He gave Me this word for the body of Christ:

     The Father says that in these days and in these times there is much that troubles the hearts of the men and the women on this earth. Those who I have called unto service for Me, and also those who do not know Me, who have run from Me, who have rebelled against Me and choose to ignore the conviction of My Holy Spirit of sin, righteousness and judgment upon the earth.
     And in these troubled times I offer My peace unto those who would hear My voice, who would hear what My prophets are speaking. For these are troubling times, says the Lord. And there are many things that have been set in motion in the spiritual realm by the things that have transpired upon the earth for a very long time. And those things have set in motion a series of events which shall transpire according to the things that have set them into motion. And for the most part, these have not been good things. They have been things of evil, things of cunning, things of deceit, things that have come from the heart of the father of lies, the devil.
     But My purpose for My people is to overcome all these things and to present the Gospel, the good news, of My only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, unto those who have fallen prey to these tactics of the enemy. And those whom I love, I will chasten. And those that I chasten I will further discipline. And those that I further discipline shall recognize the source and they shall draw closer unto Me.
     And so there are many things in these troubling times. Many things in the outpourings of My love upon My people, and there have also been many things as an outpouring of lies upon those who are following the devil. My word is truth, and My word is discerning. And those who know Me, those that know My word, those that know My truth, those that know My Son, to those I have entrusted the responsibility of speaking forth My messages. For I am a sovereign God, I am a powerful God, and I have established many things in My word by which you will recognize those who are speaking truly and those who are speaking falsely.
     In these troubling times I would not have My church to be ignorant, but to be fully aware of all of the resources that I have given unto them in this late hour that they would continue to raise high and to lift up My Son, that all men shall be drawn unto Him.
     And as the war clouds gather over the horizon, and as the thunder and the lightning from the power of those war clouds continue to manifest themselves within your hearing and your seeing, do not be afraid, says the Lord, of those things that are from Me. For you shall discern the true from the false and you shall have peace in your hearts that those things which are from Me are for your good. And you will discern those things that are false—that have been sent by the enemy and his followers—are sent to deceive you.
     So prepare your hearts. All these things that have been set into motion shall manifest themselves, says the Lord and many hearts are troubled. And there are many voices, many speaking the truth and many speaking lies. But I have given unto you the power of discerning from whence the spirits of these voices come so that you will know the truth and your hearts will be at peace. This will be a time that will be a struggle for many as they struggle with the battle within their own hearts. But I have given you victory beforehand. Know that as you hear the truth, and as you respond to the truth that the fruit of it will be peace in your own hearts.
     If you have not properly prepared yourself by knowledge of the word that I have given unto you and knowledge of My Son that He has given unto you and the truth that the Holy Spirit continues to reveal and to teach you then you must fill your lives and fill your hearts with My word and allow My Holy Spirit to teach you that truth.
     For I will extend My grace unto those who name the name of My Son to prepare themselves for this time of trouble, this time of great trouble, that is coming upon the earth, to prepare themselves through My word and My Spirit, that they may come to know Me in a fullness that they had not known before. That they will hear Me, they will know My voice that they will obey Me and so shall I carry them through these times of trouble, says the Lord.
     And as you continue to prepare yourselves, prepare your hearts with the knowledge of My word and the teaching of My Holy Spirit, and lift My Son high that you may draw others unto My Son. Those others who do not know My word, those others that do not know My Spirit, those others who do not know Me.
     For I labor over you, I labor over My creation with a zealous love and the desire of My heart is the fullest of the harvest of souls. For it is with great reluctance, very great reluctance that I watch those who are perishing.
     So prepare your hearts with the knowledge of My word, My Spirit and Myself that you may sharpen the edge of My heavenly sickle and add to the size and the strength of it by the proclamation of My word and My Son and My Spirit. And so shall you reap a bountiful harvest unto Me, says the Lord.
     My heart is saddened by those who neglect the things that I have given unto them to equip them for this great harvest. I have seen, yes, I have seen the struggle and the turmoil from before the foundations of the world and I have well prepared My called out ones. It is not your responsibility to originate the truth. It is simply your responsibility to respond to My truth.
     For I have made things simple for those without understanding. And the sharpness of your sickles may be determined by the simplicity with which you present the simple truth of Myself and My Son and My Spirit.