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His Word ... a prophetic perspective


October 16, 1998


     The Father says to His church, Lo, these many things that now transpire in the hearts of men are being revealed unto those who have not seen them, who are not aware of those things, and who are now seeing in the flesh the manifestation of mens hearts. And as this display of carnality and fleshliness continues throughout those that are in the world who do not know My Son Jesus Christ, so it will also be displayed in those who are in My church.
     And from this there will be good fruit and there will be bad fruit. And it is by My Spirit, by the gift of discerning of these spirits that has been given unto you that you will identify that which is good and that which is bad. And you will know them by their fruits. And those who are good trees shall bear good fruit and those that are bad trees shall bear bad fruit. And by this shall you know and identify those among you who have pulled themselves away from Me, and now have aligned themselves with their own fleshly desires in order to accomplish that which they themselves desire to do, instead of the things that I have desired for them to do.
     The false and the shallow and the superficial is being revealed. And those with a depth and a knowledge and understanding of Me and of My will for them, and of My Holy Spirit and of My Son Jesus Christ, shall also step forth. And they shall be the light that comes into the darkness of the world of those who have committed themselves to doing the things of their own flesh.
     For this is a time of separation, says the Lord, this is a time of division, this is a time when the tares shall be separated from the wheat. And My threshing floor, says the Lord, shall thresh out those things and shall bring them unto the distillation of the essence of what they are, of that which is good and that which is bad.
     You have heard the speech of many. You have heard them talk. Many have been persuaded and convinced by those among you who rise up and take the initiative to speak on their own. Grand, eloquent, swelling words that have swayed the opinions of men from that which is true, and right and just. And now, says the Lord, the motives of these grandiose speakers shall be revealed unto you. And those who reside in Me and in My truths, says the Lord, these shall also be revealed unto you by My Spirit.
     And those who are residing in Me shall do a mighty work, says the Lord, for I have chosen them. I have chosen them to take that truth that is within them to be manifested strongly not only in their lives but in the lives of the many that are around them. For there are many, many, many, says the Lord, who are in the valley of decision. There are many, many, many who will listen and will hear the truth and will respond. And there are many, many, many who will bring in a great harvest of souls for Me, says the Lord. And in those, says the Lord, My heart delights.
     And I have placed My hand upon them. I have placed upon them My right hand of great power, says the Lord, and anointings shall flow, and blessings shall flow. And all that which has been spoken of from of old shall begin to transpire, says the Lord as the fullness of the rains of My blessing and of My power comes upon those whom I choose to anoint.
     So you must choose you this day, that which is good or that which is bad, that which is life, that which is death. For I have given unto you a gifting by My Holy Spirit to discern these things, says the Lord.
     And yet there will be many who will choose to bask and luxuriate in the pleasures of this world. And many shall envy them, many shall be jealous, and many shall aspire to those things, says the Lord. And they shall fall away from Me and they shall begin to separate themselves from Me and they shall divide themselves from you, and you will see these things. Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves and know by their fruit the condition of the tree.
     This is not yet the time of the great falling away. But this is the time when the patterns are being set in the hearts of men for this event which will occur soon. So be aware, be aware, says the Father, and discern truly also the times and the seasons that are now upon you.
     For I am a jealous God and I yearn for you and I desire for you to reach out to Me. And when you do, says the Father, I shall far exceed your reach as I reach out for you and draw you unto Myself, unto My glory. For I love you with a great love and I desire to pour out My love upon those who will receive it.