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The spiritual abuser of God, Jesus Christ, Bible, life

        The following is a compilation of material in more than several articles on this website. It’s presented here as a summation of the many factors and influences that affect peoples behavior when they become involved with the institutional church system. And how to get out from under those adverse and negative influences.
        Back several centuries ago, a German philosopher by the name of Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860), made a statement. He said, “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” (He must have been a prophet, huh?) While I don’t agree with some other ideas he had, I find merit in that particular statement. So while you may ridicule or oppose what I have to say here, eventually it will become self-evident.

The Problem

        For as long as we are in contact with other human beings, and/or groups of human beings, there will be personal hurt. Some trifling, some great, some even greater. If it should become intolerable, we will naturally get away from that thing, won’t we? Yes, unless ... unless the fear of some greater hurt has been infused into us by the thing that hurts us!
        Have untold millions been hurt and are still hurting by their affiliation with an institutional church? Yes. Have untold millions learned that, upon examination and close scrutiny of scripture, that such organizations are totally unscriptural and not of God? Yes. But ... have untold millions still continued to remain in those same abusive and hurting churches? Astoundingly, yes.
        Why is this so? Because unfounded fear has reduced their mentality to think logically to a superstitious level of comprehension. It’s called a cult mindset, and based upon fear of punishment ... by God Himself!
        Deep inside you, you in your soul, and the Holy Spirit of God are grieved. You are totally and completely miserable, uncomfortable and frustrated. Everything inside you says this is wrong, wrong, wrong, but you continue to fail to thoroughly study the word of God to see if these things being taught to you are so.
        What you hear is love, love, love, but what you see is perfected self-centeredness. What you hear is life, and life more abundantly, but what you are experiencing leads to death of all that you should be in Christ. What you hear is liberty in the Holy Spirit, but what you feel is complete and total bondage to those whom you allow to dictate your lifestyle to you.
        Where do you think this will lead you? When do you think it will stop? How will you ever get free and have peace in your soul and spirit? What is the point of it all? Why are things this way?
        I will attempt to answer at least some of those questions.

The Causes

        Question: how would you react if some person came up to you and said the following?
        I am chosen by God by direct private divine revelation to me, and I am especially equipped, enabled and empowered by Him to be a person whom you must fear, respect and obey.
        Therefore you must become part of a select group of people and provide income for me and maintenance expenses for my organization and helpers I hire to assist me.
        Your failure to join this group and pay me ten per cent of your income each and every week will result in your being cursed by God. I have revived and reworked the defunct Old Testament “tithe” concept to apply to me. Remember, I have a direct communication line to God that no one else has and what I say and teach is to be obeyed without question.
        In addition, you must formally join my group and come to each and every meeting. You must also obey without question, myself and my helpers. Failure to do so will cause you to lose your group “covering.” Since I’m especially qualified by God Himself, you must accept this concept.
        In my Godly wisdom I have revised the biblical reasonings for “assembling” as stated by Paul, the apostle and have provided my own. Instead of provoking one another to love and good works and exhorting one another, you must listen to me expound on my divinely communicated teachings every time you “assemble.” You will sit in reverent silence.
        Although the Bible verse in Hebrews 13:17, is badly mistranslated by all translators I insist that the mistranslation be devoutly observed and that you obey me and my assistants in everything.
        To make it short, I am your new mediator and intercessor between God and man and you will pay me a tithe of your income so I’ll have one too. And so I can pay my divinely appointed assistants (they need an income too) and for the building and equipment. If you don’t God will curse you.
        You will covenant with my organization so you’ll have its covering (regardless of what Jesus taught about covenanting). If you don’t, God will punish you and the devil will get you.
        You will attend, by assembling in my building or my designated place of assembling every time I open the doors or designate another place of assembling. If you fail to do so, you are being disobedient to God’s commandments. While you are in attendance, you will listen to my interpretations of what I, or my assistants, think the Bible says.
        You will, without questioning, obey me, your leader (and my assistants) in whatever I (or them) say or do. Failure to do so makes you in rebellion against God’s appointed and anointed authority.
        Most probably you would reply something like: “Well, dude (or dudess), you certainly have a very fertile imagination and are very entertaining. But why don’t you back to the funny farm that you obviously escaped from? I’m sure the other inmates and the doctors there miss you.”
        So my question is: how can anybody with an IQ of at least one hear this hypocritical religious dung and go along with it?
        This is a question that I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time attempting to answer. And it really goes back to our own human nature. Doesn’t it?
        One definition of intelligence is the ability of an organism to adapt to its environment. Human beings are natively extremely intelligent when it comes to adaptation strategies. This is not always a good thing, especially when a person is placed in an evil place. We all, however, interact in various situations, circumstances and environments in predictable ways.
        We look for socially approved roles, rules and patterns for acceptable behavior, which may or may not be good. We tend to support corporate institutional entities that have been established by multiplied years of tradition.
        We are influenced by authority figures, our expectations of superiors, peer pressure and other psychological social interactions, misconceptions of what constitutes “spiritual authority,” stress, and what has come to be known as “situational ethics.”
        In the article “Evil abuse by good people in authority in prison and church” I cited the findings of the infamous Stanford Prison Experiment from a book by Philip G. Zimbardo, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Stanford University.
        Here are some of things written in that article:
        Professor Zimbardo has stated: “I now believe that special something is the dramatic transformation of human nature, not by Jekyll-Hyde chemicals but rather by the power of the situation.” He further states: “...the value of the Stanford Prison Experiment resides in demonstrating the evil that good people can be readily induced into doing to other good people within the context of socially approved roles, rules, and norms, a legitimizing ideology, and institutional support that transcends individual agency.”
        Of the “10 Lessons Learned From the Stanford Prison Experiment,” Lesson 5 is most revealing: “Good people can be induced, seduced, initiated into behaving in evil (irrational, stupid, self-destructive, antisocial) ways by immersion in “total situations” that can transform human nature in ways that challenge our sense of the stability and consistency of individual personality, character, and morality (Lifton, 1969).”
        Writing in the Nov. 26, 2004 issue of Science, Professor Susan Fiske and graduate students Lasana Harris and Amy Cuddy contend that many forms of behavior, including acts of great evil, are influenced as much by authority figures, peer pressure and other social interactions as by the psychology of the individual.
        Fiske and colleagues drew their conclusions from 25,000 studies involving 8 million participants, which explain how factors, ranging from the stress of war to the expectations of superiors, can combine to cause ordinary people to commit seemingly inexplicable acts.
        OK, it should be clear that we are predisposed to act and react in certain ways in certain situations. Using our native intelligence we will attempt to avoid those situations that bring out the worst of our fallen human nature. At least, I hope so.
        With an understanding of our propensity to allow our environmental influences to affect our behavior, be it good or bad, we can see that we have more than several factors to overcome in our lives. In this article, I’m addressing only those things which affect our spiritual life.
        The first, and main problem of more than several we humans have is our lack of understanding of what the Bible really says, i.e., biblical illiteracy.
        1. Biblical illiteracy is by far the main culprit. How many have read through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation at least one time? Biblical illiteracy is something that each and every one of you can wipe out in a year or two. Start reading in Genesis and keep going until you read the last page of Revelation and then start the process all over again. Quit trying to read a meaning into the Biblical text, and instead, let the Bible speak to you. Stop along the way in your reading and consult Hebrew and Greek references and read commentaries at least 200 years old. Please do your part to wipe out biblical illiteracy! As Nike says, “Just Do It!”
        I commented in that same referenced article:
        God is our Creator, our CEO and our One and Only spiritual Head. He knows what the effect of the fall, as recorded in Genesis, has done to us human beings. He knows that when we put other human beings into positions of hierarchical authority over other human beings that it will adversely affect our behavior towards those we deem to be lesser in authority. That’s why Jesus is our Shepherd, i.e., our Head. Only Jesus, not a man, or a group of men, or an organization.
        Yes, we have authority systems which God has put in place for the benefit of society as a whole. The historical foundational source for those authority systems is the Bible. Romans chapters 12-15 deal with the subject of our lifestyle and conduct before God, self, the rest of the body, all men, government, neighbors and the weak believer. This is the subject of the article “Government Authority And Power In America: Good Or Evil” in which I discuss how government authority has biblically established power from legal procedures and processes that execute biblical justice by military, judges and a priestly leader.
        The true ekklesia of God is a family, a family within a community, a community which is a subset of a society, and acts like a family towards other members of the family. The elders/overseers/shepherds/pastors/bishops (all one and the same) are simply older members of the spiritual family whose track record indicates that they are trustworthy and usually, but not always, give good solid practical and spiritual advice to the younger members, especially those younger deacons [read: “workers,” i.e., those who have youth on their side for the energy to do the things needed to maintain a family] in order to help guide their lives on the right spiritual track. That’s why there is always a plurality of elders—there is safety in a number of counsellors.
        Jesus is our only Shepherd. Period. The “elder/shepherd/pastor/overseer/bishop” that we have recognized as such are really only under-shepherds. They are recognized by the majority in the group, by the corporate giftings of the individual members. They are not self-appointed. That’s where their “authority” comes from. What they have to say is “authority” only so long as those in the group accept their collective mature outlook and wisdom.
        If they fail to display maturity and wisdom in some matter, then the group will simply not acknowledge what they have to say about it. If you have a problem with that then study the life of Paul the apostle. His authority as an apostle was accepted as such only by those who accepted him as truly being sent by God. There were quite a few in the New Testament that did not accept his alleged “apostolic authority,” because they didn’t accept him as being sent by God to them. They had that freedom to reject him because in their twisted theological devices they thought that Paul did not state biblical values! We have that same freedom but we exercise that freedom to accept or reject the wisdom and advice of elders if they don’t adhere to and reflect biblical values!
        ... the person behind the pulpit or otherwise attempting to convey to you that they are a legitimate spiritual authority is not really a spiritual authority because only God is and Jesus Christ is your only true spiritual authority and you are to recognize Him as your CEO and spiritual Head, and no other. You are in a bad cultural and social experiment whose foundations are based upon the shifting sands of human desires and emotions and errant traditions, and those others who also name the name of Christ as their Lord and Saviour are in reality your brothers and sisters in the Lord and are just like you. So would you please stop crying about the abuse you continue to suffer in this nightmarish situation and say “OK, let’s get out of that situation and obey God and His Christ and meet together as Christian families meeting together as a Christian family.”
        If it wasn’t for biblical illiteracy the following problems would not be running rampant among those who name the name of Christ:
        2. Teachings that there is authority in custom and tradition, therefore the institutional church system has authority. This is badly flawed logic as the truth is that there is only authority in custom if the majority in society finds the custom to be good, i.e., beneficial, utilitarian, valuable and desirable. Then it may be assigned authority by the majority. Or it may not.
        3. An eyes wide open altered state of consciousness. Here is a quote from the book “Prophets And Prophecy” in which I explain the problem of an eyes wide open altered state of consciousness:

Altered States Of Consciousness

        David’s emphasis of the worship aspect of God’s people indicates that music affects the thinking and choosing processes of our soul.
        That this is so has been substantiated in the contemporary scientific community.
        Our brains produce simultaneously four brainwave frequency patterns named as Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. Only one, however, is predominant at any given time. All of these states of consciousness can be measured on an EEG machine. They are scientific fact, not theory.
        Beta is approximately 14 cycles per second and up. This is our normal state of consciousness.
        Alpha is approximately 7 to 14 cycles per second. Dreaming takes place in the Alpha state, which is known as REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. In sleep, we transition through the four states of consciousness. Each cycle has a duration of approximately 90 minutes. In the Alpha state, known as the Rapid Eye Movement or REM sleep state, this REM time increases. We usually wake up from a long Alpha, or REM cycle, which is why we remember the dream we just had. The Alpha state is also considered to be the refreshing, or rejuvenation time for our bodies. While in this state we are 20 to 25 times more susceptible to suggestion.
        Theta is approximately 4 to 7 cycles per second. This is the hypnotic state. And the state of our consciousness while anaesthetized for surgery.
        Delta is approximately 0 to 4 cycles per second. Little is really known about this state.
        A repetitive beat, by music, voice or light, of 45 to 72 beats per minute is a tool by which a hypnotic state can be induced and generates the eyes-open altered state of consciousness called the Alpha state. As mentioned, while in this state you are 20 to 25 times more open to suggestion than while in a wide-awake, fully aware Beta state.
        In addition, sounds alone can induce an eyes-open Alpha state of altered consciousness. A 6-7 cycle per second sound generates an Alpha state, which can affect 10 to 25 percent of the population. In this altered state of consciousness suggestions made to them would be interpreted as virtual commands.
        Many other sounds produced at different cycle per second ranges affect us. We cannot isolate ourselves from them as some of these sounds are not stopped by natural substances. Sounds so produced can cause anything from agitated emotional upset to lethargic depression.
        In an altered state of consciousness, your brain releases chemicals almost identical to opium, creating an addiction to whatever caused the altered state.
        In simply watching television, the viewer constantly slips in and out of an altered state of consciousness. When subliminal messages and the insertion of black frames spaced a given number of frames apart are used, the subconscious of the viewer is greatly pre-disposed to accept what is said as being imperative.
        There are many conversion, persuasion and brainwashing techniques that are documented as being proven highly effective. When these techniques are used in conjunction with voice, sound and lighting methods to produce altered states of consciousness, the effect on individuals is such that it robs them of their ability to correctly perceive, analyze and interpret the effects of what is happening to them.
        I will add that no one, in all of human history, has ever admitted to having been in an altered state of consciousness. And no one has understood how they have been manipulated into thinking what their false leaders teach is true.
        The emotional and psychological conditioning which occurs in an eyes wide open altered state of consciousness is very subtle, but extremely powerful and effective.
        This very dangerous technique can completely override your conscious choice to make free will decisions. This is what a “worship service” will do to you and your will may not be your own anymore and you will be robbed of your own identity. Look again at the New Testament. You will not find a happening such as a contemporary “worship service.” Instead you will see a pattern of worship which relates to Jesus Christ on a personal basis.
        It has resulted in those so affected to imitate and parrot what the antichrst environment reflects. So alleged prophecies and “words” really only echo what they have been taught. Statements such as “God showed me,” or “Gold told me,” or “Jesus came and visited me and we talked for hours,” run wild in the body of Christ. Along with incredibly stupid “revelations” of “new things,” “new moves of God” “new anointings” ad nauseam. If you have a problem with that read the article “God, Creator of time, the universe, space, energy, matter and life.”
        I repeat:
        While in an altered state of consciousness you are 20 to 25 times more susceptible to suggestions made by those self-appointed false leaders who claim a special dispensation from God to teach you and to preach to you. Your mind now interprets their spoken words as virtual commands.
        Now think about this: these false leaders also hear themselves and the other false leaders also hear them. The “worship service” has done its thing to everybody there with its repetitive beat, music, voice (repetitive phrases are particularly effective) and strobe lights. Plus whatever other sounds may be piped into your ears through the sound system.
        So everybody there starts to believe the same false, erroneous stuff that is being spoken, practiced and ritualized.
        In a very real practical sense, this is the most acute spiritual incest imaginable, in that everybody is infecting everybody with things that God never put in the Bible, and things that Jesus never taught. And there you are, right in the middle of this spiritually incestuous adultery, absorbing everything from everybody with a heightened 20 to 25 times more sensitivity and awareness and your mind is interpreting this spiritual dung as commands.
        This then sets a person up to receive the false teachings I comment on next, and to exhibit the battered bride and Stockholm syndrome, which I discuss after that. This brings you to a grieving process and creates more stress on top of your everyday stress and you have to deal with that and the accompanying post-trauma stress syndrome/disorder.
        This places everybody “in place of Christ” and “against Christ” which is the meaning of antichrist.
        4. Teachings that God will curse you, the devil will kill you, steal from you and destroy you, that you are being disobedient to God and you are in rebellion against God if you don’t tithe, have a “covering,” assemble at a building at pre-set times, and obey everything alleged “leaders” think, say and do.
        I’ve discussed in several articles the unscriptural practices and methods used to manipulate, intimidate and control untold millions of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. I discuss this fully in the article “Tithe, Covering, Assembling, Obey Them That Have The Rule Over You.”
            (a) You are taught that you must pay a tithe to your local church.
                   If you don’t tithe, you are told, God will curse you.
            (b) You are taught that you need the spiritual covering of the organization you are a member of or wherever you attend on a regular basis.
                   If you leave their church/group/meetings and cease to attend regularly then in some mysterious way God will obliquely punish you for voluntarily rejecting their spiritual covering and the devil and his crowd are then free to wreak havoc in your life
            (c) You are taught that you must assemble together—when and where they say to assemble—as a scriptural commandment.
                   If you don’t attend their organization’s meetings every time their door is open then you are in disobedience to God’s commandments.
            (d) You are told that you are required to obey those that have the rule over you.
                   If you don’t agree with and obey their every word then you are in rebellion against God’s appointed and anointed authority.
        What’s the bottom line here? God will curse you, the devil will kill you, steal from you and destroy you, you are being disobedient to God and you are in rebellion against God.
        All negatives from powerful spiritual sources: God Himself three times and the devil once. If you don’t tithe, if you don’t have their “covering,” if you don’t attend their church and if you don’t believe everything they tell you and don’t obey everything they tell you to think, say and do, then you will suffer severe loss in every area of your life. According to their fear methodology, that is.
        For those who truly love God and have a healthy fear of displeasing Him, this can result in emotional states akin to terror and panic. It strongly motivates a person to do the things they are told, using fear and terror as a motivator.
        And this abuse continues century after century because those who name the name of Christ don’t read and attempt to understand the Bible and apply that biblical truth to their lives. Instead you let another human being become a mediator between God and you, a man or woman, thus granting them the status of godhood in your own personal life. However, scripture says: “For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus” (1 Timothy 2:5).
        Because you have allowed another human to take the place of Jesus Christ in your life, you have shown symptoms of both the battered bride and Stockholm syndrome. And you will defend with your (eternal) life those with whom you have come to both fear and love at the same time. In addition, because you have not loved the truth of God’s word, He has sent a strong delusion into your life.
        5. The battered bride syndrome. We assume personal guilt for our abuse, telling others “It isn’t all bad!”and feel terrible if we have failed to receive the attention that comes with our daily physical beating. Within the institutional church system, we prove that by continuing to willingly subject ourselves to a source of pain, hurt and continual, constant grieving.
        The really sick and perverted part of this whole scenario is that we not only willingly drag ourselves to this place of pain, hurt, humiliation and grieving, but we actually help finance the perpetuation of it!
        6. The Stockholm syndrome, is closely related to the battered bride syndrome.
        Stockholm syndrome refers to a group of symptoms among those who suffer physical, sexual or psychological abuse or any combination of these. It’s a defense mechanism to avoid fear, terror, violence and physical and mental pain. It’s a survival strategy and a common phenomenon. It’s also an expression of gratefulness to the abuser for providing an escape from threats of death or violence, from the abuser or from another source.
        There is an emotional bonding with the abuser, and they will seek the abuser’s approval. They will also come to depend on that person or organization for their security and purpose of existence. This state of mind can come about in as few as three or four days. They will then come to have feelings of caring and affection for the abuser and will resent anyone who attempts to get them out of their situation. As things progress they lose their personal identity in favor of identifying with their abuser, coming to incorporate the abuser’s perspective regardless of how ridiculous it is.
        Any small token of approval, appreciation, acceptance or recognition is valued by them and considered to be an exchange of mutual affection between the two parties. After this mindset is firmly instilled by the person abused, they will resist, refuse and renounce any efforts by others to attempt to free them from their abusive situation.
        The longer the period of association with the abuser the stronger the emotional bonding becomes. The reason this happens is that the abused comes to know the abuser as a human being with their own set of strengths, weaknesses, goals and purposes. The abuser’s position is eventually rationalized by the abused as being a just one and the abused denies that his abuser is at fault. The need to survive overwhelms their clear and logical thinking. This denial of factuality contributes greatly towards lessening of feelings of terror, fear and helplessness.
        This behavior has been termed as a survival strategy in extreme conditions by mental health professionals. Because of the continual threat to physical and/or mental survival there is an onset of absolute helplessness with all loss of hope. Because of the ongoing terror/trauma, they then abandon all support systems and actually prefer the isolation that comes with being exclusively with the group that abuses them.
        Psychologically they must give up their previously held value systems and begin to believe that their very survival will only come about when they totally surrender to the will of their abuser.
        As human beings, we are motivated by a strong survival mechanism, which includes avoiding mental and physical pain, having hope and meaning in our lives accompanied by a sense of significance and security and we seek the approval, appreciation, acceptance and recognition of others.
        All of these motivations play a part in shaping our behavior at various times, but in an abusive situation all of these factors come into play at the same time and help to strengthen our bonding to our abusers. There is a tremendous amount of fear, curiously accompanied by a sense of compassion, love and empathy towards the abuser.
        Those individuals who have a strong understanding of the Bible and who they are in God and whose faith in God comes from studying and understanding the Bible are much better equipped to handle those abusive situations by retaining their identity in Christ. These are the ones who will seek ways to get out of the abusive situation. To put it another way, those who are biblically illiterate and don’t have a biblical understanding of who they are in Christ, and what God’s eternal purpose for us human beings is, are more likely to fall prey to the entrapment of man-made systems of unscriptural bondage.
        The manifestation of the Stockholm syndrome is testified to by the many sexual immoralities abounding within the institutional church system. Because of this, many of those who are on the lower levels of the hierarchical authoritarian structure will begin to develop unnatural feelings, both emotional and sexual, towards their captors, i.e., the self-appointed “leadership.” Attempts may be made to rationalize this as some type of “spiritual” connection, however, the truth is as stated above.
         7. The grieving process. This is an continual process because of the constant abuse and subsequent sense of loss in individuals in an abusive place. (You’ll also have to deal with it when you come to your logical senses and leave that place.)
        8. Dealing with (additional) post-trauma stress syndrome/disorder problems. Many individuals are struggling with PTSD from other events in their lives. Additional stress for these individuals is a tremendously heavy load to deal with.
        All these factors contribute to the peer pressure to conform to and stay in, the abusive institutional church system.
        9. An antichrist environment. The self-appointed leaders of these institutional organizations are both placing themselves “in place of Christ” and “against Christ” which is the meaning of antichrist.
        As long as you continue to meet in a building you call “church” you are functioning in the spirit of antichrist. As long as you continue to create a special class of people to rule over you you are excluding the headship of Jesus Christ through the Person of the Holy Spirit of God. As long as you continue to pay money to perpetuate that system you are failing to provide for the fatherless, the widows, the strangers in the land and the poor. Also, those who are truly called, chosen, prepared and sent by God as His servants.
        The purposes of your meeting together in a “church” always eventually shifts focus from the headship of Jesus Christ as the true Shepherd and from “one another” to that of meeting the needs of the self-appointed leaders and to self-centeredness.
        As that self-centeredness permeates, predominates and possesses the false self-appointed leaders it opens up the door for the Jezebel and Ahab spirit, who always bring their idols along with them. And with idols always comes sexual immorality, which brings about an abandonment of oneself to fleshly pleasures, drawing the person even further away from God. Those who continue to habitually associate with these people will, because of the various psychological factors outlined above, themselves become totally infected with this spirit.
        Self-centeredness, as opposed to Christ-centeredness, creates in a person (1) a spirit of pride, from which comes (2) an unteachable spirit, (3) a spirit of control, (4) a judgmental spirit and (5) a rebellious spirit. When you meet a person with either of these spirits, look for the others. They will be there. The most obvious one that you have spiritually discerned through the gift of discerning of spirits may overshadow the others. But upon close observation you will see them all in operation.

Your Choices

        If this status quo is acceptable to you, then by all means stay in it. Be assured, however, that there is no comfort or any way to be comforted while you continue to willingly expose yourself to this abnormal source of self-centeredness, death and bondage.
        These people are messing with your head, beloved, and you refuse to understand that.
        In fact, you have one of three choices to make:
        (1) Stay and continue to suffer pain, hurt, humility and increasing grieving. And be prepared for the increasing negative feelings that come with time.

        (2) Leave that place and start your own little private kingdom, utilizing the tricks, tactics and techniques of those self-proclaimed leaders who inflicted so much suffering in your life. Note that to attempt to work your way up the hierarchical ladder will be ineffective. Regardless of how high up you go, if you have even just one person above you, you will still be in a very vulnerable place. You will have to be the chief kahuna (Hawaiian for witch doctor—fitting, huh?)
         For those especially aggressive Jezebel’s this is the desired route. I obviously don’t recommend it for those who truly love God and His Christ.

        (3) Get yourself and your family out of that hell hole. This is the most difficult and least utilized methods of alleviating the pain. Because of the reasons stated above.

Lose All To Gain Christ

        You will no longer have the “fellowship” of those who really didn’t like you anyway. Or what passes for fellowship in today’s institutional church system. In fact, it is only selective socializing, and doesn’t involve true sharing and supporting. Does it?
        You will have to undergo a cave/wilderness/desert/exile experience where you can dissociate yourself from everything in your former antichrist environment. And where you can commune with God, and God alone, as your Creator and Shepherd to learn what He would teach you. It took years to develop your present mindset, and it will take years to undo all that harm done to your thinking processes. The real decision here is do you love the traditions of men or God. Isn’t it?
        If you still want to “go to church” occasionally, or some type of institutional church meeting, you will, I said you will, wind up back in the system that you had escaped from. Why? Because all the old neurological and psychological responses that have been ingrained in you for those many years you were in that system will reactivate and you will once again be “one of them.”
        If you understand what I’ve said so far, I suggest you read the following articles:

“God, Jesus Christ, the Bible are not reflected in human life.”

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“Evil abuse by good people in authority in prison and church.”

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“Written to a fellow member of the spiritual family of Christ.”

        If you don’t understand what I’ve said, or refuse to acknowledge the truth of it then go back to your fake “church” and seek fake comfort there. Others won’t be able to help you if you won’t help yourself.

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“Americans religious faith in self and church, not Christ.” Americans religious faith is in self and church, not Christ, the Bible or God as biblically illiterate people obey flesh strongholds not the Holy Spirit.