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3 Steps to Success

1st Step--*first step to success is Character. This is going to be what it's all about to making it to the top. The only way your going to win matches and be able to run at the top of the league being a high-paid action wrestler is to have a gimmick, and that comes from character! Nobody likes a boring, normal wrestler, do you? People like to to see guys who are cocky and wear something certain or do something all the time. They like to see the toughest S.O.B, or see a crazed psycho, or a fancy, casual guy. So if you think for one minute that you will just be a regular wrestler, with no gimmick, then your going to lose bad! Think about it, it leads up to my next step roleplays will be no fun and therefore you lose.

2nd Step--*the second step to success is roleplaying, or Semantics. This is mechanics of writing, roleplaying, and getting your speeches through to people. You will defianately need this to survive. You will have to be able to roleplay well, and by that I mean, you can't come in here and be spelling words wrong every sentence and pronouncing words wrong. People won't get to what your saying and that will cause to also lose interest of your roleplays. You will need to be able to make great angles and catch people attention. You will have to do exciting roleplays that give exact location, and tell exactly what your wrestler's doing. Without this you will not even be able to roleplay and then there's no point being here!

3rd Step--*the third and final step is Strategy! This is will defianately also need! You will need to be able to act like a professional wrestler, and be a true real guy! Your not going to get anywhere whining about loses, or crying about things. You will have to be able to take things like a man! Also when acting like a Pro, a Pro doesn't have sex scenes or swear using the word Fuck. They don't use the words Whore, or other childish words. If you plan on being in the EWFF you will need to be able to act like a pro, and at professional and do your job right! If you want to be a baby, and be treated like one, go to your mom because I won't put up with it!

**Right there are the 3 steps to being a successful wrestler here in the EWFF. If you follow those you will do fine here, and if you can, then I guess you should take a hike!**