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Height: 6'7"
Weight: 280 lbs
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Crowd Perception:Face

As Artic Archangel (or Adam Williams) grew up in the streets of Chicago, deprived of a mother figure, he was lost when it came to certain ideas about people's feelings and such. When he was in school, many times would he get into trouble with his grades, not doing homework, missing work, but especially getting into gang fights. Yes, he was involved in some gangs for a period of time. These gangs were several malicious and troublesome gangs of Chicago who would have fights to settle boundaries every few months or so. His determination to fight people and to get into gangs was the cause of his father's death when he was 16. Adam became his gang's leader two years after his father's death. His gang grew to be one of the most feared in the United States, not just Chicago. But it wasn't until Adam was 20 when someone approached him trying to help him out... his own brother Chris.

After changed ways, Adam was approached in the gym in 1995 by a promoter looking for some new talent for his Hardcore Wrestling promotion. At first, Adam was a bit skeptical about it, but finally agreed to it after the money issue was settled. Everything was ok except that Adam didn't know a thing about wrestling. Several weeks while Adam was working out, various old movies played showing old wrestling films with the likes of King Kong Bundy, Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, and the Macho Man. Adam found an arsenal of moves that he could execute and began his first fight in the spring of 1996. Adam soon became the United States champion before turning it over. He became more of a hardcore fighter, and at times in late 1996, worked some dates with Reckless Youth.

The past several years have taken him through 5 wrestling promotions, most of them now defunct. Ice was almost always a main-eventer, except here in the UWO, where everyone was the elite. He headed several stables, was in several stables headed by others, and was successful in the stables he headed, grabbing titles many times. In 1999, Ice alone held 8 World Titles in 4 federations, 3 U.S. Titles in 2 federations, 1 Hardcore Reign in a federation, 2 Tag Team Titles in 1 federation, and a Stable title in 1 federation. Was Iceberg or Adam Williams unstoppable in 1999? That's a rhectorical answer.

Artic Archangel uses his mind and his power to create total havoc on his opponents. His re-assuring sense of winning never gets the best of him, and likes to be the crowd favorite. He is a threat to strike at any time in his surroundings, so always keep an eye out for him.


Artic Archangel is a tall, well built, and well respected individual. He has spiked blond hair, ala Glacier in WCW. He used to be satanic, but now he isn't. He wears baggy name brand clothing out of the ring. In the ring, he wears black and white wrestling tights with Artic down one leg, and Archangel down the other. He never wears a shirt down to the ring, unless it's his own. He wears black boots extending up the middle of his lower leg. Artic Archangel has a tattoo on his left arm of a block of ice outlined in light blue with barbed wire around it. Across his lower back is a picture of wings in black ink extending the majority of his waistline. He has a thin white goatee and thin sideburns that angle by his jawbone not connecting to the goatee.

Primary Wrestling Style: Power Wrestler

Secondary Wrestling Style: Hardcore Brawler

10 Favorite Moves :
Gorilla Press Slam, Top-Rope Dropkick, Belly-to-Belly Suplex, Crucifix Powerbomb, Inverted STF, Spike Piledriver, Football Tackle, Spinning Heel Kick, Power Slam, Springboard DDT

Finisher : Artic Blast

Description: Top Rope Bulldog

Setup- Gates of Hell (Release German Suplex, followed by "The Prelude", a throat slash)

Ring Entrance

Entrance Music: Slavedriver by Da V.

Entrance Description:

The lights go out, and the stadium slowly releases a tinted light blue glow. The jumbotron, once dark is now glowing much like the stadium, and the first sound of things begins as Artic Archangel says "Double A don't mean Annihilating Ass-kicker for one thing." "Slavedriver" by Da V. begins blasting over the speakers. Out steps Artic Archangel, to a decent pop from the fans, dressed in blue trunks and a black trenchcoat. He stops on the ramp, and two huge blue and white flares shoot off behind him. Loud streamers with "whoorly" effects shoot off as the jumbotron lights up in many highlight reels of AA's explosive arsenal. Artic Archangel plays to the fans raising the roof in the middle of the ring before throwing his trenchcoat to the mats outside the ring.

Past Federation Information

ESW- World(3), Hardcore(2), Tag Team(2)
EWFF- World (3) U.S. (2) Tag Team (1) Stable (1)
IHF- Hardcore (2)
UCW- World (3), U.S. (2)
UHWF- World (2)Hardcore (1)
UWF- World (1) U.S. (2)
UWO- None

High Points: Joining his friends in a group in the EWFF, Winning the first of many World titles

Low Points: Reminded of his past by an enemy, and lost the ESW World Title to him, no titles captured in first go-around in the UWO

Weapon of Choice: Black Kendo stick with some Japanese writing along it

Nick Names : "Double A"

Famous Quotes:
"When it's cold outside, I'm just heating up"
"Double A don't mean Annihilating Ass-kicker for one thing"