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The album will take several minutes to load. Once it loads you will have the full effect! Sit back and enjoy our "Mastiff Family" album.

Flukey was handled to perfection by Bobby Barlow.

Here is his pedigree.

					   Ch. Deer Run Ivan
			          Ch. Deer Run Ezekiel
					   Le Mar's Sally
		     Ch. Hedgestone Big Man
					   Ch. Deer Run Police
			          Hedgestone Roxanne
					   Deer Run Tulla Le Mar
	Ch. Enchanted Acres Trust Me
	Owner: Marlene Blethen
					   Ch. Deer Run Jake Enchanted Acres
			          Ch. Perry of Enchanted Acres
					   Bull Valley Brandy
		     Ch. Enchanted Acres Raisin Rukus
					   Ch. Deer Run Jake Enchanted Acres
			          Ch. Jezebelle of Enchanted Acres
					   Pippin of Bearhill
  Ch. Pendragon Stroke Of Luck D.D.
					   Ch. Deer Run Ezekiel
			          Ch. Lionsire Ironhill Warleggen
					   Ch. Farleys Eledwhen Steelsheen
		     Ch. Iron Hills Warwagon
					   Ch. Deer Run Wycliff
			          Ch. Iron Hills Elbereth
					   Tasha Farley's First Lady
	Ch,CGC,TDI Acorn Hill Morgana Pendragon
					   Ch. Deer Run Wycliff
			          Ch. Deer Run Ivan
					   Tasha Farley's First Lady
		     CD Arrabelle Of Acorn Hill
					   Ch. Deer Run Zachary
			          Deer Run Lucrich
					   Deer Run Myra

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