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Blessid Union Of Souls

Eliot Sloan: Vocals Jeff Pence: Guitar Eddie Hedges: Percussion Tony Clark: Bass C.P. Roth: Keyboards/Co-producer

Call it a rural soul, or any other name you can come up with to describe their singular sound, but ultimately, BLESSID UNION OF SOULS make some of the finest pop music you'll ever hear. Rarely has a band come up with such a hook-laden suite of songs as those that comprise HOME. In terms of sheer melodic power, some of the 70's work. Indeed, John is another one of Sloan's influences, and the lovely piano-driven ballad "All Along," is a gorgeous throwback to John's finest songcraft, with Sloan's typically passionate vocals giving the song it's own unique identity.

As for the origin of the band's name, Sloan says, "I heard someone talk about a union of souls blessed by God, and I thought, 'Blessed Union of Souls - that would be a great name for a group.' I asked the guys what they thought of the name, and it was unanimous - everybody loved it." The only thing that Pence asked that they spell the word "blessed" the wrong way, so that people would pronounce it the right way.

Opnions about their CDs
BacK HoMe