As I was sitting here playing another exciting game of pinball on my computer, a sudden dreaded feeling and feeling of "what's it all about" came across to me. I don't know whether it was bein' ripped off in one of the games, weird ICP music playin' in background or what..but I suddenly was thinking of things, I'm usually care-free about.

Today bein' the first day of school, I was wondering why should we have friends. With the recent car accident that killed 3 local teens, it made me wonder why get close to anyone. I'm saddened by the lose of these 3 people, but luckily for me I didn't know them...because then I wouldn't have to go thru the pain of mourning for them. The one kid I did know, alive and in serious condition. Even though we've had our differences, I do hope he pulls thru. I've had to deal with my share of deaths and tragedies in my life....and I hate having to go through it more than once. I've had people try and get me to feel sorry for "so and so" because their father died, or sister died....or their best friend died. Well you know what, I'm not goin' to feel sorry for ya. Of course I'll have SOME sympathy, but no one was there tellin' everyone to feel sorry for me when I lost people close to me. But it's cool....I don't mind, cuz I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me. Basically, when someone dies..don't be all sad and feelin' sorry for people and shit. It's how life goes...and it's one of those hard parts of life as you can tell. I don't like makin' myself close to someone, in fear that if anything does happen to them....I'll basically "lose" it!!

I just got done sprucin' myself up for school. But why the fuck am I doin' such shit? Who am I tryin' to impress...nothin' to the female society, but FUCK women!! Most of the time, the only thing they do is make guyz like me feel like shit. Break our hearts, make us look dumb, turn us down, and worst of all..look down at us!! I got all sortz of respect for some of ya ladies out there who don't think that a prep and gangsta/freak/just straight up different *ME* kinda person are that different. Girls that don't matter who ya are, but still talk to ya.. and hang out wit ya are cool as fuck. A lot of the times, I have to fight to have a more "preppy-ish, pretty girl" talk with me. I know most of them start off ignoring me, or hating me..or just straight up scared. Dat's not cool..unless you someone I don't like, I'm one of the nicest guys you'll meet. I don't try and mess wit people, and I ain't 'bout to fuck wit someone cuz they different. Unless ya got boogers hangin' out ya nose..ya ass crack is dirty..and then wonder why you are treated different, then I'll stick my shoe in ya face..PUNK!!

I was thinkin' to myself...girls don't like guys who just go for looks, who are in it for "pooh-tang" sorta speak. They want a guy to be sweet, nice, caring, funny, and so on right?? Well speakin' straight out ya ass!! If a guy ain't no hot, you won't give him the time of day. I could be the nicest, sweetest, most charming, great personality kinda guy you'll meet...but me not bein' no fuckin' QuarterBack for the football team, it's like.."fuck you fuck face!" And I don't even really get my 2 cents in, just cuz I ain't some kinda stud muffin. Hell, I ain't goin' to change for a girl..and I haven't changed any!! But I'll admit it..I make BIG PUN look skinny!! But it ain't no reason not to pick me over some other guy. Even if a guy like me would be in it for the relationship, when your STAR football/basketball player wants to hit it and leave. Oh yeah, and golf players too!! :o) ha ha ha...

What makes someone snap a judgement on someone so quick? I got a lot of emails of people hating me!! They didn't have NO CLUE who I was, nothin' 'bout me except pictures on my page..and they hate me. Just talkin' shit to me, and makin' me feel bad as fuck!! But I don't know, they don't know the real Whitt and it don't bug me. Well it does..cuz they aren't really thinking when they write me those emails. I just wanna tell everyone, before you snap a judgement on me, and email me sayin' I'm disgusting..perverted..anything else, shut ya mouth and think. I ain't goin' to yell at your ass just cuz a picture I saw. But if you still feel the need to yell at me...I guess I can't really stop ya. But I'm just wondering how..well I'll use an example...I was talking to a more preppy-ish girl, real cutie I should say. Well we were walkin' to her locker ya know, and I was talking to her and I was wearin' my knit hat and shit..and we somehow got on the subject of being scared of people. She was all talkin' to me, and she said this, " know if I was down the hall walkin' this way and I saw you...I'd be scared of you!! Just the way you dress and everything." I just smiled at her and said, "Ohh really??" She then said, "Yeah..but I'm so glad we know each other cuz you are one of the nicest guys I know, and the most misunderstood!" When she said that I felt pretty good. I didn't like how she thought of me if she didn't know me, but the lil' compliments she threw in 'bout me were pretty nice. That is why I basically got tiredof wearin' and doin' shit to scare people. I defend the people who get fucked wit more than anything. Shout outs to my lunch table I sat with most of the year that got fucked wit my Tanner, Gabe and them...they were bein' assholes, and they won't do it again. But anyways...if you don't really know me that well...then lets make a plan to go to Bob Evan's some night and talk over dinner!! Guys...we'll just chill wit a phat blunt, Umm...I mean...well....

I noticed how quick my summer went just now. Well, to add that I was on house arrest/probation all summer, it really sucked. The beginning was the BOMB, but then it sucked when I got in trouble..and everything went BUNK!!! I got screwed over royally and repeatedly dis summer. It was like the "Rain shit on that Huffer boy" summer ya know!! *sighs* But I've noticed people are REAL crazy at the beginning of the summer, and at the end of summer. The in July 8th to July 31st people are out on the lake chillin'. But I would rather plan pinball then discuss everyone else's summer.

If anyone knows where I live...or Ryan Bettinger, well actually it's still my house you notice the high amount of people that stop by my house. Ryan was probably #1 at being here. His car was here sooo much, that people started sayin' to him, "Hey, I know where you live! You live on Market St. right? I saw your car.." and he'll have to explain to them that he doesn't live there. Josh would be 2nd...usually falling asleep, and avoiding authority. That lil' Goblin. The regulars that stopped by my house often were: BrainDead, Grindle, Spicano, Skeleton Man, Huse, Blake, Dan, and Goat. A good amount of other people would stop by too..but not that much. It's like my house is da place to chill or somethin'. I mean..I really don't mind havin' people over, but there is a limit. Now with Ryan and Josh..they like lived here, so I didn't mind them that much. Cuz a lot of the time..they'd clean up their messes. But others would cum over a lot and trash the place and leave!! I don't like havin' a lot of people over to upset my family. I enjoy everyone's company....but it was starting to get bad when people would ask me, "Soo...who's all over at your house?" Like there was suppose to be a lot of people or somethin'!?!

On the subject of women again..I'd like to add somethin'. Girls hate bein' hurt, they hate bein' played..and they hate not bein' told what's up. Although..they do dat SAME shit to us guys!! What the fuck is ya problem!?! I waz on ICQ on day, and I was sendin' dis girl messages that, well at least I thought were personal. Then I found out she was forwarding them to everyone on ICQ!!! Dat lil' trick bitch, had the fuckin' nerve!! So from now on I can never trust her..and she's on my "hate" list. And when you on my hate list..the rest of ya life is pretty shitty. I don't understand why the fuck girls must put so much effort in destroying people's lives like mine!! You fuckin' females need to straighten up, or I'm goin' to smack ya around until ya learn!! Dis shit is really pissin' me off.....

Wanna know how you are semi-popular?? When you are walking down the halls and Macy Moore is behind you, and say "Hi." to more people than her. That's how I found out. But I'm sure a lot more people know of her, then people know of me. *side note* - Macy Moore is pretty popular for all ya people who didn't. (people from out of the area)

Fuck bitches yo!! Hate to say it..but a lot of you a bunch of back-stabbin' playa ass ho's!! Not all of ya...some of ya sweetie's..but bitches like Rachel need to back da fuck up. I've had shit done to me by bitches all the time. They make me feel like fuckin' shit!! Well Rachel just betrayed my trust sorta speak. So I was angry, and I wrote some shit out in a form of a poem. I sent it to a few people and it somehow got into her hands!! :o) Well I'm glad she knows how strongly I felt 'bout dat shit she did to me!! Now her boyfriend is pissed..(look at me)..oh you can't see it?? I'm givin' ya da middle finger Brian cuz i don't give a flyin' fuck ya bitch ass faggot!!! ha ha ha...What tha fuck are YOU goin' to do!?! I say fuck bitches, and fuck bitch's boyfriends, and fuckin' bitches with boyfriends!!! FUCK ALL Y'ALL!!!

Here's a copy of dat poem I wrote 'bout Rachel...EnJoY!!

When you think you're in your best of times you're actually in darkness,
somethin' I thought was private...but is somethin' I missed.

They mess wit me..turn their backs..make me da fool,
When one day they'll be on my nuts when I rule.

They try their best to prove me wrong,
but they are da true ho's from far beyond.

Basically they all can go to hell and never return,
I hope they go there and enjoy there hellish burn.

When in times of need they leave you behind,
whenever you show them you care they leave ya every time.

I've turned to myself and I see nothing there,
you've torn me up inside left me bare.

FUCK YOU ya lil' bitch ass fuckin' ho,
cuz you the lil' bitch ass ho who hurt me so.

Dis is out to Rachel Davis you dirty fuckin' whore,
and dis is just a start...there is plenty more.

Burn burn burn...and die a horrible death,
maybe today will be the day you have ya last breath

While the pain and suffering is what you are planning to send,
when I'm old enough you'll be on my nuts when I got a phat Benz.

But if you ever try to kiss up...I'll do dis,

You can boo me if ya want..but I like it personally. I think I'm goin' to throw a poem in dis bitch everytime. No..not dat sweet sensitive shit you all know I'm known to write..but that wicked, twiztid, man you are fucked up in the head, kinda shit!! HEEELLLLZ YEAH!!! this lil' incident goin' to start up another Newzletta!! Is the depths of hell, the twiztid maze of my mind goin' to begin another devastating toll of destruction amoung today's youth? Will Rachel Davis be responsible..for the shit I will begin to put in my newzletta again? Hmm...this may seem like a newzletta..but it's actually my thoughts!! newzletta will be there when ya least expect it!!

Well I don't wanna write too much..cuz I wanna save some shit for da newzletta!! So thanks to all da people who got my back, and show me love!! Ryan, Josh, Caleb, Sheena, Blake, Travis, Goat, .....well..god damn..if you got my back, I appreciate it..cuz I got yours!! Special shout out to Ryan da fuckin' atom bomb yo!!! Stay up...