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Breeders Directory

This page was created to give hunters easy access to breeders of all kinds of hunting dogs. If you know of anyone that you would like posted here have them drop me a note. If they are not on line then I will E-mail you my street address to give to them. Again, this is for all types of hunting dogs.

Lawrence Colliflower

Eastern Illinois

Goodman Hounds

I have been breeding and hunting this strain of dogs for 35 years and offer dogs at stud, started hounds and pups.

Hickory Grove Goodman Kennel, P.O. Box 15, Hutsonville Illinois, 62433, 618-563-4342

Bennie Willis

Northwest Arkansas

July Hounds

I raise and train July fox and coyote hounds. Started and finished hounds and puppies for sale. I have had the same strain for many years. Come call or write for details.

Willis July Kennels, P.O. Box 83, Western Grove Arkansas, 72736, 870-439-2672

Ted Simpson

Southeast Missouri

Running Walkers

I raise and train Running Walkers in the Ozarks.

Karl Larsen

Western Michigan

Running Walker/July Cross

I raise pups out of deer proof and aggressive stock.

Don Vanderlip



I have been breeding these hounds for 25 years. I have registered Trigg fox and coyote hound pups and occasionally started hounds for sale.

Super V Trigg Kennel, Drumbo Ontario, N0J1G0

Dave Pelzer

Southcentral Minnesota

Running Walkers and Redbones

I raise Blakesley bred Redbones and the Running Walkers are of the Liquor and Strahan strain. They also carry some Wild Goose, So. Jack Daniels and Taylor's Osage blood in them.

8646 245th St., St. Cloud Minnesota, 56301, 320-253-9907

Pete Richardson

Northern Vermont

Treeing Walkers, Running Walkers, Beagles and Blueticks

I am a breeder, trainer, hunter of Treeing Walkers for bear. I also have Running Walkers for coyote and Beagles and Blueticks for snowshoe hare.

Bil Rankin

Northwest Arkansas

Plott Hounds

I raise, train and campaign Rambler Bred Plott Hounds in the competition coon hunts. We also hunt bear, bobcat and lion.

Jim and Jackie Carpenter, Chris Mullinex

Northcentral Ohio

Plott Hounds

We own Bear Run Plotts and breed and raise UKC hounds for hunting and show. We hunt coon and bear.


Steve Watson and Bret Shepard

Central Indiana

Plott Hounds

We offer PKC Champoin, Gr. Nite Ch. Gr. Ch. Flint Stick at stud. We also sell pups and started hounds.

S & W Plott Hound Kennels, 520 S. Union, Russiaville Indiana, 765-883-5215

Mike, Missy and Zachary Wright

Western Virginia

Plott Hounds

We breed and raise Plott Hounds. We line breed on Gr. Nt. Ch. Silver Crk. Stormy. We offer two half brothers at stud, Gr. Nt. Ch. Gr. Ch. Wright's Rowdy Srormwatch and Gr. Nt. Ch. Wright's Rowdy Hoss.


Brook Moore

Northern Idaho

Plott Hounds

Star Mt. bred Plotts produce fast, small, gritty, early starters who are natural locators and tree dogs. These dogs are used to hunt bear, lion, cat, coon, hogs and fox in all tracking conditions. Written guarantee. Pups are $300. Started dogs occasionally.


Jason Bickford

Eastern Tennessee

Plott Hounds

At stud.....Gr. Ch. Fryes Jenkins Spike, 1998 Show Dog of the Year. This dog is for real and here for you to see. A good old fashioned black Plott that will get the job done.

423-881-3355 or 423-881-3852

Larry Roberts

Northcentral Oklahoma

Plott Hounds

We run coon and bobcats with our Plotts.

Joseph Polly

Thumb area of Michigan

Plott Hounds

I have been breeding and hunting this strain of dogs for 27 years. They also make good show dogs. We offer dogs at stud, started dogs and pups at times.

Polly's Tuffoot Plott hound Kennel, 103 Jean Street, Yale Michigan, 48097, 810-387-0192

Don Oyler

Southwest Alabama

Plott Hounds and Southern Blackmouth Curs

I have Southern Blackmouth Curs out of the Howard line and Plott Hounds out of the Sizzlin Heat and Jim Crainer line.

Shawnee Kennels, 4027 Oyler Rd., Mobile Alabama, 36695, 334-666-4674

Robert Zwirblia



I raise Blueticks for hunting and offer hounds at stud.

Z's True Blue Kennels, 1459 Hudson Rd., Glenburn Maine, 04401

Alan Bridges

Northeast Georgia


Promoting Better Bluetick Genetics is the name of our game. I offer hounds at stud, started hounds and puppies available.

Buffalo Creek Kennel Co.

David & Barbara Moats

Eastern Tennessee


We have Gr. Nt. Ch. Moats' TN. Gentleman Jim and Gr. Ch. Nt. Ch. Moats' Blue April Fool. We sell pups and occasionally started dogs.

Sugarlimb Bluetick Kennels, 11159 E. Lee Hwy, Lenoir City Tennessee, 37771, 423-986-8757

Tim Tillman

Northwest Arkansas

Treeing Walkers

I have some of the heaviest Spring Creek Rock bred hounds there is. I offer dogs at stud and pups by a grandson of Rock, Gr. Nite Ch. Gr. Ch. Spring Creek Fred.


Jack Anderson

Southwest Missouri

Treeing Walkers

Our line of dogs was developed from over 16 years of intense breeding of Table Rock Flying Hawk, Gold Creek Mundo and Finley River Dan lines to produce dogs that are not only outstanding tree and track dogs, but can also win the bigger bench shows.

Ozark Mountain Walkers

Heath Gustafson

Southwest South Dakota

Black & Tans

I raise and train dual purpose Black & Tan coon and cat hounds. Stud service and pups available.

P.O. Box 366, Rapid City, SD, 57709, 605-787-9528

TNT Black & Tan Coonhounds

Bonnie Casner

Central Ohio

Black & Tans

I use my dogs for both pleasure hunting and show.

Cherokee Kennel Black & Tans, 3660 Vanatta Rd., Centerburg Ohio, 43011

Judi Doran

Central Ohio

Black & Tans

I have both AKC and UKC registered hounds that are used for coon and bear.

Kennisaw Mt. Kennel, 171 Twp. Rd. 16, Centerburg Ohio, 43011, 1-740-625-6552

Ken, Cindy and Dustin Clack

Northern Georgia

Black & Tans and Blueticks

We have pups and started dogs from time to time. Our stud is directly out of Two Time Albert and Nt. Ch. Dark Hollow Plain Jane. Very well bred pleasure and competition hound. Tree dog! We will not turn anyone away because of stud fee. We have easy access to ship your pup or whatever your needs. Give us a call!

Clack's Black & Tans, 261 Punkin Jct. Rd., Bethlehem Georgia, 30620, 770-307-0737

Cheryl Scoggin

Northeast Oklahoma

Black & Tans

I raise UKC and PKC registered hounds.

Harold and Janet Kirkes

Southeast Oklahoma

Black & Tans, English and Treeing Walkers

We raise UKC and PKC registered hounds, Hunt and Show Champions. We offer dogs and stud and puppies.


Carrie Johnson

Southwest Missouri

Blueticks and Black & Tans

I raise, train, hunt and sell these hounds. I only breed to top bloodlines. I want the looks and the performance. Contact me if you are interested, I may have pups.


Jeff Caldwell

Ontario, Canada


I raise and train UKC and PKC registered English Coonhounds. I specialize in quality females as well as pups.

High Hopes English Kennel

Jamie Slaton

Eastern Iowa


I raise and train UKC registered English coonhounds.

Slaton's Riverbottom English Kennels

Lynn Bumgarner

Northeast Georgia


Pine Mountain Kennels has been breeding quality Redbone coonhounds for over 20 years. Nite Ch. Pine Mountain Bruiser (better known as Snooze) as stud. Pups to started dogs for sale.

Pine Mountain Kennels

Claudette Fischer

Northwest Florida


I raise Redbone coonhounds and offer Grand Champion stud service and puppies on occasion.


Jessie Lee Copeland

Western Tennessee


Copeland's Tennessee Redbones won more in the 1997 AKC hunts and shows than any other Redbone kennel. Call or come see our dogs, you will be impressed. They have the best of food and shelter and get the best medical care available. We will mail pictures if you are interested.

931-243-2674 or 931-243-2174

Steve Quick

Eastcentral Texas

Catahoulas, Treeing Curs, Blackmouth Curs

I own Lizzie Catahoulas and breed and raise registered dogs used for hog, squirrel and coon hunting.


Email:Treeing Curs

Email:Blackmouth Curs

Alex Kovac

Southeast Missouri

Treeing Curs (Amazing Curs)

I breed my own family line of Treeing Curs. They are used on coon, squirrel and as stock dogs.

Evan Fox

Ontario, Canada

Canadian Curs

Canadian Curs are a very versatile breed used for all types of hunting from bear to lion, excelling at them all.

Curs1 Homepage

Alex Schubert

Westcentral Missouri

Treeing Curs and Basenjis

Come visit my Kennel, Dogs from Valhalla Valley. I hunt coon and squirrel with my dogs.

Philip and Angie Kahle


Louisiana Catahoulas

We raise a well rounded type of hog dog. We have cold nose, some silent, some open on track. Good herding and penning instincts, fast maturing and family oriented.


Terry Neenan

Central Florida


I raise AKC Beagles and have pups for sale at times.


Donald Potts

Southern California


I own Mojave Desert Beagles and I raise, hunt and sell gundog Beagles for hunting rabbits and hares. Our dogs make excellent hunting Beagles, field trial Beagles and family pets. We have been in business over 30 years and we ship our hounds world-wide.

Mojave Desert Beagles, 12703 Via Posada Way, Victorville California, 92392, 760-956-8220

Mojave Desert Beagles


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