Grandparents Part 3

"Give and It Shall Be Given Unto You"

Feb 21-March 1998

As the Grandmother thought of the lessons they had all learned while going through this troubling time, she felt great compassion for the others whom she knew must be going through it also. She remembered her own pain on learning of her daughter’s untimely pregnancy, and how greatly she wanted to stand between her daughter and the consequences of her youthful actions. She remembered how difficult it was for her daughter to find information about her options, and how they had struggled to look at all the facts. She remembered the pain, but she also remembered the growth and the peace and the blessings.

Being of a practical nature the Grandmother hated to waste anything of value, and she definitely felt that the things they had learned were of value. She sought an established organization in which she could use the knowledge gained, but found that they all seemed to have an agenda limited by specific priorities. The pro-lifers only wanted to save the baby--not deal with it after its birth. The adoption agents seemed only interested in the supply and demand for healthy white infants. No one seemed to take into consideration that in order for one family to be built, another must be sacrificed. And, in all cases, the needs of the baby were less than the first priority.

After months of prayer, the Grandmother launched a ministry of her own, helping young women like her daughter to gain the strength, dignity, and self-determination necessary to make a momentous decision about their babies’ lives. She shared with their parents the pain and turmoil she and her husband had experienced. And she made contact with those who wished to adopt. She helped turn the thoughts of all involved to the needs of the soon to be born infants, and in doing so, helped prepare all concerned for the transitions before them. She didn’t change the whole world, just her little corner of it. HINT: Oh, come on! “She didn’t change the whole world, just her little corner of it”! Duh

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